Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056 Dragon Prancing The Four Seas

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“Alright, since you returned, it has nothing to do with me anymore as well. This Seven Stars Miluo, presumably, you can take care of it yourself. I was only dropping in while passing through. Making a move first.”

Done talking, Ye Yuan brought Ao Qian and the others to leave.

Although this Seven Stars Miluo was good stuff, Ye Yuan did not need it.

The reason why he took action earlier was really just conveniently saving Jian Wushuang’s life.

Yet, Jian Wushuang still pestered incessantly as he shouted, “Uncle Thirteen, this guy’s clearly here for the sake of the Seven Stars Miluo! It’s just that he saw you return, that’s why he didn’t dare to make a move! This guy is harboring evil designs, can’t let them leave!”

Sword Thirteen said in a solemn voice, “Halt!”

Ye Yuan stopped his footsteps and said with a faint smile, “What? You’re really planning on keeping me behind?”

Sword Thirteen said, “If you dismissed me with a few words, then wouldn’t this seat have lost too much face? You’re Wushuang’s mental demon, as long as I kill you, even without the Seven Stars Miluo, he’s able to break through to the realm of Void Mystic too! When at the entrance area, I was wary of the others, that’s why I didn’t make a move.”

Sword Thirteen, this sort of person, his heart was extremely hard to sway.

Ye Yuan’s words earlier, the impact on him was indeed tremendous. Yet, his thoughts of wanting to kill Ye Yuan had never changed.

No reason other than because Ye Yuan was the fiendish obstruction in Jian Wushuang’s heart.

This was already sufficient for Ye Yuan to die 10 thousand times over!

Being decisive about what he said, Sword Thirteen did not hesitate in the slightest. His divine king domain instantly opened up. Countless sword light glinted inside the domain, carrying out an indiscriminate attack.

But right then, another divine king domain suddenly made an appearance and directly clashed together with Sword Thirteen’s domain.

Entering their sight was a stretch of ocean!

“Dragon Prancing the Four Seas!”

This was Ao Qian’s divine king domain!

Even though Sword Thirteen’s sword domain was strong, facing a stretch of ocean, his sword light was unable to penetrate through in the slightest.

Seeing this scene, Sword Thirteen’s face revealed a look of immense shock.

“A-Another Void Mystic powerhouse! This … How is this possible?” Sword Thirteen opened his eyes wide, his eyes filled with disbelief.

He already knew at the entrance of the Immemorial Medicine Garden that Ye Yuan created two Void Mystic powerhouses all of a sudden. But now, he actually had another Void Mystic powerhouse whose strength was on par with him by his side too!

When could Void Mystic experts be mass produced just like this?

Currently, if this force beside Ye Yuan went out, it could completely create a brand new super holy land!

A super holy land’s Void Mystic experts, on the low-end were three to five, the high-end were six or seven. This group of people beside Ye Yuan was already sufficient!

Void Mystic powerhouses could not be piled up just by relying on piling resources.

Wanting to groom a Void Mystic expert, one must firstly expend a very terrifying amount of resources. But just this was still not enough.

A major faction could forcefully use resources to push a person to the Divine King Realm, but it was absolutely impossible to use resources to push someone to the Void Mystic Realm.

Want to take this step, without incredible talent, one absolutely could not reach it.

To the average person, it was impossible for them to step into the Void Mystic Realm in their entire lives.

Just take Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo for example; if there weren’t Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills, they could not take this final step at all.

Hence, after the two of them reached the realm of Void Mystic, they were already wholeheartedly devoted to Ye Yuan.

Yet, the divine king powerhouses around Ye Yuan suddenly became Void Mystic powerhouses one by one just like that. How could Sword Thirteen not be shocked?

About Ye Yuan’s performance in Cloudmarsh City during this period of time, Sword Thirteen was perfectly aware of it.

Last time, when Ye Yuan used the Golden Needle Acupoint Piercing method, Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo merely just reached peak Divine King too. As for this Ao Qian in front of him, he totally did not have such formidable strength as well.

But now, Ao Qian already truly had the strength to contend head-on with him.

Ye Yuan did not care about Sword Thirteen’s astonishment. His expression turned cold, and he said, “Although Jian Wushuang and I don’t really get along, that are merely small spats between youngsters. Now, is your Heavenly Sword Sect really planning on being irreconcilable enemies with me? Then you’ll have to be prepared to suffer my wrath!”

Sword Thirteen’s expression turned apprehensive. He was actually taken aback by Ye Yuan’s aura.

Everyone thought that with Ye Yuan losing the colossal Medicine King Hall’s support, he would definitely find it hard to prop up the situation singlehandedly; anyone could come and take a bite.

But only now did Sword Thirteen discover that Ye Yuan was simply a piece of tough bone; one that could not be cracked!

This guy’s alchemy skills were even more monstrous than his previous life!

Finally, Sword Thirteen walked out from his shock and put on a smiling face as he said, “Hah, just cracking a joke just now! My Heavenly Sword Sect doesn’t have much enmity with you. The past matters, it was all Wushuang who was insensible. I apologize to you on his behalf. How about our two households bury the hatchet?”

The 500 thousand year region, the Heavenly Sword Sect’s disciples could not enter it at all. Otherwise, if they saw their own vice-sect master actually lowered his head to a First Level Dao Profound brat, their eyeballs would probably pop out.

In truth, Jian Wushuang’s eyeballs were pretty much popping out at this time too.

“Uncle Thirteen, I cannot live under the same sky with this guy! Isn’t it just three Void Mystic Realm experts? How can our Heavenly Sword Sect be scared of him? Returning this time, I’ll request Father to take action! We must strike this guy dead!” Jian Wushuang howled.

Sword Thirteen’s expression darkened, and he reproached, “Shut up for me! You disappointing thing! Say any more nonsense and I’ll seal your essence energy sea right now and let someone send you back to the Heavenly Sword Sect! Also, from here on, you’re not to find trouble with Young Master Ji anymore. Otherwise, I won’t let you off!”

Jian Wushuang looked at Sword Thirteen in disbelief, his entire person frozen there.

All along, Uncle Thirteen doted on him the most and had never flown into such a great rage at him before.

This time, it looks like he was truly enraged.

Although Jian Wushuang’s status in the Heavenly Sword Sect was high, he held Uncle Thirteen in great awe and veneration all along.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Huhu, Brother Thirteen, you don’t have to be like this. With your attitude, I can set my mind at ease. However … you also know that I’m all alone in the world now. It’s impossible to be as magnanimous as in the past in the way I conduct myself. If someone provokes me over and over again, I won’t have such a good temper anymore.”

Ye Yuan’s meaning was very clear: watch over your nephew well. Don’t let him come out and randomly bite people anymore.

Even a clay bodhisattva had some anger. The next time, he would really deal a killing blow.

The moment Sword Thirteen heard, his head ached endlessly too. How could Jian Wushuang’s hatred towards Ye Yuan be so easy to dispel?

Sword Thirteen nodded and said, “Rest assured. Returning this time, I’ll make Wushuang go into seclusion. Before breaking through to the Void Mystic Realm, I absolutely won’t let him out!”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll give a plum in return for a peach, and gift this Seven Stars Miluo to the two of you.”

As he said, Ye Yuan slowly walked towards the Seven Stars Miluo in the distance.

The next instant, their eyeballs popped out.

The Seven Stars Miluo actually completely did not unleash attacks at Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan reached his hand out and plucked, grasping the Seven Stars Miluo in his hand once more.

This time, Ye Yuan sealed the Seven Stars Miluo. Storing it into a jade bottle, he directly threw it to Sword Thirteen.

“If my conjectures are right, you guys entering the Immemorial Medicine Garden this time is likely aiming for him, right? As for that divine rank spirit medicine, I advise that you guys had best not get involved in this messy situation,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.