Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 106

Chapter 106: A Good Man Does Not Fight with Women

"Coincidentally comprehended, that's all. Teacher Huyan, Teacher Feng, I want to enter a retreat to consolidate my cultivation these two days. After exiting seclusion, I wish to enter the Endless Forest. At that time, I'll have to trouble the two of you with Lu-er."

Regarding the Nine Heavens Road's matters, Ye Yuan just sidestepped it with some words.

He already swore a Heavenly Dao oath. His tongue would surely slip if he talks too much. It was best to talk less.

Huyan Yong and Feng Ruoqing were also understanding of Ye Yuan's dilemma, so they kept quiet and did not mention it.

Rather, the two of them were quite surprised Ye Yuan mentioned that he wanted to go to the Endless Forest.

"Taking care of Lu-er is naturally not an issue. But what do you plan to do in the Endless Forest?" Feng Ruoqing asked.

Ye Yuan answered, "To find some herbs. Lu-er's condition isn't that great. The essence energy I transmitted would only help her to temporarily suppress the frost poison. As time passes, the eruption would be even more terrifying. There is a type of high-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill called Cold Dispelling Pill. It can control the frost poison in Lu-er's body for the time being. But the herbs that this medicinal pill requires are rather uncommon. I think that only the Endless Forest has them."

When she heard that, Feng Ruoqing was astonished. "There's actually such a powerful Tier 2 medicinal pill? The eruption of frost poison due to the Nine Yin Absolute Meridian is basically incurable. This medicinal pill can actually control the frost poison?!"

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "Teacher said before, there aren't any truly incurable illnesses in the world. The method just hasn't been discovered yet. The path of medicinal pills is a Great Dao and possesses limitless possibilities. When cultivated to a supreme level, one can transform something rotten into something magical. Nothing is impossible."

Feng Ruoqing's eyes lit up as she seemed to have understood something.

Ye Yuan's words were filled with wisdom, helping Feng Ruoqing suddenly see the light.

Although she knew that the path of medicinal pills was broad and profound, her horizons were limited after all. She could frequently only immerse herself in that acre of land.

Although Alchemy Dao and Martial Dao had different systems, there was still one thing which was the same, which was the more you comprehended, the more you discovered your ignorance.

With the passing of time, this sort of feeling would affect your own mental state and impact cultivation from there.

Ye Yuan's words opened up another window for Feng Ruoqing.

After musing on Ye Yuan's words for some time, Feng Ruoqing sighed in admiration. "Your master is truly an expert!"

Ye Yuan carried a mischievous mentality and blew his own trumpet as he continued talking,"Yeah. Master that old man is unfathomable. I can barely understand a fraction. It's a pity that he likes to travel the world. I also don't know when I can meet him again."

Feng Ruoqing obviously could not tell that Ye Yuan was praising himself, but instead, felt that it was expected of Ye Yuan to be saying that.

"However, even if you gather the ingredients, are you able to refine a high-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill?" Feng Ruoqing asked doubtfully.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "I can't refine it at the moment. After returning from the Endless Forest, I will continue closed-seclusion to impact the Spirit Condensation Realm with full force! As long as I breakthrough to the Spirit Condensation Realm, refining the Cold Dispelling Pill shouldn't be an issue."

The soul strength of a high-grade Alchemy Master was required to refine a high-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill.

Back then, when Ye Yuan's soul strength was lacking, and he refined a low-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, he directly collapsed in exhaustion.

Although Ye Yuan's current strength had significantly improved, his soul strength did not grow by much. Wanting to refine a high-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill was no doubt a fool's talk.

But as long as he broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, Ye Yuan's soul strength would experience a qualitative leap. At that time, with his Alchemy Dao's prowess, refining a high-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill would not be too difficult.

Huyan Yong exchanged glances with Feng Ruoqing and then said, "Since that's the case, you will join the Endless Trials with the other students then. Although the Endless Forest is a limitless treasure trove, there is also a great deal of danger inside. There are a large number of high tier demonic beasts. Even Crystal Formation Realm martial artists would also lose their lives inside if they were not careful! You being together with the other students can at least look after one another."

Ye Yuan asked curiously, "Oh? There's such an activity in the academy?"

"No way! You don't even know about the Endless Trials? To think you already have the power of a Heaven rank student now!" Feng Zhirou who had been silent exclaimed in surprise.

Ye Yuan rubbed his nose in embarrassment and felt somewhat awkward. "That . . . I mucked around too much last time. Heh heh."

To the former Ye Yuan, forget about the Endless Trials, he was not even interested in classes. How could he have the thought to inquire about this stuff?

Even if he heard about it, he would just turn a deaf ear to it. He simply had no interest in knowing.

Feng Zhirou rolled her eyes and gave Ye Yuan an explanation concerning the details of the Endless Trials.

For the sake of tempering students' practical combat ability, the Dan Wu Academy would organize an Endless Trials every fixed period of time.

Specific missions had to be completed during the Endless Trials, or else, the academy would deduct certain welfares.

The missions were tied to the student's rank. The missions which Heaven rank students were required to complete was to turn in ten Tier 2 demonic beasts' inner cores, and ten stalks of Tier 2 medicinal herbs.

Apart from what was handed in for the mission, the other items seized belonged to the students themselves.

Most importantly, the academy only specified the quantity for the mission but did not stipulate what methods one could use to obtain them.

Hence, the Endless Trials also became a venue for students to settle their personal grudges.

Furthermore, the Endless Forest was filled with dangers. Every Endless Trial, many students would remain there forever.

When Ye Yuan heard that, he curled his mouth and said, "So that's the case. Does Teacher Huyan intend for Senior Apprentice Sister Feng and me to participate in the Endless Trials together?"

Huyan Yong did not get to say anything before Feng Zhirou immediately blew up. "What? Are you scared that I will drag you down? Come, come, come, let's duke it out now and see just who hinders who! Don't think that you can taunt a Martial Roll's expert just because you were lucky to breakthrough to the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm!"

While talking, Feng Zhirou drew her sword with a 'Schwing!' and assuming a fighting posture as she waved it around in front of Ye Yuan,

"A good man does not fight with women. I didn't say anything, you were the one who said it." Ye Yuan used his finger to push Feng Zhirou's sword aside helplessly.

"Then what did you mean? Say it!" Feng Zhirou pointed the tip of the sword which was nudged away back at Ye Yuan.

"Hey! This sword is very sharp. Don't play with it, ok? I'm aware that you Martial Roll's experts are powerful, alright? Actually, what I meant was that I can resolve the problem with your body."

Ye Yuan hurriedly jumped aside. This lass tended to strike whenever she liked, best to be more careful.

Hearing Ye Yuan's words, Feng Zhirou revealed a complicated look, but it was swiftly replaced by stubbornness.

"Humph! Who do you think you are? You say you can resolve it and it's settled? Let me tell you now, there's nothing wrong with my body! No need for your concern!" Finishing, Feng Zhirou sheathed her sword and walked out of the door.

The previous time, Feng Zhirou and Ye Yuan used voice transmission to communicate. Hence, Feng Ruoqing was unaware of what happened. Seeing the situation, she asked in puzzlement, "Something's wrong with Zhirou's body, Ye Yuan?"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Actually, it isn't anything serious either. But, Senior Apprentice Sister Feng's personality is overly stubborn. If things carry on, maybe a major problem might occur."

Ye Yuan briefly recounted the problem with Feng Zhirou's body. Feng Ruoqing furrowed her brows when she heard it.

"So that's the case! This lass has shocking potential, so I was wondering why she advanced so slowly recently! At first, I thought that she was lazy and slacking off, but I didn't think that it was due to this reason!"