Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 105

Chapter 105: First in a Thousand Years!

Of course he passed!

If even Ye Yuan's result did not count as a pass, then nobody could clear it.

After the shock, Lu Yan was wildly ecstatic in his heart. To have such a genius figure appear, why would the Tranquil Cloud Sect worry about not being able to return to the Northern Domain?

"Ye Yuan, your talent is even greater than Founding Ancestor You Wuya! I'm afraid that your future accomplishments are probably not going to be inferior to him. My Tranquil Cloud Sect is truly fortunate to have you!" Lu Yan sighed in admiration.

"Many thanks for Senior's praise."

Ye Yuan had never doubted his own talent before.

In his previous life, it was just that he did not place his attention on the martial path. But his talent in Martial Dao was not necessarily inferior to Ji Canglan.

"Rainbow Road! Appear!"

Lu Yan gave a low cry and fired a shot of essence energy into the array. Following that, a multi-colored road appeared on the top of the Nine Heavens Peak.

"Ye Yuan, right now, you can be considered to have inherited Founding Ancestor You Wuya's mantle. I hope that you won't forget today's promise. I'm someone who's about to die and won't be able to see the day the Tranquil Cloud Sect returns to the Northern Domain. I hope that you will carry this Canghua Sword with you. If we can really return to the Northern Domain one day, I hope that you will bring it with you to the Northern Domain. Of course, if you don't despise it, you can also use it for battle. It also counts as a continuation of my life!'

Lu Yan gestured with one hand, and a green-tasseled sword flew into Ye Yuan's hand.

The instant the sword was in his hands, Ye Yuan knew how extraordinary it was. It was actually an 8 restrictions spirit artifact!

Martial artists' weapons were divided into precious artifacts, magic artifacts, and spirit artifacts. They were targeted at Essence Qi Realm martial artists, Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists, and Crystal Formation Realm and above martial artists respectively.

Precious artifacts and magic artifacts had no restrictions. Only spirit artifacts and above would apply restrictions to increase the power.

A vast majority of Crystal Formation Realm martial artists' weapons were merely magic artifacts. An 8 restrictions spirit artifact was considered as an excellent weapon even in the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect.

It was obvious that this sword was Lu Yan's lifeblood spirit artifact!

If Ye Yuan's conjecture was right, this sword had accompanied Lu Yan at the top of the Nine Heavens Peak for 200 years already. It was his spiritual support.

Even though it was for Ye Yuan to bring the sword back to the Northern Domain in name, in reality, the last sentence was the crux. He was giving the sword!

Ye Yuan was also aware of Lu Yan's thoughts. He could see that Ye Yuan's future accomplishments would be anything but ordinary. A tiny little Tranquil Cloud Sect might not be able to hold him.

It was easy to add flowers to embroidery but tough to send out charcoal in the snow.

Right now, he was bestowing some small favors to Ye Yuan. He only hoped that Ye Yuan would not forget the Tranquil Cloud Sect in the future.

Of course, that was one scenario. The footsteps of an expert would not stop because of things like these.

To martial artists, while the sect was important, the ultimate goal was the boundless great Dao!

When Ye Yuan matured, how could a puny little 8 restrictions spirit artifact enter Ye Yuan's eyes?

Ye Yuan received the Canghua Sword, but his heart was filled with lament.

Although this Canghua Sword was not some divine artifact, it held extraordinary significance to Lu Yan. He doing something like this was no doubt for the sect.

Such a person was undoubtedly worthy of respect.

Right then, Ye Yuan cupped his hands towards Lu Yan and then said, "Rest assured, Senior. This Junior will definitely not let Canghua be covered in dust!"

Lu Yan stroked his beard and smiled as he said, " Haha! I naturally believe that you have the ability! Alright. Time's up. You should leave now."

Ye Yuan saluted respectfully, "This Junior takes his leave."

. . . . . .

A multi-colored winding road poured down like a magnificent rainbow.

This was the Rainbow Road!

In the entire history of the State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy, the Rainbow Road had only appeared a mere five times!

And this was the sixth time!

"Quick! Look! It's the Rainbow Road! My God! Ye Yuan, he really succeeded!"

"A Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm clearing the Nine Heavens Road. This fellow is truly terrifying!"

"Oh please, he's already at the peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, alright?"

"Wasn't he at the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm when he just started challenging it? Furthermore, he relied on his Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm strength to pass through the first stage!"

"That's true. This fellow is simply inhuman. Now, there's a show to watch. Elder Su's face has been resoundingly slapped by Ye Yuan!"

"I totally forgot about Elder Su until you mentioned him. Didn't Ye Yuan say that he will take his life within a year? Back then, we only treated it as a joke, but now . . ."

"Ye Yuan's improvement speed is too outrageous . . . Such a monster should fight it out with those geniuses in the Tranquil Cloud Sect. I'm afraid the Dan Wu Academy . . . already can't keep him."

"Yeah. At this rate, him surpassing Senior Apprentice Brother Long will probably take at most two to three months."

Without question, Ye Yuan successfully passing the Nine Heavens Road caused a great stir among the students and instructors.

He was the first in a thousand years!

Coming down from the Rainbow Road, Huyan Yong, Feng Ruoqing, and her niece took the lead to welcome Ye Yuan

"Hahaha! Good boy! You really widened my horizons! Some people plotted and schemed to harm you. But now, they are left dusty and dirty in appearance! Now that you cleared the Nine Heavens Road, let's see if those people have anything else to say!"

Huyan Yong was completely unbridled when he spoke in front of so many people. Even though there was no direct mention of names, anyone could tell that he was talking about Su Yubai.

However, what he said was right. This time around, Su Yubai had lost a great deal of face.

After being preoccupied with him for a long time and the schemes by the Elders Council, he did not even manage to play a puny Ye Yuan to death. Instead, he let Ye Yuan cleared the Nine Heavens Road.

After passing through the Nine Heavens Road, Ye Yuan would possess the status and privilege equivalent to that of a Tranquil Cloud Sect's core disciple. It was no longer possible for Su Yubai to try and openly kill Ye Yuan anymore.

"Congratulations for passing through the Nine Heavens Road, Ye Yuan." Feng Ruoqing was still so warm and elegant. She only came forth to lightly congratulate.

"Heh heh. Succeeded thanks to luck." In front of so many people, Ye Yuan did not wish to say too much and only chuckled.

Feng Zhiroui who was behind Feng Ruoqing had a complicated look as she looked at Ye Yuan.

Back then, her casual sword strike could make Ye Yuan disconcerted. She did not expect that Ye Yuan could shorten the distance by so much in such a short time.

Although she was still that little bit stronger than Ye Yuan right now, being caught up or even surpassed by Ye Yuan was something inevitable.

"Alright. Since Ye Yuan's fine, we'll head back and talk," said Huyan Yong.

There were too many people here. Clearly, this was not a good place to talk.

The group returned to Ye Yuan's residence. Ye Yuan inspected Lu-er first and only relaxed after seeing that nothing was wrong with her.

"Ye Yuan, you seem to be . . . somewhat different." Girls were still sharper on these things. Feng Ruoqing was the first to notice that Ye Yuan was different.

She discovered that not only did Ye Yuan's cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds, but his entire being's aura also seemed to have undergone a huge transformation.

Ye Yuan had just fused the sword intents and was still not really able to release and withdraw it freely yet. His entire being stood there like an unsheathed sharp sword. There was a huge discrepancy between this and his previously wastrel temperament.

Ye Yuan nodded with a smile and said, "Haha. I've incurred ridicule from Teacher Feng. I obtained some rewards from the Nine Heavens Road. It's just that I'm still unable to control it freely right now. I didn't expect that Teacher Feng could see through it."

Hearing this, Huyan Yong was speechless. "Other people face almost certain death when challenging the Nine Heavens Road. Being able to survive was already not bad. You actually had such a huge harvest? Seriously a freak!"

When he heard Feng Ruoqing say this, Huyan Yong naturally also noticed Ye Yuan's change. He scolded verbally, but he was actually overjoyed in his heart.