Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068 We Were Wrong

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The moment Ye Yuan’s words came out, everyone burst into an uproar!

Especially those Void Mystic powerhouses, each and every one of them used inconceivable gazes and looked towards Ye Yuan.

Sun Man’s expression darkened, and he asked, “Do you know what you’re saying?”

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “Bullsh*t, would I not know what I said?”

“Fine! Since you withdraw, this Dao Spirit Fruit doesn’t have your share! If at that time, you dare to snatch the Dao Spirit Fruit, then it is becoming public enemies with everybody!” Sun Man said in a solemn voice.

Ye Yuan shrugged indifferently and said, “You guys play yourselves then. Although I very much want to urge everyone to not join in this matter, you definitely wouldn’t listen. As for the consequences, shoulder it yourselves.”

Ye Yuan’s words made Sun Man’s heart sink.

As for the rest, they all used a peculiar expression and looked towards Ye Yuan. Because Ye Yuan’s words were very odd.

This was the one and only chance to break through to Deity Realm, what kind of consequences could there be?

Any more severe consequences, they would also be willing to bear it!

“Heh, you want to mislead the masses with fallacies? The chance for Deity Realm is within reach, who’s willing to give up this opportunity?” Sun Man said with a cold smile.

His words reached the bottom of everyone’s hearts.

Not that Ye Yuan did not wish to stop these people, but because he knew that even if he dissuaded them, it was useless too.

There were so many Void Mystic Realm powerhouses here, dissuading with martial strength was even more futile.

“The chance for Deity Realm? You probably want to utilize everyone’s strength to open this grand array, right? I’m very curious though, just what the hell is inside here,” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

The more Ye Yuan said, the more alarmed Sun Man got. Could it be that this brat knew something?

Sun Man’s expression darkened, and he said in a clear voice, “Everybody heard that! Ji Qingyun gives up the right to fight for the Dao Spirit Fruit! Later, if he dares to make a move to snatch the Dao Spirit Fruit, it’s becoming public enemies with everyone.”

Everyone did not speak up, because Qingyun Zi’s prestige was too high. But from their expressions, one could also tell that they absolutely did not allow Ye Yuan to encroach on the Dao Spirit Fruit.

After all, he was not willing to put forth strength.

Sun Man said again, “Let’s say the nasty things first. If the array formation opens, everybody gets the Dao Spirit Fruit based on your own capabilities. As for who it ends up with, it will depend on each one’s good luck.”

This was also an inherent right to the problem. Everyone was already aware of it.

Regarding Ye Yuan’s decision, Ao Qian trio naturally did not dare have any dissent. But looking at the Dao Spirit Fruit, the four of them were still incomparably hankered after it.

“M-Milord, do we really not want that Dao Spirit Fruit?” Jiang Taicang could not resist asking.

Ye Yuan looked at him and said with a smile that was not a smile, “Are you guys very moved? All feel that I’m making a big fuss over nothing, is that so?”

Jiang Taicang’s expression was ugly, and he said with an obsequious smile, “M-Milord, Old Jiang doesn’t mean that.”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “If any of you wish to join in, I won’t stop you either. After all, this is the chance to become a deity. If I bar the way, I might appear to be too unreasonable.”

Jiang Taicang hurriedly waved his hands the moment he heard and said, “No, no, no, Milord, I … I was just saying. You … You just take it as me, Old Jiang, letting out a fart.”

Ao Qian could not watch on anymore and spoke up, “Milord, Taicang he …”

Ye Yuan used a hand gesture to stop Ao Qian and said coolly, “There is little common ground for understanding between people of differing Daos! If any one among you guys want to contend for that chance to become a Deity, you can tell me. I absolutely won’t stop it and can even undo the soul contract! But … our fate will come to an end here!”

Ye Yuan’s words made the four people palpitate with fear. His Excellency normally had a kind and pleasant countenance and rarely restrained them. But this time, he seemed to have really become angry.

Done talking, Ye Yuan minded his own business and went to one side, and shut his eyes to rest his mind,

The four people exchanged glances, their expressions all incomparably ugly.

Over there, Ding Zhanguo was already feeling out the weak area of the grand array. Everyone was looking at him anxiously.

While Ao Qian the four of them were akin to ants on a hot pan.

The time they followed Ye Yuan was not long, but they received tremendous grace from Ye Yuan. They were long dead set on Ye Yuan already. It was just that this time, it concerned becoming a deity. They were really unable to remain composed, that was why they would question Ye Yuan’s decision.

“Heh heh, he’s already giving you guys the cold-shoulder, you all are still chasing after him? Ji brat already said that he’s willing to undo your soul contracts. This is a chance to achieve Deity Realm, do you all want to give up?” At this time, Yue Xinping suddenly appeared and said with a laugh.

Starting from Ye Yuan saying to give up on the Dao Spirit Fruit, he had been paying attention to the situation on this side.

Seeing that Ye Yuan actually fell out with his subordinates, Yue Xinping was abnormally excited.

He saw that Ao Qian and the rest could not make the decision. Hence, he wanted to incite them to betray Ye Yuan. This way, Ye Yuan being all by himself would be much easier to deal with.

Those wanting to kill Ye Yuan here were not one or two people. Without these Void Mystic Realm powerhouses, he would not be far from death as well.

It was fine if he did not show up, but with this shooting off his mouth, Jiang Taicang immediately exploded.

He pointed at Yue Xinping’s nose and cursed, “What the hell has it got to do with you here? What has it got to do with you if your father can’t become a deity? Your father just doesn’t want to become a deity, so what? Worrying over people eating salty carrots, you want to sow discord, is it? When your Grandpa Jiang is playing this trick, you were still in your mother’s tummy! Get lost for your father; otherwise, I’ll beat you until you look all over the floor for your teeth!”

Done talking, he did not bother with the dumbfounded and mouth gaping Yue Xinping either, and directly scurried before Ye Yuan and knelt down, slapping himself non-stop as he said viciously, “Milord, it was Old Jiang, I, who was befuddled! Old Jiang understands that milord, you, are doing it for our good! In this life, Old Jiang isn’t going anywhere! I pledge allegiance to milord for life!”

Seeing this scene, Yue Xinping opened his mouth wide, with a look of disbelief.

This scene’s change was seriously too quick!

He did not think that this guy was actually really able to resist the temptation of becoming a deity.

Right at this time, Ao Qian glared at him fiercely and said icily, “Asked you to get lost, didn’t hear? Want your Grandpa Ao to send you off, is it?”

Yue Xinping did not fear Jiang Taicang, but he was not Ao Qian’s match. Seeing Ao Qian about to fly off the handle, he said with an awkward look, “H-Haha, g-going right now.”

Seeing Yue Xinping walk far away, Ao Qian trio came before Yue Xinping and directly knelt down.

“Milord, Ao Qian was muddled! Milord, please punish!” Done talking, he also gave himself two tight slaps.

Wu Luo and Ruan Shuangzhou also imitated Ao Qian and said, “Milord, please punish!”

Ye Yuan’s gaze swept over the four people’s face, his tone somewhat cold as he said, “This is the first time, and also the last time! Everyone says that if you use a man, don’t suspect him. If you suspect him, don’t use him! To me, this is the case. To you guys, it’s similarly like so! Although you all are my servants in name, I’ve never treated you guys as servants. If you all don’t even trust me, then our fate has also come to an end!”

The four people’s hearts turned fearful, and they said in unison, “Milord, we were wrong!”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly. His tone relaxed a little and said, “Talking about Deity Realm, I yearn for it more than any of you! But this time, trust me. This Dao Spirit Fruit … definitely has something wrong!”

Ye Yuan’s such firm tone made the four people startled in their hearts.