Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069 100 Thousand Martial Artists Breaking The Formation Together

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Ding Zhanguo, who was currently studying the Heaven Burning Annihilation Chaos Grand Array, suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood, giving everyone a scare.

“Master Ding, are you alright?”

Seeing his appearance, there was immediately someone who went up to show great concern.

At this very moment, he was everyone’s hope. Even if there was a bit of rustling of leaves in the wind, it would affect everyone’s hearts.

Ding Zhanguo waved his hand and said, “I’m fine. It’s just overly exhausting my mind. This divine rank grand array is indeed incomparably profound. This old man comprehended for three days and nights, and finally caught a trace of inkling.”

Hearing Ding Zhanguo say so, everyone all had excited looks!

Sun Man came forward and said with clasped hands, “Since Master has some gains, please advise on how to break the formation!”

Ding Zhanguo slowly nodded his head and said, “I dare not say give advice, but everyone should be of one mind and work together. This Heaven Burning Annihilation Chaos Grand Array truly seizes the good fortune of heaven and earth. Even among divine rank grand arrays, it should be an immensely powerful existence too. It’s just that through the devastation of time, it’s already far from before. Otherwise, no matter how many people we have, it’s impossible to break it too.”

Everyone waited for Ding Zhanguo to continue with looks of anticipation. They were completely unconcerned with how profound the grand array was. They only wanted to know how to break the formation.

Three days of waiting, they were already burning with impatience.

Ding Zhanguo continued slowly, “Initially, this grand array is without any weakness to exploit, as if it’s chaos, making people having no way of making the first move. But no idea why, there’s a nodal point in the south-eastern direction that’s very weak. When the time comes, everybody must attack this point together. There should be hopes of breaking the formation.”

When Ding Zhanguo finished talking, the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth curled up slightly, appearing very disdainful.

These three days, he had nothing to do and was also observing this grand array the whole time.

“Milord, did Master Ding say incorrectly?” Ruan Shuangzhou asked softly.

Ye Yuan said, “This grand array has clearly sustained heavy damage before and is long a far cry from before already. Although that node in the south-east direction is a weak area, it’s one of the array formation’s strongest nodal points. Its power is bound to be extremely strong. Even if they can break the array formation, probably over half of the martial artists present will be dead or injured!”

The words made Ao Qian and the rest feel a chill run down their spines.

Over half dead or injured, that was at least 50 thousand martial artists! Such terrifying power was simply unheard of.

Very clearly, Ding Zhanguo did not see through this point.

Ye Yuan’s comprehension of this grand array had far surpassed Ding Zhanguo.

While talking, that side already prepared to break the formation. It was only to see them all rub their fists and wiped their palms, abnormally excited. However, they did not know that the god of death had already quietly arrived.

Once they broke the formation, the vicinity would definitely become hell on earth.

The densely-packed crowd of martial artists came to that weak node in the south-east direction. Sun Man stood in the air and called out in a clear voice, “Now, everyone, each of you circulates your strongest attacks and await my command. Everybody make a move in unison and attack this nodal point at the same time! We only have one chance! If we can’t break the grand array, we’ll likely suffer the grand array’s backlash immediately! Hence, I hope that everyone doesn’t think about holding back strength. Once the others are annihilated by the grand array, you all can forget about getting the Dao Spirit Fruit as well!”

One had to admit that Sun Man was an expert in stirring up the atmosphere. With him saying so, the expressions on everyone’s faces became solemn.

Among them, there were clearly quite a number of people harboring the mentality of fishing in troubled waters. They planned on showing up for the work but not exerting themselves, saving strength to snatch the Dao Spirit Fruit at the back.

With Sun Man saying so, probably the vast majority of the people would not dare to have this notion anymore.

A grand array’s backlash was no joke. Those few divine king experts’ outcomes previously, everyone already saw it.

Sun Man slowly swept a glance over everyone and said coldly, “Now … begin!”

Following Sun Man’s order, all of the martial artists each displayed their strongest martial technique, accumulating power and awaiting release.

With over 100 thousand martial artists displaying martial techniques at the same time, this spectacle was truly incomparably astonishing.

Casting one’s gaze over, as far as the eye could see was filled with a dazzling multi-colored light; incomparably breathtaking.

Everyone was accumulating power and awaiting release. But the essence energy undulations which everyone exuded virtually made people asphyxiated.

This point, it was not just Ye Yuan and his group felt it, even they themselves felt it too.

At this instant, they suddenly had a sort of blind confidence. They felt that this round of collective volley, even Deity Realm powerhouses would have to nurse a grievance too.

They had never felt that they were so powerful before!


Sun Man gave a fierce cry. All of the martial artists practically fired over towards that grand array’s nodal point at the same time!

Those who entered the Immemorial Medicine Garden, even the weakest had Phaseless Realm strength. This round of collective release was truly unbelievably astounding.

One wave after another of incredibly powerful attacks converged to form a terrifying destructive power, blasting on the grand array.

That sort of feeling was akin to two armies facing off, ten thousand arrows releasing together; the whole process being incomparably grand!

But these martial artists’ control over their own attacks, those soldiers could not hold a candle to it.

Each attack did not deviate in the slightest. 100 thousand attacks landed on that node accurately, giving off a series of rumbling sounds.


The entire grand array started trembling intensely, especially that nodal point, which actually fragmented apart!

When those martial artists saw this situation, each and every one of them was incomparably excited. But, in the next instant, their smiles froze on their faces.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Terrifying fire essence power sprawled out above the grand array, turning into countless streams of light and shooting into the crowd of martial artists.

That spectacle was akin to a meteor shower raining down.

Except, the destructive power of these flames were countless times stronger compared to a meteor shower.


Waves of miserable cries sounded over. How could those martial artists still bother with snatching what Dao Spirit Fruit? Each and every one of them scattered in all directions, shrill miserable cries rising one after another.

In a blink of an eye, this Immemorial Medicine Garden really became hell on earth. Virtually half of the martial artists were directly burned to death by this raging flame. Ye Yuan hit the mark!

“Ye Yuan, let me out,” suddenly, a voice came from Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness.

It was Ye Qing. Ever since after Ye Yuan went to Bright Moon City, he had been in closed-seclusion in the Vast Heaven Pagoda all along.

After giving birth to a primordial spirit, Ye Yuan helped him to tidy up his meridians too. This made his cultivation speed became very fast. At present, he was already middle-stage Tier 9!

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed, and he let Ye Qing out.

“What is it?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

Ever since Ye Qing entered the Vast Heaven Pagoda, he never came out again. But this time, he had a rare show of initiative to request to come out.

Ye Qing said, “That Dao Spirit Tree is already dead! I sense a terrifying aura transmitting over from underground. These fools seem to have poked a hole in the sky! Ye Yuan, quickly run! Any slower and you won’t be able to escape anymore!”

The moment these words came out, the expressions of Ao Qian and the rest all changed drastically!

Unfortunately, Ye Yuan’s prophecy had come true and hit the mark!

This whatever Dao Spirit Fruit indeed had a problem!


Right then, within the Heaven Burning Annihilation Chaos Grand Array, a massive vine broke out of the earth and slammed onto the grand array from inside!

The position it attacked was precisely that vulnerable nodal point!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Cracking sounds as if glass breaking transmitted over. Thin lines of cracks appeared on the grand array!