Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053 Golden Colored Divine Soul

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Ao Qian was suppressed for 20 thousand years. His Martial Dao foundation was already pretty much ruined.

For him to be able to barely maintain at Divine King Realm was already a miracle.

How could wanting to let him recover to his peak state be easy?

Ye Yuan saw through the hint of unwillingness in Ao Qian’s heart and said with a smile, “Mystic grade medicinal pills are not what the average person can refine. With my present strength, refining 100 thousand-year-old spirit medicines are already the limit. When I break through to middle-stage Dao Profound Realm, I should roughly be able to refine 500 thousand-year-old spirit medicines.”

The moment Ao Qian heard, he could not help being pleasantly surprised as he said, “Then … Then Ao Qian thanks Your Excellency very much!”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “Don’t thank too early. For you to want to truly recover to peak strength, you need a 500 thousand-year-old Blossomface Proudheart Fruit, a 500 thousand-year-old Voidnether Heavenly Orchid, as well as an Ethereal Blood Ginseng. 500 thousand-year-old items. You’re also aware of how hard it is.”

Hearing these words, Ao Qian’s expression could not help changing.

Spirit medicines in the 500 thousand year region, the degree of danger inside completely could not be compared to currently. Even if he was in his prime, he did not dare say to be able to retreat unscathed too.

The 100 thousand years region was still fine. Heading deeper in, medicine spirits would appear. Those things were spirit medicines cultivated into spirits. Not only their aggressiveness was high, but their strength also rivaled Void Mystic Realm powerhouses too.

If it was one or two medicine spirits, it would be fine still. If they ran into a large group, even Ao Qian would also have to succumb.

“Milord, this …” Ao Qian said with a look of difficulty.

Honestly speaking, ever since acknowledging Ye Yuan as master, Jiang Taicang and the rest of their contributions were not much. But the benefits obtained were far too much.

The spirit medicines that Ao Qian required were seriously too rare. Therefore, the degree of danger would also soar exponentially.

Making Ye Yuan take risks on his behalf again, he really could not quite get over it.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Don’t you worry, the 500 thousand year region, others can’t go there, but it can’t stump me, Ye Yuan. Speaking of which, you’re lucky too, this Ethereal Blood Ginseng is an extremely seldom-seen item. One might not even find it in this Immemorial Medicine Garden too. But I just so happened to have obtained a stalk before in the past 1 !”

The moment Ao Qian heard, he could not help being overjoyed.

“Milord, as long as Ao Qian is able to recover my strength, this old life will be sold to you from here on! Forget about 1000 years, even 10 thousand years, this old man absolutely won’t bat an eyelid too!” Ao Qian said.

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “Screw off! You, this character who’s already obsolete, if you don’t break through to Deity Realm, you probably can’t even live past 3000 years. Still talking about 10 thousand years!”

Ao Qian’s old face turned red, and he had a look of embarrassment on his face.

Although he swallowed a heaven-defying item like the crane essence, his lifespan ultimately had a limit. Only by breaking through to Deity Realm, could he extend his longevity.

Otherwise, even if Ye Yuan continued to refine medicinal pills for him, it would not have the least bit of effect either.

Putting away the Heart End Grass, Ye Yuan found a safe spot and started closed-seclusion to refine the Unreal Enlightenment Divine Pill!

The Unreal Enlightenment Divine Pill was a true-blue super Tier 9 medicinal pill. It could help Void Mystic Realm powerhouses consolidate their foundations and nurture their essence, and restore Martial Dao foundation. It was unbelievably heaven-defying.

The so-called mystic grade medicinal pills were also called super Tier 9 medicinal pills. The difficulty of refining was countless greater compared to high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills. They were specifically for Void Mystic Realm powerhouses to use.

Ever since Divine Dao dwindled to zero, people were already unable to break through the fetters. Hence, they exhausted all kinds of methods to break through the limits of the Divine King Realm.

The realm of Void Mystic was born in response to the proper time and conditions due to this. In contrast, mystic grade medicinal pills were also unearthed by alchemists.

To be able to refine mystic grade medicinal pills was the hallmark of becoming a peak Alchemy Emperor!

However, this step had stumped innumerable alchemists!

In the entire Divine Realm, Void Mystic powerhouses were very few and far between, while the number of peak Alchemy Emperors were even fewer than Void Mystic powerhouses.

It could be seen from this how difficult it was to become a peak Alchemy Emperor.

Apart from Ye Yuan, the Divine Realm’s peak Alchemy Emperors were all some old antiques who had already become famous for a long time and would not easily take action.

Not only were these people’s alchemy Dao strength very formidable, but their strengths were also very terrifying.

And after Ye Yuan accumulated insights of 300 years at peak Alchemy Emperor, his alchemy Dao strength already surpassed many old fogeys who had made a name for themselves, such as Quan Xingzi.

Just talking in terms of alchemy Dao strength, an old monster like Old Man Han might not be as powerful as Ye Yuan too.

More importantly, Ye Yuan comprehended Divine Dao laws at present. On the Dao of alchemy, he already completely surpassed those old fellows!

Ye Yuan was certain that as long as his strength recovered to its peak, he could absolutely be exactly like his father, Ji Zhengyang, refining a half-divine pill, even a divine pill!

But before refining the Unreal Enlightenment Divine Pill, Ye Yuan still had to do one thing, that was breaking through his divine soul realm to late-stage Alchemy Emperor.

Ye Yuan’s mind stirred, and a portion of the golden characters circulated obediently in his divine soul.

Ye Yuan shut his eyes and meticulously sensed the undulations of Divine Dao laws.

Wanting to understand these divine inscriptions, the hardest was crossing the threshold.

Just like an uncommon language, if one did not grasp the inherent rules, there was absolutely no way to learn it.

With Ye Yuan’s talent, he was unable to understand the profundities of the Medicine God’s Soul Canon’s divine inscriptions all the way until before breaking through to Dao Profound Realm.

But ever since the last time he aroused the divine inscriptions, letting him savor the mysteries of Divine Dao laws, Ye Yuan became unstoppable. His understanding of these divine inscriptions gradually deepened!

This sort of Divine Dao laws undulations made Ye Yuan wallow inside in ecstasy.

Although the time was not long, Ye Yuan’s divine soul realm already gradually closed in on high-rank Alchemy Emperor.

During his closed-seclusion this time, he was planning on breaking through in one go!

Yet, just as Ye Yuan was comprehending the Dao, the Soul Suppressing Pearl suddenly started vibrating. Ye Yuan had yet to notice what was going on and was already pulled into the soul suppressing space.

Regarding this place, Ye Yuan was already very familiar. But this time, inside the soul suppressing place did not have a lightning ocean and also did not have those sort of divine soul impacting undulations.

What came in together with Ye Yuan was even the divine inscriptions!

Ye Yuan discovered to his delight that after entering here, the incomparably profound divine inscriptions were actually disassembled into countless fragments!

These fragments floated before Ye Yuan’s eyes and actually let his comprehension towards the divine inscriptions become easier!

This discovery made Ye Yuan beside himself with joy!

The soul suppressing space actually decomposed the divine inscriptions into the most primitive laws, presenting before Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan did not dare to dawdle and instantly entered the realm of Heaven Man Unity, and carefully comprehended these profound Divine Dao laws.

Two days later, Ye Yuan slowly opened his eyes. But his divine soul’s undulations were several times stronger than before!

Under the Soul Suppressing Pearl’s help, he actually only used two day’s time and successfully broke through to the realm of high-rank Alchemy Emperor.

Viewing his own divine soul internally, Ye Yuan nearly cried out in shock.

“This … What’s going on here? Why would my divine soul emits a faint golden color?” Ye Yuan said in puzzlement.

Currently, Ye Yuan’s divine soul took on a faint golden-yellow color. Although it was very faint, it added a kind of light halo on Ye Yuan, making him look incomparably sacred.

This discovery made Ye Yuan incomparably astonished.