Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066 Dao Spirit Fruit

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Due to those desolate beasts and medicine spirits fleeing everywhere, the entire route was actually smooth without any obstruction.

These martial artists virtually did not encounter much obstacles and arrived at the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s depths.

This place already surpassed the million year region and belonged to the deepest area of the Immemorial Medicine Garden. If not for the abnormal activities this time, it was practically impossible for martial artists to reach here.

Ye Yuan and his group recovered their strength and also followed the main force and entered the region that they had never stepped foot in before.

“You guys, look! That’s a 500-thousand-year-old Wisteria Chord!”

“That’s a 300-thousand-year-old Gold Antelope Wisp!”

The martial artists all cried out in shock. This stretch of region was filled with extremely old spirit medicines everywhere.

These spirit medicines needed to expend tremendous effort in the outer-regions before one could run into them, and even lose their lives because of it. But here, they could be seen everywhere.

But at this time, they could not be bothered to harvest these spirit medicines at all.

Everyone rushed over towards the place where the essence energy undulations were the most intense. They did not wish to fall behind others.

Following the people entering deep, the essence energy undulations became increasingly stronger. Some martial artists stuck on the gateway of a realm actually directly broke through cultivation realms under the impact of this surge of essence energy!

Such thick essence energy strengthened everyone’s belief even more.

What came into being this time was definitely a divine rank spirit medicine!

Ye Yuan, who was currently walking, furrowed his brows and came to a halt.

“What is it, milord?” Wu Luo asked.

“You all help to guard me. My cultivation already can’t be suppressed anymore under this surge of essence energy impact!” Ye Yuan said.

The moment Ao Qian and the rest heard, they could not help being overjoyed.

Immediately, everyone found a remote place, and Ye Yuan started breaking through.

Ye Yuan had already remained at First Level Dao Profound for a considerable amount of time. Following his concepts comprehension advancing by leaps and bounds, his essence energy had long reached peak First Level Dao Profound already.

Being rushed by this surge of violent essence energy, his cultivation realm could not be controlled anymore and was going to break through to Second Level Dao Profound.

After two hours, the emperor qi above Ye Yuan’s essence energy sea surged and become over 10 times thicker than before!

“Tsk tsk, His Excellency’s Second Level Dao Profound, putting aside concepts comprehension, it’s not at all inferior to ordinary martial artists’ peak initial-stage Dao Profound too!” Jiang Taicang said with an emotional sigh.

Ao Qian and the rest nodded their heads, deeply feeling the same way too.

The emperor qi when Ye Yuan broke through was incomparably violent. Ordinary Third Level Dao Profounds were indeed not as solid as Ye Yuan.

Dao Profound Realm, one realm, one world. The disparity between each minor realm was immensely huge.

Even if ordinary martial artists cultivated for several hundred years, they might not be able to broke through a minor realm too.

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “The cultivation method that Spirit Bristle that fellow gave me probably only had the upper-half. If my conjectures are right, the lower-half cultivation method might be written with divine inscriptions. That’s where the quintessence lies!”

The Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, the more Ye Yuan cultivated, the more he felt that it was extensive and profound.

At present, he had already reached Dao Profound Realm, but Ye Yuan had a feeling of it being still incomplete.

Legend said that the Spirit Bristle Divine King only obtained the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s upper-half back then. This rumor was probably not true.

Ever since after he comprehended the Medicine God’s Soul Canon, he had an even deeper understanding of Divine Dao laws.

He dared to confirm that if the Spirit Bristle Divine King only obtained the upper-half, there was absolutely no way of achieving that kind of horrifying accomplishments.

Ao Qian trio did not know what kind of existence the Spirit Bristle Divine King was. But Ruan Shuangzhou was perfectly clear.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Ruan Shuangzhou opened his eyes wide and said, “W-What Milord is cultivating is a-actually the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Back then, I helped that guy refine a mystic grade medicinal pill. He used this cultivation method as remuneration and gifted it to me.”

Ruan Shuangzhou’s eyeballs nearly popped out. Using the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art as the reward, how heaven-defying that medicinal pill was, just using one’s behind to think and one would also know!

“Shuangzhou, is that whatever Spirit Bristle Divine King very incredible?” Jiang Taicang said, very unconvinced.

When he became famous, the Spirit Bristle Divine King’s reputation was still unknown. Therefore, he completely had not heard of the Spirit Bristle Divine King’s great reputation before.

“More than incredible! This cultivation method that milord cultivates is known as the Divine Realm’s number two cultivation method! It’s the primary cultivation method of the Spirit Bristle Divine King, ranked two among the Ten Great Divine Kings! Would you say it’s impressive or not?” Ruan Shuangzhou exclaimed with admiration.

“Ten Great Divine Kings? Is it very impressive?” Ao Qian said very disdainfully.

But Ye Yuan nodded his head at this time and said, “Those like Sun Man, are completely inadequate to look at in front of the Ten Great Divine Kings! If I really have to make a comparison, I think Senior Long Teng’s strength should be on the same level as them.”

“S-So powerful?” With this, Ao Qian was convinced.

Ao Qian refused to yield to anyone in this life and was only convinced by Long Teng.

He knew that even if he was known as the dragon clan’s number one powerhouse, the disparity was immense with Long Teng’s strength too.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Not Senior Long Teng’s strength when at the dragon clan, but his strength after he met Senior Fang Tian! Ugh … looks like I have got to think of a way to get the lower-half of the cultivation method!”

In his previous life, Ye Yuan did not care about cultivation methods. Even if he received the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, he never thought of cultivating it before either.

But this time, Ye Yuan yearned for cultivation methods considerably.

Especially after witnessing the might of the Medicine God’s Soul Canon, Ye Yuan thirsted for the lower-half of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art even more.

“You guys, look! That … That is a Dao Spirit Tree! It’s really a Dao Spirit Tree!”

“I didn’t think that inside this Immemorial Medicine Garden, there’s actually a Dao Spirit Tree of the legends! The Dao Spirit Tree is a divine tree!”

“Legend has it that the Dao Spirit Tree blooms once every 500 thousand years, bears fruit once every 500 thousand years, and only matures after another 500 thousand years! The Dao Spirit Fruit after maturing, it’s said that as long as one consumes it, they will be able to affirm their Dao and achieve deity-hood!”

“There … There seems to be a fruit on the tree. Could … Could it be the Dao Spirit Fruit of the legends?”

The moment these words came out, the atmosphere immediately became not quite right.

A Dao Spirit Fruit able to immediately corroborate one’s Dao and become a deity. This temptation, in an era where one was incapable of becoming a deity, no one could resist it at all.

Everyone held their breaths, eyes looking towards the Dao Spirit Fruit without even blinking.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several figures finally could not hold back and took off, rushing over towards the Dao Spirit Tree.

These few people’s strengths were immensely powerful. The weakest was a Divine King Realm expert.

How could the others be willing to fall behind? Seeing these few people rush towards the Dao Spirit Fruit, each and every one of them sped over like the wind.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Several streaks of powerful flames flashed past. Those few Divine King experts who were the first to sweep towards the Dao Spirit Fruit were instantly burned into flying ashes!

“There’s a grand array protecting! This Dao Spirit Tree has a grand array protecting! Everyone, don’t go forward!” someone yelled loudly.

But it was already too late. There were several people following close on the heels and could not pull back in time at all, and were similarly burned into nothing by the grand array.

This grand array was too terrifying. Divine King powerhouses actually could not even stir up a single wave inside.

At this time, an old man divided the crowd, walked to the front ranks, and said, “This is the ancient divine rank grand array, Heaven Burning Annihilation Chaos Grand Array. Everyone, don’t act rashly. This array formation, even Deity Realm powerhouses might not be able to break through!”