Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 You Guys Continue Ill Accept It

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Waves of terrifying undulations came from above the skies. The people fighting were actually all Void Mystic Realm powerhouses!

“He Dajiang, you despicable scum! To actually take advantage of when we’re fighting with the Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma to ambush me!”

“Hahaha, natural treasures are obtained by those fated! Shu Yunqing, you’re already severely wounded and absolutely not my match! Resign yourself to fate!”

“Pooh! Today, my Heavenly Dawn Palace will not rest until your Seven Absolute City is dead!”

“You old fogey, how troublesome! At this rate, none of us can get any benefits!”

Turns out that the two parties fighting intensely in the sky were people from the Heavenly Dawn Palace and the Seven Absolute City.

The strength of each and every one of the medicine spirits in the million year region pierced the heavens. Even experts like Shu Yunqing and He Dajiang found it hard to gain any advantage too.

But the spirit medicines in this million year region, as long as one stalk was brought back, that would be extremely precious. Even for major factions like super holy lands, it would be akin to obtaining a treasure.

When Ye Yuan heard the name Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma, his heart involuntarily stirred.

The reason why he searched until here was for the sake of the Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma.

In the sky, Shu Yunqing fought three-on-one, appearing very ragged, while Ding Zhanguo maintained the array formation with all his strength, trapping the Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma that was currently rampaging.

It was not that he did not wish to help Shu Yunqing, but it was really that he was completely powerless to do anything.

A one-million-year-old Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma already transformed into a half-humanoid, half-demon appearance. Its appearance was very odd, especially that polyporus head, which looked extremely comical.

However, no one could laugh. Its strength virtually made people despair.

Ding Zhanguo was hailed as an existence second only to the Grand Yan Divine King in the Divine Realm. His formations path strength was transcendent.

But currently, he could only barely maintain the array formation to not be breached. If he withdrew the array formation, he would be the first one to bear the brunt. The first one that the medicine spirit would want to kill would be him.

Through just a few words, Ye Yuan already figured out the sequence of events.

It was definitely the Heavenly Dawn Palace who discovered the Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma first. Ding Zhanguo laid down an array formation to trap the medicine spirit while Shu Yunqing took charge of attacking. In the end, they were ambushed by He Dajiang’s party.

Shu Yunqing getting injured, facing He Dajiang’s party of three mighty Void Mystic experts, how could he still be a match?

“Yo, fought until pretty lively! You guys continue; this Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma, I’ll accept it on your behalf.”

Ye Yuan leaped and arrived beside Ding Zhanguo’s array formation.

Ye Yuan’s sudden appearance startled everyone.

“Ji brat, you dare?!” He Dajiang nearly jumped up.

He had expended a considerable price for this Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma. Originally, he thought that victory was within grasp. Did not expect someone to throw a wrench into the works.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Why wouldn’t I dare? A one-million-year-old Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma; tsk tsk, this is good stuff!”

Wu Yuanqiao saw Ye Yuan and his flames of fury immediately billowed to the skies. He had suffered a major loss at Ye Yuan’s hands this time, resulting in him having to go through the method of signing his life away before he could obtain time to purge the poison and treat his wounds.

Although the bulk of the poison was forced out at present, there was still a small part of residual poison that could not be forced out. This reduced his strength greatly.

“Brother He, I cannot live under the same sky with Ji Qingyun! Shu Yunqing is already a spent force, nothing to fear! I’ll go and kill this punk!” Wu Yuanqiao gritted his teeth and said.

He Dajiang’s expression fell slightly, and he said, “Fine. I’ll support this side. Get it over with quickly!”

He expended such a huge price before severely injuring Shu Yunqing. He was naturally unwilling to give the fruit that landed in his hand to Ye Yuan.

It was only to see a lightning flash. Wu Yuanqiao tore through the air and arrived, his speed swift to the extreme.

“Prepare to die, Ji Qingyun!”

His voice had yet to reach, but his person arrived first.

Towards this, Ye Yuan seemed to be completely oblivious. He actually turned around and slowly walked over towards Ding Zhanguo’s array formation.


A massive dragon claw suddenly appeared, sending Wu Yuanqiao back with a slap.

Wu Yuanqiao somersaulted quite a few times in the air before barely managing to stand still.

“You trash, to actually dare be disrespectful towards my lord! This old man will tear you apart today!” Ao Qian said in a solemn voice.

This scene stunned everyone! They were all guarding against Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo taking action. Did not expect that the Ao Qian overlooked by them all along, the moment he made his move, it was earth-shattering!

Void Mystic powerhouses did not have much difference from ordinary peak divine kings in terms of cultivation realm. Not taking action, one could not tell at all.

But Ao Qian’s attack just now astonished everyone!

When was there another Void Mystic powerhouse by Ye Yuan’s side?

Moreover, this Void Mystic powerhouse seemed to be very extraordinary!

Especially He Dajiang, him witnessing that blow from Ao Qian, his entire person was in a state of confusion.

They, these super holy lands, by roping, pulling, tugging, lugging, also just scraped together three Void Mystic powerhouses. In less than 10 day’s time, three Void Mystic powerhouses appeared by this Ye Yuan’s side all of a sudden.

This … Did they still want people to live?

Wu Yuanqiao was even more astonished until his shock could not be any greater. He thought about finding Ye Yuan to take revenge because it was impossible for those two guys that just entered Void Mystic to be his match at all.

Who knew that several days of not seeing, Ye Yuan brought an even more terrifying guy and showed up!

Shu Yunqing was silent the whole time, but waves of delight gushed up in his heart.

He Dajiang was insidious to the max and actually played a ‘mantis stalking the cicada.’ He probably never would have thought that he was actually eaten by the oriole now, right?

If there wasn’t Ye Yuan showing up, he might just perish here today.

But, regarding Ye Yuan’s means, he was also incomparably shocked.

This Ao Qian was the most unremarkable existence among Ye Yuan’s subordinates. He did not think that in a short ten days’ time, Ye Yuan actually made him become so strong!

With their cultivation realm, they were naturally able to tell that because Ao Qian’s Martial Dao foundation was ruined, that was why his strength would fall drastically.

But, to let Ao Qian recover to this strength currently, it was not what ordinary medicinal pills could accomplish.

Ye Yuan was only First Level Dao Profound right now. How did he refine such high-grade medicinal pills?

“Ao Qian, accompany Wu Yuanqiao to play well! Take revenge for my brother!” Ye Yuan’s voice transmitted over nonchalantly.

“Yes, my lord!”

Ao Qian gave a response. Dragon Prancing the Four Seas instantly expanded outward. A terrifying water-attribute power of laws rushed over toward Wu Yuanqiao.

Wu Yuanqiao’s expression changed. Lightning domain instantly expanded out.

Two mighty experts started exchanging blows in the air just like that.

But in a few moves, Wu Yuanqiao’s declining trend already showed. He was not Ao Qian’s match at all!

Seeing this scene, He Dajiang knew that he could not carry on observing from the sidelines anymore and said to Yue Xinping, “I’ll go and substitute Wu Yuanqiao. The two of you get the fight over with fast. Quickly take Shu Yunqing down!”

Done talking, He Dajiang charged right into the group battle.

But at this time, Ye Yuan slowly came before Ding Zhanguo, patted his shoulder, and said smilingly, “Old Ding, you’ve worked hard. I’ll go in and subdue it right now.”

Ding Zhanguo’s expression changed and was rather unwilling. Their Heavenly Dawn Palace had expended a considerable price for this Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma!

But on second thought, currently this sort of situation, they totally did not have the strength to contend for the Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma anymore.

“You be more careful. This fellow isn’t simple!” Ding Zhanguo said with a nod.