Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 Working In Cahoots

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He Dajiang also did not expect that this Heaven Devouring Python was actually this resistant to a beating. That bit just now was actually just feigning death.

It was already too late to want to pursue again.

At present, they had already entered the 100 thousand years region. If he left rashly, it would be very easy for the main unit to encounter the attacks of desolate beasts.

Helpless, he could only watch the Heaven Devouring Python make a clean getaway.

Returning to count the disciples, He Dajiang immediately flared up with rage.

The Heaven Devouring Python’s cloud of poisonous smog earlier actually directly poisoned several dozens disciples of the two great factions to death. It could be said to be heavy losses.

Among these disciples, there was quite a number of elite disciples that he specially brought out this time to temper themselves. He did not think that before even entering the dangerous regions, they actually died just like that bafflingly.

Thinking up to here, his fury directly turned onto Wu Yuanqiao.

Looking at Wu Yuanqiao again, his entire face already became a pale-purple color. Especially his lips, it was even blackish-purple!

“Brother He, this matter … it’s all that Ji Qingyun’s fault! May … I be permitted to force out the poison and treat my injuries first?”

Wu Yuanqiao already almost could not speak anymore. He could only use emperor qi to guard his heart channels at this time to prevent immediate death from the poison flaring up. As for the rest, he could only slowly figure it out again.

Of course, the prerequisite was that He Dajiang could let him off.

When He Dajiang heard this, his brows furrowed, and he said, “You went to provoke that Ji Qingyun?”

Wu Yuanqiao nodded his head weakly and briefly recounted the entire sequence of events. He said with a sigh, “I didn’t think that this brat’s strength is measly right now, but he’s actually so troublesome as well!”

He Dajiang and Yue Xinping exchanged a glance, both revealing a thick look of apprehension.

Although Ji Qingyun only had First Level Dao Profound strength at the moment, it seemed like he was even harder to tangle with compared to his previous life!

In his past life, although his status was extremely high, he wasn’t so terrifyingly scheming. But the Ji Qingyun in this life, his mentality was clearly exceedingly mature already.

“Brother He, as long as you let me force out the poison and treat my injuries, I, Wu Yuanqiao, am willing to swear a Heavenly Dao Oath, to lend a helping hand to your Seven Absolute City inside this Immemorial Medicine Garden. All of the spirit medicines that I obtain will all belong to the Seven Absolute City!” Wu Yuanqiao gasped for air as he said.

This was already Wu Yuanqiao’s final chip. This trip to the Immemorial Medicine Garden, he originally came with a gloating expression. But now, he had utterly stumbled.

And all of this was all thanks to Ye Yuan!

He was already not thinking about other things now. He was only thinking of taking revenge on Ye Yuan.

Wu Yuanqiao knew that the Seven Absolute City’s opponents this time were many. Divine Rank spirit medicines coming into being, these few major forces were bound to unfurl an intense slaughter.

An additional Void Mystic expert holding down the fort, the Seven Absolute City’s chances of victory would clearly be much greater.

Sure enough, hearing Wu Yuanqiao’s words, the killing intent in He Dajiang’s eyes faded away considerably.

Indeed, the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s commotion this time was too great. None of these major factions would let such an opportunity slip by.

At that time, when divine rank spirit medicines came into being, they would definitely get into a free-for-all fight. If Wu Yuanqiao could swear a Heavenly Dao Oath, it could be taken into consideration.

Wu Yuanqiao was an itinerant cultivator, no sect, no faction. Joining the Seven Absolute City’s camp did not have much burden either.

“Fine. If you can help this seat obtain divine rank spirit medicines, the matter this time will be dropped at that!” He Dajiang said in a cold voice.

Wu Yuanqiao nodded his head feebly and started to purge the poison to treat his injuries.

His condition, even swearing a Heavenly Dao Oath was enough to choke on.

Void Mystic experts were indeed incomparably powerful. That Purple Evil Skygloom’s poison, even if divine king experts were hit by it, it was certain death too.

But with the passage of time, Wu Yuanqiao forcefully forced out most of the poison.

“Ji Qingyun, if I don’t avenge this grudge, I, Wu Yuanqiao, am not a human!” Wu Yuanqiao slowly stood up and gnashed his teeth in hatred as he said.

He had become famous for many years. Ever since stepping into Void Mystic, he had yet to suffer such a great loss before. This time, he nearly lost even his small life. How could he not hate?

Yue Xinping shot Wu Yuanqiao a glance rather sympathetically, thinking to himself that the loss he suffered at Ji Qingyun there was seriously nothing compared to Wu Yuanqiao.

After Ye Yuan collected the Purple Evil Skygloom, he walked even deeper into that valley.

The group of people following behind Ye Yuan was endlessly shocked. Ever since after scamming Wu Yuanqiao, their party no longer ran into desolate beasts.

Only then did Ao Qian and the others came to a realization. Turned out that the desolate beasts they ran into along the way were all intentional by Ye Yuan. The goal was in order to beguile Wu Yuanqiao.

Ye Yuan was completely traveling the path with ease and knew this place well. This 100 thousand years region, he simply knew it like the palm of his hand!

“Milord, you’re simply cheating here! Why do I feel like you’re just like in your own backyard within this Immemorial Medicine Garden?” Jiang Taicang said in shock.

The others did not speak, but look at the expressions, they were roughly thinking the same as Jiang Taicang.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “My father was the Divine Realm’s strongest alchemist, not one of! Each time the Immemorial Medicine Garden opened, he would enter inside and was already thoroughly familiar with this place long ago. That year, when I came in with him, I was only playing a supporting role by the side, and pretty much memorized the terrain here while I was at it.”

When everyone heard, they all sucked in a cold breath.

Ye Yuan said it casually, but the terrain inside this Immemorial Medicine Garden was incomparably convoluted. Moreover, array formations revolved around inside. Wanting to remember all of the terrain features was simply even harder than ascending to the heavens.

Back then, he, an 11 or 12 years old brat, actually had such remarkable memory, this was simply something inconceivable!

Forget about 11 or 12 years old, even they right now could not remember it either!

This guy in front of them was simply freakish without limits!

“But Milord, since you’re so familiar with this place, why not harvest away all of the spirit medicines? Disregarding other places, just these 100 thousand-year-old spirit medicines, bringing them out are all priceless treasures!” Jiang Taicang said with a greedy look.

But Ye Yuan shook his head when he heard that and said, “To alchemists, spirit medicines are life. But draining the pond to catch all of the fish, this sort of thing goes against natural laws. If one really does it, one will suffer heavenly punishment. Back then, Father bringing me in here was primarily in order to let me familiarize with these spirit medicines’ medicinal properties and experience it firsthand a little. As for harvesting them away, that’s a big no-no.”

“There’s still this reasoning?” Jiang Taicang said in surprise.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Spirit medicines are born from heaven and earth. The more powerful the spirit medicines, the greater that spiritual qi contained. Such a place like the Immemorial Medicine Garden, one must make sure not to clean away all these spirit medicines.”

Jiang Taicang mumbled to himself when he heard that, “Most likely, apart from a freak like milord, nobody can collect away all of these spirit medicines either, right?”

This point, thinking about Wu Yuanqiao’s outcome, and one would know.

The spirit medicines in this 100 thousand years region were not that easy to harvest.

Ye Yuan brought the people below a cliff. Lifting his hand and looking over, he said, “That’s a 100 thousand-year-old Heart End Grass! 500 years have passed, it’s indeed still here.”

Seeing the Heart End Grass, Ao Qian’s entire body trembled too, his emotions unable to calm down.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “You don’t have to be so agitated either. An Unreal Enlightenment Divine Pill refined from a 100 thousand-year-old Heart End Grass is unable to let you recover to your peak strength too. At the very most, it’s also just reaching the strength of that Golden Needle Acupoint Piercing.”

Ao Qian nodded and said, “This old man knows! But that is already sufficient!”