Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049 Purple Evil Skygloom

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The Immemorial Medicine Garden was very large. Several tens of thousands of martial artists went it. Very quickly, they dispersed.

Those super holy lands’ experts were long gone already. They simply turned their noses up at the spirit medicines in the vicinity and immediately hastened to the divine rank spirit medicines in the deep regions.

Ye Yuan did not stop either. Their party was going to look for a 100 thousand-year-old Heart End Grass first.

And a 100 thousand-year-old Heart End Grass was impossible to find in the outer-regions.

Rumble! Rumble!

Ruan Shuangzhou and Ao Qian, the two of them each took care of a Tier 9 desolate beast. Ao Qian said with a frown, “We’ve just reached the 30 thousand years region. These desolate beasts’ strengths are actually already this powerful! The Immemorial Medicine Garden opening this time is truly quite extraordinary! Could it be that … there really are divine rank spirit medicines coming into being?”

“Yeah. I’ve come to the Immemorial Medicine Garden before in the past. But the strength of the 30 thousand year region’s desolate beasts at that time were not this powerful!” Ruan Shuangzhou said as well.

The Immemorial Medicine Garden’s regions were calculated using the age of spirit medicines.

Regions below 100 thousand years old, 10 thousand years per rank. The strength of the desolate beasts would become stronger along with the increase in age.

The Immemorial Medicine Garden’s desolate beasts, some were present in the Divine Realm, some were not available in the Divine Realm. But there was one thing, although the strengths of the desolate beasts here were extremely powerful, they would never take human form.

Furthermore, desolate beasts were bloodthirsty by nature. As long as they saw humans, they would launch attacks. There was not the least bit of intellect to speak of at all; it was completely different from the outside word’s demon race. Hence, that was why they were called desolate beasts.

With the strength of Ye Yuan’s party, these desolate beasts in the outer-regions naturally could not enter their sights. But they could sense the desolate beasts’ increase in strength.

Dividing spirit medicines according to grade, it was divided into a total of nine grades. But along with the increase in age, the medicinal effect of the spirit medicines would continue building up.

Tier 9 spirit medicines would not advance ranks. But along with the increase in age, their medicinal effects would also increase to a rather terrifying level.

It was just that these spirit medicines were too rare. It virtually resided in a state of extinction in the outside world. One would only have an opportunity to find them in this Immemorial Medicine Garden.

Of course, tremendous risks came along with it too.

Ye Yuan also frowned and said, “Looks like the difficulty level of us wanting to find a 100 thousand-year-old Heart End Grass will likely be quite a bit difficult! In a while, when we reach the 100 thousand years region, everybody be more careful. Make sure not to provoke those desolate beasts!”

100 thousand years was a dividing crest. Reaching the 100 thousand years region, the strength of the desolate beasts practically already reached the level of Void Mystic experts!

Going further in, the degree of danger would rise by more than several times.

But now, the desolate beasts’ strength as a whole all went up a step. Once they ran into desolate beasts in the 100 thousand years region, the consequences were too dreadful to contemplate.

Everyone all nodded when they heard this, having solemn looks on their faces.

The party was cautious. Using three days’ time, they finally entered the 100 thousand years region.

“Heart End Grass normally grows in the cracks of rocks. Let’s head into that valley to search,” Ye Yuan said and pointed to a direction.

In terms of mastery over spirit medicines, these former big shots could not catch up to Ye Yuan even if they whipped their horses. There was naturally no objections.

The party followed step by step and walked into a valley, and started searching.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan’s entire body trembled and he said, “That … That is Purple Evil Skygloom! A 100 thousand-year-old Purple Evil Skygloom! Haha, our luck is seriously too good!”

Far away, a stalk of purple-colored spirit medicine was very conspicuous. Fragrance spilled over. One look, and it was clear that it was not an ordinary item.

This place was the 100 thousand years region. No need to think and one would also know that it was good stuff.

Although this place was called the 100 thousand years region, it did not mean that there were spirit medicines all over the place here. On the contrary, the land here was vast, and the medicine scarce. Finding a stalk of 100 thousand-year-old spirit medicine was also not much different from winning the lottery.

A single misstep and one would even be chased down by desolate beasts endlessly.

Everyone was perplexed and asked Ye Yuan, “Milord, what is the Purple Evil Skygloom?”

Tier 9 spirit medicines were extremely rare. Moreover, along with the difference in age, changes would even occur to their form.

Let alone martial artists, even many Alchemy Emperor experts could not recognize at all when they saw some rarely-seen spirit medicines.

Ye Yuan was rather agitated as he said, “The Purple Evil Skygloom is a kind of extremely rare Tier 9 spirit medicines. It carries a portion of Heavenly Dao laws naturally, which is extremely hard to form! A 100 thousand-year-old Purple Evil Skygloom can make Void Mystic experts advance a step further!”

Hearing Ye Yuan say finish, everyone trembled all over!

Especially Ao Qian and Kuang Tianming, they were both already veteran Void Mystic powerhouses. They were deeply aware of how difficult it was for Void Mystic experts to improve even a little.

But, with this Purple Evil Skygloom, just swallowing it could let Void Mystic experts break through their original strength. This was simply a heaven-defying treasure!

“M-Milord, i-is this whatever Purple Evil Skygloom really that incredible?” Ao Qian said rather disbelievingly.

Ye Yuan was quite excited as he said, “This is only just the effects of swallowing the spirit medicines! I saw before a pill formula in an ancient record. One of the core medicines in this pill formula is the Purple Evil Skygloom. If refined it into a pill, just think how powerful its medicinal effects will be?”

Kuang Tianming drew a deep breath and said, “Then still waiting for what, Younger Brother? Let’s quickly go and harvest it!”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and stepped forward.

He carried some agitation and walked over towards the Purple Evil Skygloom.


Everyone had just walked halfway when a terrifying roar sounded out, making everyone’s expressions change.

An enormous bull-shaped desolate beast walked out from the depths of the valley. That aura, even when a Void Mystic powerhouse like Jiang Taicang saw it, he also shuddered.

This large bull was practically three people high and over a hundred feet long. Each step it took, the earth seemed to be quaking.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed, and he said, “Not good, this is Wilde Earth Bull! Its strength absolutely doesn’t lose out to Void Mystic Realm powerhouses!”

“This … Milord, he already blocked the Purple Evil Skygloom. A-Are we still going over or not?” Jiang Taicang said with an ugly expression.

Ye Yuan rebuked, “You go over if you want to! I don’t want to die! Quickly run! Still in a daze for what?”

While talking, that Wilde Earth Bull already accelerated and galloped over.

Before the bull arrived, that terrifying impact force already arrived in front of everybody!

Seeing this sort of power and momentum, how could Jiang Taicang still dare to be concerned about what Purple Evil Skygloom. He turned his butt around and ran.

One should not simply look at how the Wilde Earth Bull’s size was massive; its movements were actually incomparably agile. In a blink of an eye, it caught up to Ye Yuan and the others.

Jiang Taicang saw that they could not escape and yelled out, “Wu Luo, fight it out with him! Retreat while fighting! Cover His Excellency out of the valley!”

Wu Luo also understood without many words. The two people’s divine king domains opened fully and directly clashed with the Wilde Earth Bull.


A tremendous impact actually directly knocked Wu Luo and Jiang Taicang, the two of them, flying!

This Wilde Earth Bull’s strength was too terrifying.

Wu Luo and Jiang Taicang fought as they retreated, very quickly covering Ye Yuan out of this stretch of valley. The Wilde Earth Bull still did not have its fill and directly followed and charged out.

When Ye Yuan’s party and the Wilde Earth Bull all disappeared, a figure slowly appeared and came right beside the Purple Evil Skygloom. A hint of a smug smile curled at the corners of his mouth.

“A bunch of fools. Busying about for half a day, didn’t it still benefited me, Wu Yuanqiao?”

This person was precisely the Thundercry Divine King, Wu Yuanqiao, who was hiding at that place all along!