Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065 Divine Rank Spirit Medicine Coming Into Being

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“Je je, what’s a person like you who’s about to die asking so much for?”

Done talking, the black-clothed person was clearly still standing on the spot when the sound of wind howling arrived with a whistle.


The ground behind Ye Yuan directly had a large crater smashed out. But as for Ye Yuan, he merged into heaven and earth, his figure vanishing from sight.

“Heh heh, merging into heaven and earth? Paltry tricks!” The black-clothed person gave a cold laugh, his figure disappearing once more.

The next instant, a terrifying undulation came from the void.


Ye Yuan was actually blasted right out of the void by that black-clothed person!

“Milord!” When Ao Qian trio saw this scene, each and every one of their faces could not help changing drastically.

Sun Man gave a cold laugh and said, “You guys had best bother about yourselves first!”

Seizing this opportunity, Sun Man suppressed the three people firmly all at once. Under his divine king domain, Ao Qian trio’s divine king domains were suppressed until it was only left with a very small piece of area.

For some time, the three people were surrounded by perils, especially Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo. Their divine king domains were virtually suppressed to the limits already. Their bodies also sustained considerable injuries.

Compared to a powerhouse like Sun Man, the two of them were still too weak.

Ye Yuan had yet to stand up when the black-clothed person arrived before his eyes again instantly.

Ye Yuan was startled inwardly and displayed merging into heaven and earth once more.

The black-clothed person laughed coldly and smashed Ye Yuan out of the void a second time!

“Your understanding of the Heavenly Dao is too shallow. This degree of merging into heaven and earth doesn’t have the least bit of threat to me at all!” said the black-clothed person nonchalantly.

With these few blows, Ye Yuan’s body was almost falling apart. If not for his fleshy body was powerful, he would likely have already been killed at this time. The black-clothed person’s strength was unexpectedly powerful.

Furthermore, this black-clothed person completely did not utilize a trace of other powers at all up until now. Just relying on the power of the fleshy body, he beat Ye Yuan until he did not have the slightest bit of strength to counterattack.

But Ye Yuan did not doubt in the slightest that his understanding of the Heavenly Dao was absolutely above his own!

Otherwise, it was impossible for him to resolve his merging into heaven and earth move.

Up till this present moment, this was Ye Yuan’s first time encountering someone who could resolve this move of his.

This black-clothed person was too strong!

The black-clothed person walked slowly and arrived in front of Ye Yuan. He said coldly, “Je je, brat, prepare to die!”

The black-clothed person suddenly brandished his fist and smashed towards Ye Yuan.

This punch had an overwhelming momentum and incredible power. It was as if it could shatter space.

But right then, a terrifying power came out of Ye Yuan’s body.


The black-clothed person’s body flew out backward. However, he was fine.

“Yii? This is … Sacred Dragon Token? Couldn’t tell that your, this brat’s fortunes, aren’t shallow. However, it benefits this seat!”

Forcefully receiving the Sacred Dragon Token’s attack, the black-clothed person actually did not seem to have been affected at all, and still talked in a jovial manner.

Ye Yuan’s face sunk. The feeling that this guy gave him was just like a great mountain, unable to budge at all.

However, the more they exchanged blows, the more certain Ye Yuan was that he had definitely met this guy before somewhere. It was just that the things that the black-clothed person revealed were seriously too little, unable to judge at all.

The black-clothed person still wanted to take action. Right then, the depths of the Immemorial Medicine Garden released a blinding light.

A terrifying pressure instantly spread throughout the entire Immemorial Medicine Garden.

Roar, roar, roar 

Those desolate beasts’ roaring sounds echoed out everywhere, as if they were frightened, clamoring to scatter in flight.

Ye Yuan was just planning on having a great battle with the black-clothed person. He did not think that this black-clothed person actually pulled back himself.

“Heh heh, boy, consider yourself lucky. I’ll get down to proper business first. Later, I’ll come and claim your little life again! Sun Man, we’re going!”

Done talking, the black-clothed person’s figure instantly vanished before Ye Yuan’s eyes and sped toward the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s depths.

Sun Man also repelled the three people with one move and together with Ji Bingyun, followed the black-clothed person and disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

Seeing Sun Man and the others withdrawing, Ao Qian trio also heaved a long sigh in relief.

Inclusive of Ao Qian, they were all forcefully hanging in there with a strand of willpower. At this time, the moment the pressure on their bodies eased up, each and every one of them all gasped heavily for air.

“Milord, a-are you alright?” Ao Qian asked.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “I’m fine. You all seize the time to recover essence energy. This Immemorial Medicine Garden doesn’t seem to look too good.”

“Milord, has a divine rank spirit medicine come into being? Such powerful essence energy undulations, Tier 9 spirit medicines can’t reach it at all!” Jiang Taicang asked.

Ye Yuan sneered coldly and said, “Maybe! But I feel that it’s likely not some auspicious object instead!”

When Jiang Taicang and the rest heard that, their hearts involuntarily turned cold and they started recovering essence energy.

This terrifying undulation spread throughout the entire Immemorial Medicine Garden in an instant.

Desolate beasts and medicine spirits all seemed to have received a tremendous stimulation, all becoming restless and uneasy.

Originally, these desolate beasts and medicine spirits all had their own territories. But currently, they seemed to be having a great migration, leaving their territories.

“Hahaha! The divine rank spirit medicine finally came into being! Obtaining a divine rank spirit medicine, I’ll be able to soar to the heavens in one bound and become the Divine Realm’s supreme powerhouse!”

“Wealth is sought in the midst of danger! This is a divine rank spirit medicine! Perhaps I’ll be the first person to break through to Deity Realm in these 100 thousand years!”

“Divine Rank spirit medicine! It must be a divine rank spirit medicine! This undulation, apart from divine rank spirit medicine, there’s absolutely no other possibility! The divine rank spirit medicine is mine!”

The martial artists that entered the Immemorial Medicine Garden all seemed to be in a crazed state.

The allure of a divine rank spirit medicine was seriously too great.

In these 100 thousand years, Deity Realm had always been an exceedingly sensitive topic. As long as there were items related to Deity Realm coming into being, there would definitely be a sanguinary slaughter.

This time was no exception as well!

How could those martial artists still care about whatever danger, surging over towards the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s depths all together?

In an area within the million year region, Jian Wushuang had a cold smile on his face as he said, “Uncle Thirteen, I said that Ji Qingyun was deliberately scamming us, right? Such a terrifying essence energy undulation, what is it if not a divine rank spirit medicine? Still saying not letting us get involved in the messy situation? Heh heh, he was probably hoping for one less competitor, right?”

But Sword Thirteen’s face was slightly hesitant as he said, “You look at those desolate beasts. Each of every one of them seems to be fleeing for their lives. Even those medicine spirits are also all avoiding like the plague.”

The moment Jian Wushuang heard, he immediately stomped his foot and said, “Sigh, Uncle Thirteen! How can divine rank spirit medicines be obtained so easily? Those desolate beasts and medicine spirits, they are dreading the divine rank spirit medicine. That’s why they are escaping. But to us martial artists, this might be the only chance to achieve deity-hood!”

Sword Thirteen’s entire body trembled. Jian Wushuang’s last sentence ultimately still moved him.

The temptation of achieving Deity Realm, no one could resist it.

“Go!” Sword Thirteen’s face fell as he said this.

Jian Wushuang was overjoyed and hurriedly kept up.

In a concealed corner of the 500 thousand year region, a middle-aged man slowly opened his eyes, his gaze exuding rays of brilliant light.

“Finally came into being! This divine rank spirit medicine, I, Cao Tianyou, must obtain it!”

Similar scenes were currently happening in the Immemorial Medicine Garden.

Each and every one of the powerhouses did not take action to contend for those rare spirit medicines. Their target was only this divine rank spirit medicine!