Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064 Limitless Life Death Sword

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Sun Man, Ao Qian, and the others who were currently in the heat of fierce fighting all revealed looks of astonishment.

“Little Junior Brother, you … you’re only First Level Dao Profound and actually comprehended divine king domain!”

Ji Bingyun opened his eyes wide and stared at Ye Yuan, his eyes filled with shock.

Ye Yuan slowly opened both eyes and said with a faint smile, “Divine king domain, is it … This is considered a quasi-divine kind domain, I guess. But dealing with you, it should be sufficient.”

At this very moment, a bizarre forcefield formed around Ye Yuan. This forcefield was not different from divine king domains from the perspective of bystanders.

Inside the domain, three supreme true intents mixed together in complete harmony, forming a terrifying power.

Seeing this scene, it was not up to Ji Bingyun to not be shaken up.

He originally thought that Ye Yuan’s ace-in-the-hole should be the Myriad Soul Extinction, and he had long made preparations.

Being fellow apprentices with Ye Yuan for so long, how much capability Ye Yuan had, Ji Bingyun felt that he understood him very well.

But now, he finally understood the meaning of what Ye Yuan was talking about.

Ever since Ye Yuan revealed his identity, he rarely exhibited his martial path cultivation in the outside world. Even the last time when facing Ji Canglan, Ye Yuan never exhibited it before as well.

In the people’s impression, Ye Yuan was still that alchemist who could only rely on divine soul mystic arts.

This time, he could even create three Void Mystic Realm powerhouses.

But nobody would have expected that Ye Yuan’s martial path cultivation was actually so high!

Ji Qingyun’s concepts comprehension, Ji Bingyun was perfectly clear. Just 20 year’s time had passed, and Ye Yuan’s concepts comprehension actually utterly shook him off behind already.

This sort of comprehension speed was truly a bit too freakish, right?

Furthermore, when had it been heard of that someone comprehended a divine king domain at the First Level Dao Profound?

“Take this!” Ye Yuan’s indifferent voice sounded out. A terrifying power of domain rushed over towards Ji Bingyun.

The so-called power of domain was that within a certain boundary, I alone reign supreme!

Within the domain boundary, the martial artist was the true king!

Only experts who similarly possessed powers of domain could have the qualifications to have a showdown with them.

However, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was not sufficient to support the powers of domain at all. His domain looked powerful, but in reality, it was not as impressive as a genuine domain.

Even so, for ordinary Dao Profound experts to want to beat Ye Yuan, it was not quite enough.

Three great supreme true intents fusing, Ye Yuan’s offensive power was virtually unparalleled!

“Rain Falling on Scattered Dust!”

Ji Bingyun’s sword intent could not be said to not be strong. But upon contact with Ye Yuan’s quasi-divine king domain, it was immediately ground into smithereens.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he smiled and said, “Ji Bingyun, it’s been 20 years, it seems like your improvement is far from as great as Ji Canglan’s! Do you feel that there’s hope in dealing with me using these moves?”

Ji Bingyun could not help feeling exasperated. He did not think that 20 year’s time, Ye Yuan was actually terrifying to this sort of degree.

“Forget it, since you can’t come up with anything new, then receive this move of mine! Limitless Life-Death Sword!”

Ye Yuan’s sword stabbed out. Ji Bingyun’s expression abruptly changed.

The Slaughter Concept presided over death, Scorching Concept presided over life, while the Concept of Sword was that wheel that controlled life and death.

Ye Yuan used the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword as the axle and perfectly fused the Slaughter Concept and Concept of Fire!

The power of this sword was incomparably outrageous from start to finish.

Even if Ye Yuan only had First Level Dao Profound strength, when Ji Bingyun saw this scene, he had a feeling of not being able to use force to overcome it as well.

Two kinds of extremely contradicting concepts intertwining together, yet, the two were harmonious. This made Ji Bingyun had a feeling of his mind splitting up.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sword being unleashed, arrived in front of Ji Bingyun in a blink of an eye.

Ji Binyun was greatly astonished and completely unleashed out all the abilities in his lifetime.


Two rays of sword light intersecting, only to see Ji Bingyun’s body fly out in reverse like a cannonball.

Ye Yuan had a tough time too, similarly being slammed flying out in reverse.

But this sword, it was clearly Ye Yuan who won.

Ye Yuan was just rebounded by the recoil strength, while Ji Bingyun could not block that terrifying sword intent of Ye Yuan’s at all.

Ye Yuan being able to perfectly fused three kinds of supreme true intents, this was entirely thanks to the Vast Heaven Stele.

Ever since Ye Yuan opened up the Vast Heaven Stele with emperor qi, he discovered that this place was completely a treasure trove!

Inside the Vast Heaven Stele’s space, his speed of comprehending concepts was simply heaven-defying.

In this period of time, Ye Yuan achieved comprehending the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword concept to the eighth-stage without extra effort, then comprehended the Slaughter Supreme True Intent to the seventh-stage. Even the worst Scorching Supreme True Intent, Ye Yuan comprehended it to the third-stage too!

And inside the Vast Heaven Stele’s space, Ye Yuan successfully merged together three kinds of supreme true intents, and had an initial grasp of divine king domain!

This sort of improvement could simply use exaggerated to describe.

Ye Yuan finally knew why Fang Tian was able to grow into such a terrifying powerhouse.

With the Vast Heaven Stele, whatever Void Mystic Realm was completely a cinch!

Activating the Vast Heaven Stele, Ye Yuan seemed to have opened up another huge door. Behind this huge door could amplify his comprehension ability to the limits.

However, Ye Yuan’s essence energy realm was still a little too low in the end. Even if he could defeat Ji Bingyun, he was still unable to deal him a lethal blow.

“Hahaha! Milord is milord! Really too mighty! First Level Dao Profound and able to comprehend a divine king domain, milord is likely the entire Divine Realm’s first person!” Jiang Taicang said with a big laugh.

“Milord is mighty! Rather, it was us who looked down on His Excellency!” Wu Luo was also abnormally excited.

Ao Qian could not contain his joy even more and said, “Milord, you’re simply too freakish! Elder Teng truly has discerning eyes like burning torches, to actually be able to find a successor like you!”

The three people were originally suppressed by Sun Man firmly. But seeing Ye Yuan actually had a display of invincible might, each and every one of them was like injected with stimulants, their spirits rising by a great deal all at once. For some time, they actually fought with Sun Man until they were evenly matched in skill and strength.

The three people were all people whose combat experiences were extremely rich. Ao Qian restrained Sun Man while Jiang Taicang and Wuluo were responsible for harassment by the side.

It was also that Ao Qian’s divine king domain was powerful. Ao Qian practically unleashed the divine king domain to its limits. The domain of water was equipped with a tremendous inclusive-attribute and could change into myriad forms. It was truly extremely rich in combat strength.

Swapping anyone else to come and deal with Sun Man, they would have long been taken down by him.

Ye Yuan raised his sword and stepped forward, preparing to charge towards Ji Bingyun once more when that black-clothed person finally moved.

Did not see that he had any movements either. In a blink of an eye, he arrived before Ye Yuan.


A punch without the slightest hint of flashiness directly slammed onto Ye Yuan’s quasi-divine king domain!

“Puhwark …”

Ye Yuan vomited a mouthful of fresh blood crazily and immediately fled out backward.

Toward this black-clothed person, Ye Yuan had actually paid very close attention all along. But he also did not think that this black-clothed person’s strength was actually so powerful.

Ye Yuan’s fleshy body was extremely powerful. Hence, he could perceive that this punch earlier was completely the fleshy body’s explosive power and not some essence energy martial technique at all!

Moreover, his speed was exceedingly swift. It was not a movement martial technique, but entirely the power of an explosive nature, making his movements unbelievably fast!

Ye Yuan crawled to his feet. Reaching his hand out to wipe away the fresh blood at the corners of his mouth, he looked at the black-clothed person and said coolly, “Have we met anywhere before?”