Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 Yin Yang Samsara

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He Dajiang turned pale with fright. He knew that he had fallen into an illusion!

No idea how many years it had been since he had fallen into an illusion!

Void Mystic powerhouses comprehended powerful powers of law and could practically see through most illusionary realms.

But now, he had indeed fallen into an illusion!

“This illusionary formation, could it be done up by Ji brat? When had his formations path attainments actually become so terrifying?” He Dajiang said in shock.

Just based on this grand array before his eyes, Ye Yuan’s formations path level had probably already surpassed Ding Zhanguo. How could this not shock him?

After the astonishment, He Dajiang said with a cold laugh, “However … wanting to trap this seat with a mere illusionary formation is also indulging in the wildest fantasy!”

As he said, He Dajiang’s divine king domain instantly opened up. A massive black essence energy long-saber instantly condensed and formed.

“Even if your formations path is comprehended to the realm of Void Mystic, your cultivation realm is still below that after all! As long as this seat breaks the formation with strength, I don’t believe that with just the likes of you, you can stop this seat! Destructive Tyrant Saber!”

As he said, He Dajiang controlled the long-saber. Carrying an aura that pressed forward with an indomitable will, it chopped onto a point in space!

A Void Mystic Realm powerhouse focused all of his attacks onto a point. The terror of this attack could be imagined.


Following this saber landing, intense tremors appeared on the grand array.

When He Dajiang saw the situation, a hint of a cold sneer involuntarily flickered across the corners of his mouth. The result was indeed just as he expected.

This grand array could not withstand his all-out attack at all!

Although, in the entire Divine Realm, how many people were able to withstand an all-out attack from him?

Just as he was being pleased with himself, an extremely terrifying killing intent suddenly arrived in a twinkle.

He Dajiang practically could not react in time and instantly unfurled his protective essence energy to the greatest.

It was only to hear a rumble. He Dajiang’s body was just like a kite with a broken string, flying out horizontally.

Shu Yunqing and the others who were currently in the midst of fierce fighting were taken aback by this unexpected scene and ceased fighting.

They looked at this scene in disbelief. How could the powerful He Dajiang be severely injured until such a manner?

Currently, He Dajiang was lying on the ground at a distance, his life and death unknown. But looking from the aura, he was already impossibly weak.

Ding Zhanguo looked at Ye Yuan like he had seen a ghost. He did not understand why an array formation laid down by a First Level Dao Profound could seriously injure He Dajiang to such an extent?

“You … What on earth did you do?” Ding Zhanguo drew a cold breath and asked.

This achievement was simply too startling.

Even Shu Yunqing’s face was also flickering erratically right now.

Ever since this Ji Qingyun returned, the feeling that he gave people was seriously too bizarre.

An existence like He Dajiang, even if the Eight Great Super Holy Lands’ strongest powerhouses went into action, they did not dare say to be able to severely wound him so easily either.

But Ye Yuan did it!

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Not what I did, but what he did himself. This guy fancied himself smart and thought that he could break the formation with strength. As a result, he used his strongest move and injured himself.”

“F-Fancied himself smart? Not using this sort of method to break the formation, then use what method?” Ding Zhanguo asked curiously.

“My Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation isn’t perfected yet at the moment. The function of the killing array isn’t very strong yet. But the power of the trapping formation and illusionary formation doesn’t allow underestimation. With ‘Nine-Nine’ as the name, it’s that this array formation secretly encompasses Heavenly Dao. Nine, is the root, as the end, as the limit, but as the beginning, serving as a link between the past and the future. Although his saber-intent was strong, his array formation is Yin and Yang complementing mutually to begin with. Where it exits, is where it returns. He used his own move to severely injure himself, who can be to blame?” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

It was just that his smile in the perspective of other people gave rise to a chill in people’s hearts.

Martial artists breaking formations with strength, focusing all of their strength onto one point, this was general knowledge. Yet, Ye Yuan acted in a diametrically opposite way and introduced the idea of Yin-Yang samsara into the array formation. It was very easy for martial artists to fall for it without understanding the inside story.

Such a profound array formation was still just a semi-finished product. Once he was able to perfect it, then how terrifying would it be?

Actually, Ye Yuan did not say some things. With He Dajiang’s strength, as long as he did not muster up all of his strength and focus onto one point, but used the domain of blades to whittle away the array formation, this array formation could not last for a very long time too.

After all, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was placed there and could not accomplish making the Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation weakness to exploit yet.

But Ye Yuan calculated that He Dajiang would definitely have preconceived ideas firmly entrenched, that as long as he focused his strength onto one point, he would be able to break the array formation.

Sure enough, He Dajiang was very cooperative.

But Ye Yuan was filled with a vicissitude of emotions too. The Vast Heaven Stele was indeed terrifying.

This Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation, as long as his cultivation realm reached, it would definitely be a major killing tool!

At that time, the weak point of the array formation not being stable enough would also be non-existent.

Ye Yuan looked at Wu Yuanqiao duo with a smile that was not a smile and said, “Are the two of you doing it yourselves? Or making everyone take action together?”

Wu Yuanqiao and Yue Xinping had already long been astounded by Ye Yuan’s means. Someone as powerful as He Dajiang was actually messed up to such a manner!

“Ji Qingyun, I have no grudge and enmity with you; why do you keep biting onto me and not let go? As long as you let me leave, our grudge is wiped off the slate! I, Wu Yuanqiao, can swear an oath to never find trouble with you again from hereafter!” Wu Yuanqiao said with a solemn look.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “No grudge or enmity? Putting aside that Brother Kuang almost lost his life at your hands, ever since entering the Immemorial Medicine Garden, you have been sneaking furtively behind us all along. If there was an opportunity, don’t tell me that you won’t make a move on me! It’s just that you didn’t have this chance!”

Wu Yuanqiao’s expression was incomparably ugly, and he said in a solemn voice, “Then what the hell do you want?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Waste your dantian yourself, and I can spare you from death!”

Wu Yuanqiao’s face turned black, and he said, “You!”

“Not willing? Then there’s nothing to discuss! Ao Qian, do it!” Ye Yuan gave the order without the slightest hesitation.

Ao Qian’s strength was lacking to deal with He Dajiang, but dealing with Wu Yuanqiao, it was more than enough.

The two people clashed together. Ao Qian forced Wu Yuanqiao into a fluster in a few rounds.

When Yue Xinping saw this scene, his expression became all the more uglier.

At present, both parties’ strengths were not on equal footing at all. The disparity was too great!


Yue Xinping could not resist it anymore and turned around to flee.

Shu Yunqing was watching him long ago. How could he give him the chance to escape?

Shu Yunqing was, at any rate, an expert on the same level as He Dajiang. Although seriously injured at the moment, there was still plenty to spare to deal with Yue Xinping.

Very soon, the two people’s signs of defeat already showed.

“Taicang, go and kill He Dajiang! This guy isn’t anything good; leaving him is a calamity too!” Ye Yuan instructed.

Jiang Taicang was just about to make a move when several figures arrived with a howl. One streak of unrivaled sword light after another charged towards Ao Qian and Shu Yunqing, respectively.

This sword light was too fierce and swift. Even Ao Qian had no choice but to avoid the blade for the time being.

Seeing the arrival, Ye Yuan’s face sunk.

The arrival was none other than precisely Sun Man!

Sun Man appearing at this time was not a good omen.

Beside Sun Man was a black-clothed person. When Ye Yuan saw this black-clothed person, his brows involuntarily knitted together.