Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057 Dao Defying Pill

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Sword Thirteen’s brows furrowed, and he said, “Is it possible that you know something?”

“I don’t know. But I keep having a bad feeling,” Ye Yuan said.

Actually, 500 years ago, Ji Zhengyang had once brought him into a very deep area before. At that time, he did not know anything yet. But Ji Zhengyang told him that in this Immemorial Medicine Garden’s depths, there was a presence that even he felt his heart palpitate at.

Ye Yuan reckoned that this time, it was very likely that existence having some unusual activities.

But what on earth this unusual activity was, Ye Yuan did not know either,

“You yourself don’t even know, and you want to make me not get involved in the messy situation?”

“I have good intentions; believe it or not, it is up to you! Divine rank spirit medicine? Heh heh, can this world still give birth to divine rank spirit medicines? Also, no idea who has ulterior motives, spreading such rumors,” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

Sword Thirteen did not refute Ye Yuan’s words. Musing for a moment, he said, “Then thank you very much for Young Master Ji’s good intentions. However … you also know what Deity Realm means to existences like us. It’s impossible for me to back out of this struggle because of a word from you. Otherwise, when I return, I’m unable to give an account to Sect Master as well.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and did not say anything else. He directly left.

He was just conveniently mentioning it. As for whether or not the other party would withdraw, that was not what he could decide.

But Ye Yuan was certain that the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s change this time was likely not that simple.

Divine rank spirit medicines coming into existence was probably just a cover.

Furthermore, even if there were really divine rank spirit medicines coming into being, who could subdue?

After Ye Yuan left, Jian Wushuang said indignantly, “Uncle Thirteen, why did you boost other people’s morale while diminishing your own prestige? Could my Heavenly Sword Sect be afraid of him, an utterly loner?”

“Utter loner? In ten short days, he created three Void Mystic powerhouses. You’re still capable of treating him as a loner? Wushuang, it’s true that you’re the Divine Realm pinnacle-most genius, but compared to him, you’re still far too lacking! This boy reincarnating, is no longer that Medicine King Hall’s young lord back then anymore. In my view, his alchemy skills have probably already surpassed the Ji Zhengyang back then! As long as his strength recovers to its peak, he’ll likely be the Divine Realm’s most powerful alchemist! Even though my Heavenly Sword Sect doesn’t fear him, such an opponent, we have no need to provoke! This Ji Qingyun, we better leave him for Ji Canglan to fret over,” Sword Thirteen said earnestly in a grave tone.

Jian Wushuang’s expression flickered incessantly. It was not that he did not acknowledge that he was inferior to Ye Yuan, he was just not willing to admit it.

He had always liked Mu Lingxue, liked very much.

But everyone in the Divine Realm all knew that the person Mu Lingxue liked was Ji Qingyun!

Making him to admit that he was inferior to his love-rival, he was not willing even if he was beaten to death!

Originally, Jian Wushuang thought that with Ye Yuan reincarnating and coming back, regardless of whether his strength or status, it would not be able to compare with his previous life anymore. That was why Jian Wushuang wanted to trample on him ruthlessly.

In the end, he was trampled instead.

However, that was just Ye Yuan borrowing the might of a divine artifact. He did not think anything about it at all.

But now, Ye Yuan actually relied on alchemy skills and created three Void Mystic Realm powerhouses! Now this was horrifying!

Although extremely unwilling to admit it, Jian Wushuang also understood that what Sword Thirteen said was the truth.

“If he was still the previous life’s Ji Qingyun, I wouldn’t pay attention to him too. But experiencing the Medicine King Hall’s change 20 years ago, he’s clearly much more mature compared to the past, and also much more terrifying! If you go and provoke him again, it’s hard to guarantee that he won’t deal a killing blow! Wushuang, you’ve already idled away for several dozen years and should also mature already! Although Big Brother’s strength is monstrous, he can’t protect you all your life too. The one who’s truly able to protect you is only yourself! Think it over well!”

Ye Yuan brought everyone and shuttled back and forth the 500 thousand year region, and found a stalk of Tier 9 spirit medicine called Sword Astral Immortal Grass.

This Sword Astral Immortal Grass was used to purge the sword qi within a martial artist’s body. It had a miraculous effect.

After helping his three servants all broke through, he naturally would not forget his own brother, Kuang Tianming.

After obtaining the Sword Astral Immortal Grass, Ye Yuan helped Kuang Tianming refine a medicinal pill.

“Brother Kuang, Ji Canglan’s sword qi is incomparably tyrannical. Even with the assistance of medicinal pills, it also can’t get rid of it within a short time. This period of time, you’ll go into closed-seclusion within the Vast Heaven Pagoda. After completely expelling the sword qi, I’ll let you out,” Ye Yuan said.

Kuang Tianming shook his head and said, “Younger Brother, within this Immemorial Medicine Garden lurks danger in all corners. Perhaps I’ll come in handy to you. Either way, this injury isn’t one or two days already, there’s no immediate rush either.”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “At present, Ao Qian has already recovered a portion of his strength. Compared to Sword Thirteen, that level of existence, he’s also not at all inferior. You just set your mind at ease and go into seclusion.”

Kuang Tianming could not change Ye Yuan’s mind and finally still entered the Vast Heaven Pagoda to enter closed-seclusion.

After Kuang Tianming went into closed-seclusion, Ye Yuan continued bringing people to search for spirit medicines, and finally found a stalk of Blossomface Proudheart Fruit. But the other spirit medicine that Ao Qian required, Voidnether Heavenly Orchid, even Ye Yuan was unable to find it.

Even though spirit medicines were extremely abundant in the Immemorial Medicine Garden, it was also not everything under the sun.

Voidnether Heavenly Orchid was an exceedingly rare spirit medicine. The last time Ye Yuan came here, he never saw it. There was naturally no place to start searching.

After lingering in the 500 thousand year region for ten days, Ye Yuan brought everyone and entered the most dangerous region: the million year region!

The million year region was the limits where Void Mystic powerhouses were able to step foot into. Heading further in, people had entered before, but nobody had ever come out before.

Back then, when Ji Zhengyang brought Ye Yuan along, they also merely came to the million year region.

Previous life, Ye Yuan’s self-created pinnacle medicinal pill, he named it as Dao Defying Pill!

This Dao Defying Pill was where the quintessence of his life’s work lied, costing him close to a hundred years to perfect,

In this hundred years, Ye Yuan did countless experiments and researched 58 thousand over kinds of Tier 9 spirit medicine, and the medicinal properties of over 213 thousand kinds of Tier 8 spirit medicines, before finally creating it.

This was virtually all of the high-level spirit medicines recorded in the Divine Realm that Ye Yuan could find.

The grade of the Dao Defying Pill absolutely surpassed any pill formula in the Divine Realm at present. Just the core ingredients were 300 over kinds. The process of refining was incomparably complicated.

Even if Ye Yuan reached peak strength, refining the Dao Defying Pill was also exceedingly difficult.

These 300 over kinds of core ingredients were all Tier 9 spirit medicines. But the most critical core ingredients of this Dao Defying Pill were nine types of one-million-year-old spirit medicines, incomparably rare.

In Ye Yuan’s impression, there were two kinds inside this Immemorial Medicine Garden.

Ye Yuan entering the Immemorial Medicine Garden this time, the primary objective was to look for these two kinds of spirit medicines!

These two kinds of one-million-year-old spirit medicines, one was called Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma. The other was called Flamesoul Vast Universe Lotus.

Entering the million year region, Ye Yuan discovered that the corpses by the roadside became significantly more.

Clearly, the degree of danger here was not comparable to before. Even with Void Mystic powerhouses protecting, it was hard for these divine king experts to escape doom as well.

But these were not an issue to Ye Yuan. He naturally had ways of avoiding these dangers.

Just as they were walking, intense sounds of battle came from ahead.