Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051 Bringing Disaster To The Fishes In The Moat

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“Milord, you … you came to the Immemorial Medicine Garden before? This … How is this possible? Jiang Taicang could not help opening his eyes wide, as he said in disbelief.

Ye Yuan’s past, the people present were already all aware.

Counting in his years in this previous life, Ye Yuan was at the very most also just a little over 500 years old right now.

While the Immemorial Medicine Garden itself opened every 500 years. How could Ye Yuan have possibly come in before?

Not just Jiang Taicang, even the others also looked at Ye Yuan with doubtful looks.

Ye Yuan explained with a smile, “What’s hard to explain about this? You guys don’t forget about my previous life’s identity. The last time the Immemorial Medicine Garden opened, I was merely 11 or 12 years old. But at that time, I already set the alchemy path as the target of my lifetime aspiration. Father personally brought me into the Immemorial Medicine Garden before. It was just that that one time, nobody knew at all.”

Everyone exchanged glances. Only now did they know that there was still such a thing.

When alchemists cultivated to a peak realm, their combat power was not the slightest bit inferior compared to martial artists. Their divine soul attacks, even Void Mystic experts felt endless headaches too.

Otherwise, what right did Ji Zhengyang, an alchemist, had to set up a such a large super holy land single-handedly? And also based on what to suppress an apex expert like Sun Man?

With Ji Zhengyang’s strength, stealthily bringing Ye Yuan into the Immemorial Medicine Garden, it was not surprising that nobody discovered it at all.

No wonder Ye Yuan was able to find this valley. Turns out that he had long known that this place had a Purple Evil Skygloom and also knew that this place had a Wilde Earth Bull and Heaven Devouring Python, and specially dug a large pit for Wu Yuanqiao to jump.

Everyone could not help pitying Wu Yuanqiao. This guy thought himself to be clever, but from the start, he was already schemed against by Ye Yuan.

Kuang Tianming sighed with admiration as he said, “Younger Brother, I really didn’t discover in the past, when you play tricks, it’s not perfunctory at all!”

Kuang Tianming and Ye Yuan were considered old friends already. But only today, did he discover that the current Ye Yuan was already not the Ji Qingyun back then.

The previous life’s Ji Qingyun just studied the alchemy path blindly and exceedingly rarely had his mind wander. But the present Ye Yuan was decisive in going for the kill and coped with all matters with schemes. Others virtually could not gain any bit of advantage at his hands.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Merely forced by the circumstances! In the past, I wasn’t willing to have these schemes. But after reincarnating, my strength is too weak. Not having some schemes, it will probably be very hard to survive until today.”

Kuang Tianming’s expression became stern, and he nodded his head.

Although only 20 years had passed, these 20 years to Ye Yuan, he probably experienced a great deal!

Ye Yuan slowly came in front of the Purple Evil Skygloom and directly chopped it off with a fire-blade. The Purple Evil Skygloom was felled at the sound of it. Ye Yuan guided with essence energy, drawing it into a jade bottle prepared long ago.

“Milord, is this Purple Evil Skygloom really as miraculous as you said?” Jiang Taicang said curiously.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Just bluffing that fellow! If you really swallow this thing, it will be weird if you aren’t poisoned to death! How can it be that easy for Void Mystic experts to want to break through? Although this Purple Evil Skygloom naturally carries Heavenly Dao laws, it’s extremely limited too. If it’s refined into a pill, it’s really able to help Void Mystic experts comprehend Heavenly Dao. It’s just that the other few core medicines are similarly very hard to source. Unless this Purple Evil Skygloom can grow to a million years old!”

The moment Kuang Tianming heard, he could not help laughing as he said, “You brat, huhu, I’m really convinced by you! Wu Yuanqiao that guy probably even has the will to die right now, right?”

“Puhwark …”

Wu Yuanqiao sprinted wildly. He was bitten by a Heaven Devouring Python.

A moment of carelessness, and he was struck by the Heaven Devouring Python again. Now, he was already severely wounded and dying.

The Heaven Devouring Python’s strength was around his level to begin with. At this time, the Purple Evil Skygloom poison already gradually spread. When one aspect was weaker, the others would be stronger. He was completely not the Heaven Devouring Python’s match anymore.

At this time, he could only flee for his life. But the faster he ran, the shorter the time taken for the poison to flare up.

This Purple Evil Skygloom’s poison was truly formidable. Even with his Void Mystic Realm emperor qi, it still could not stop its corrosion.

Currently, he was already seething with hatred towards Ye Yuan in his heart.

Except, he knew that if the Heaven Devouring Python continued pursuing like this, he would have no chance at all to go and take revenge.

Right then, Wu Yuanqiao suddenly saw that there was a group of people ahead and was immediately overjoyed.

This was his final stalk of life-saving straw!

Hence, he mustered up essence energy and sprinted over there frenziedly.

“H-Help!” Wu Yuanqiao used the last of his strength to yell out.

Over here, the Seven Absolute City’s deputy city lord, He Dajiang’s brows furrowed as he said, “Who is it? To actually draw over such a powerful desolate beast?”

The Yue Xinping by his side strained his eyes to look into the distance and said with a frown, “That movement technique flows like lightning. It should be the Thundercry Divine King, Wu Yuanqiao! Brother He, he seems to be crying for help!”

He Dajiang said indifferently, “No need to worry about him. This guy isn’t some good person either. Save us the trouble!”

But Yue Xinping said with knitted brows, “This guy seems to have suffered serious injuries! Although this desolate beast is powerful, with his strength, it shouldn’t be to the extent of getting into such a mess, right? Not good, this guy is heading over to our side, he wants to redirect the troubled waters!”

He Dajiang’s expression darkened too, dousing Wu Yuanqiao in a torrent of abuse in his heart.

He did not know that while the Heaven Devouring Python seemed violent, it would not attack them at all.

Seeing Wu Yuanqiao head over in this direction, they even thought that they could not escape, and could only take action to deal with the Heaven Devouring Python.

He Dajiang’s expression became intent. With a flash, he already arrived before the Heaven Devouring Python and said with a cold snort, “Vile beast, scram further away for this old man!”

The Heaven Devouring Python only wanted to pursue Wu Yuanqiao wholeheartedly. I did not expect that someone actually dared to block its path. It immediately roared and attacked He Dajiang.

He Dajiang’s face fell, and he said, “Vile beast, courting death!”

Only to see his aura release fully. A terrifying divine king domain instantly expanded out.

A light and fleeting palm smacked out. It was only to hear a bang, sending the gigantic Heaven Devouring Python out far away.


The Heaven Devouring Python repeatedly cried out. Its massive body squirmed wantonly in the air, terrifying to the extreme.

Suddenly, He Dajiang’s expression changed, and he said, “Not good, quickly leave this place!”

Just as he was talking, that Heaven Devouring Python suddenly opened his massive maws wide. A large cloud of green-colored smoke sprayed out from its mouth.

When the Seven Absolute City’s people saw the situation, their expressions all changed greatly. Each and every one of them displayed their movement techniques, fleeing desperately for their lives.

This green fog was a highly toxic thing with one glance, how could they dare to touch?

Indeed, places that the green fog passed through, flowers and grass withered completely. The whole process was incomparably toxic.

In a blink of an eye, there were disciples from Seven Absolute City and Fiendblade Mountain whose strengths were slightly weaker collapsing onto the ground.

“Vile beast, seeking death!”

He Dajiang could not help flying into a great rage and suddenly smacked a palm out!

This palm, the power seemed to be several times greater compared to that palm from before!


The Heaven Devouring Python was directly smacked out a hundred thousand feet away, collapsing onto the ground and started spasming.

The power of He Dajiang’s one palm was actually daunting to the extreme!

“Hurry up and leave this area! Take care not to be infected by the toxic gas! I’ll go and slay this fiend!” He Dajiang shouted out and charged over towards the Heaven Devouring Python.


The Heaven Devouring Python that was originally still twitching on the ground actually came back to life and directly escaped into the distance.