Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061 Nine Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation

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Shu Yunqing’s gaze was filled with shock!

His strength was originally evenly-matched with He Dajiang, chances of victory being around 50-50. Since Ao Qian defeated He Dajiang, he naturally could defeat Shu Yunqing too.

Shu Yunqing did not expect that this subordinate of Ye Yuan, his strength was actually daunting to such an extent.

Shu Yunqing was silent for a long time, but still stepped forward and clasped his hands at Ye Yuan and said, “Young Brother Ji, this time … this Shu thank you very much!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Palace Lord Shu don’t need to be courteous. With the Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma as the reward, we’re considered even too.”

The corners of Shu Yunqing’s mouth twitched slightly. He and Ding Zhanguo expended so much strength. He did not think that in the end, it benefited Ye Yuan.

But he also knew that without the three fierce generals under Ye Yuan joining in, he might have already fallen at this time.

Now, Ao Qian directly quelled He Dajiang, and Ding Zhanguo was completely free. Both parties’ strength had a reversal all of a sudden.

This sort of situation, even after Ye Yuan joined the battle royale, he never thought before too.

Shu Yunqing swallowed a medicinal pill and slightly recovered his wounds. Looking at the He Dajiang not far away, he said with a cold smile, “He Dajiang, even if you calculated everything, you probably never thought of such a result, right?”

He Dajiang’s expression became incomparably ugly and said with a cold snort, “This seat failed miserably in a simple task today. But if you guys want to keep this seat back just like this, it probably won’t be that easy either, right?”

Shu Yunqing said, “Regardless whether you remain behind or not, Heavenly Dawn Palace and Seven Absolute City’s grudge is sowed this time!”

Two super holy lands turning hostile, a fierce struggle between a dragon and a tiger was indispensable. A single misstep and one party might even be utterly destroyed.

But at this time, Ye Yuan looked at He Dajiang and said with a smile that was not a smile, “Can’t hold you back, is it? Old Ding, according to what I know, you still have a final ultimate array formation haven’t used, right?”

The moment these words came out, everyone’s face changed.

Ding Zhanguo’s strongest array formation was not the Profound Heaven Nine Battles Formation, but the Falling Rain Skymark Formation that he used back then when facing Lu Linfeng!

This set of array formation was extremely profound. Back then, it really caused quite a bit of trouble for Lu Linfeng.

At present, Lu Linfeng left people far behind in the dust and had long flung Ding Zhanguo behind until his silhouette could not be seen anymore. But using this move to deal with He Dajiang and the rest was sufficient.

Ding Zhanguo shook his head and said, “If he really wants to run, the Falling Rain Skymark Formation can’t prevent it either.”

He Dajiang burst into laughter when he heard that and said, “Ji brat, do you take this old man to be a fool? Will I fight to the bitter end with you all here? Alright, not accompanying anymore. This old man is leaving. If any one of you wants to keep this old man behind, you can very well give it a shot!”

Even though Ao Qian severely wounded He Dajiang, that was only through elaborate plotting. Doing it one more time, He Dajiang would definitely be cautious and not give Ao Qian any opportunities to take advantage of.

Furthermore, if He Dajing wanted to escape with all his heart, it was really very hard to stop it.

Wanting to kill a Void Mystic powerhouse, that was simply even harder than ascending to the heavens.

Finished talking, He Dajiang’s figure instantly transformed into a streak of flowing light, wanting to escape.

“Old Ao!”

No need Ye Yuan to instruct, Ao Qian already went over to impede. The two people clashed together in a great battle once more.

Ye Yuan said, “Old Ding, the Falling Rain Skymark Formation naturally can’t make He Dajiang stay. But adding on my array formation, he’ll be hard-pressed to escape even if he grew wings! What you need to do now is to delay him together with Old Ao!”

Ding Zhanguo could not help looking at Ye Yuan in puzzlement, uncertain where his confidence came from. But he hated He Dajiang to the bones too and was unwilling to let him leave at this point.

He nodded his head right away. The Falling Rain Skymark Formation silently formed and enveloped over toward He Dajiang trio.

With the cooperation of Ding Zhanguo’s array formation, the pressure on Ao Qian instantly eased up considerably.

He Dajiang was akin to have fallen into a bog and really could not extricate himself for a while.

As for over there, Shu Yunqing trio also delayed Wu Yuanqiao and Yue Xinping firmly, not giving them the slightest chance to get away.

“Lu-er, help to defend me! I’ll set up the formation!” Ye Yuan said in a solemn voice.

“Yes, Young Master!”

For so many years, this was the day that Lu-er was happiest.

She never even dreamed that she would be able to step into Dao Profound Realm one day.

Recalling vaguely, back then in the Ye Manor, Lu-er did not even know what kind of concept Dao Profound Realm was.

Now, she could finally help Young Master!

Lu-er already knew that this young master was no longer the original young master. But in her heart, she actually liked this young master a little more.

This young master was gentle, caring, would become furious for her, even kill people!

Back then, Ye Yuan battled Lin Tiancheng, and he challenged the entire Danwu Academy with his power alone. How could Lu-er not be moved?

Back then, Ye Yuan entered deep into the Endless Forest and escaped danger by a hair’s breadth. It was in order to find spirit medicines for her. How could Lu-er not lose her heart?

Moreover, this young master currently was still Old Master and Madam’s son, right?

Hence, he was still her young master!

Lu-er looked at Ye Yuan’s bustling profile, her fluid gaze roaming around.

For her to be able to silently watch Young Master behind him, this was already sufficient!

Ye Yuan naturally would not know Lu-er’s little thoughts. He was giving it his all to set up the array formation!

Array formations were things that could exert tremendous power with little force. Although Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was not high, he could completely rely on array formations to cross realms and kill the enemy.

Of course, with his present strength, setting up this set of array formation was still overly forceful.

Putting aside the great expenditure, more important was that the time needed was too long.

During a genuine battle, it could not have an effect at all.

Lu Linfeng’s Array Formations Three Volumes was derived from the Vast Heaven Stele. Ye Yuan was the master of the Vast Heaven Stone Stele and also a Tier 9 Formations Emperor. Comprehending the Array formations Three Volumes was naturally not much trouble.

After the Array Formations Three Volumes, Lu Linfeng definitely had other fortuitous encounters, before he could reach his present level.

But the Asura Confounding Formation was indeed the divine stroke of the formations path. Its power was incomparably daunting.

Ye Yuan was sitting on the Vast Heaven Stone Stele. Naturally, he would not miss out on the chance to comprehend array formations either.

These few years, he already deduced the Asura Confounding Formation many times through the Vast Heaven Stone Stele, and he turned it into another grand array already.

A grand array that was sufficient to eradicate Void Mystic powerhouses!

Of course, this was something after he acquired the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil.

Ye Yuan fused the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil’s illusionary art into this array formation, making this array formation’s power skyrocket!

“Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heavenly Slaughter Formation, form!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry. A grand array suddenly lit up and enveloped everyone inside.

The moment the array formation formed, Ye Yuan’s entire person collapsed.

But Ding Zhanguo’s expression changed drastically as he said stammeringly, “This … This … Could this be Lu Linfeng’s Greater Asura Confounding Divine Array?”

To talk about who understood Lu Linfeng best in this world, it had to be Ding Zhanguo.

For so many years, he had been chasing after Lu Linfeng’s footsteps the whole time. Although the two people were pulled further and further apart, Ding Zhanguo’s research towards Lu Linfeng was the most thorough.

This array formation gave him a very familiar feeling!

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “This array formation was self-created by me. Considered to be based off his Asura Confounding Formation, I guess. However, it’s different from his Greater Asura Confounding Divine Array.”

Inside the array formation, He Dajiang trio suddenly felt a blur before their eyes. All of the opponents completely vanished all of a sudden!