Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Wan Yuan Fled!

"But Zhirou's cultivation law is already fixed. What should be done then? Zhirou that lass is very stubborn, and now she knows that she can't ever breakthrough in the future. If a long time passes, a problem will really occur!"

Since it involved Feng Zhirou's cultivation road, being her aunt, Feng Ruoqing was unable to remain calm.

"Don't be anxious. Didn't Ye Yuan say he had a solution earlier?" Huyan Yong was clearly more collected than her as he hurriedly said.

"Ah, right. What solution do you have, Ye Yuan? As long as you can let Zhirou continue cultivating, I can promise you anything!" The words slipped out of Feng Ruoqing's mouth.

As soon as the words came out, Feng Ruoqing suddenly realized that it was a little inappropriate.

If Ye Yuan had some overboard request, did she have to agree too?

Thinking of this, Feng Ruoqing could not help blushing heavily, and she swiftly turned her face away.

Ye Yuan did not think too much from the start. When he saw Feng Ruoqing's crimson face, he was unwittingly stupefied.

However, he quickly recovered, and could not resist wildly fantasizing about all sorts of requests on the spur of the moment.

But Huyan Yong was also by the side, so it obviously was not the time to flirt. This would make it so difficult for a lady to step down from the stage!

Luckily, Ye Yuan had already comprehended Heart Like Still Water now. Wanting to control his emotions was still easily managed.

"Don't need to be courteous, Teacher Feng. Senior Apprentice Sister Feng's problem isn't hard to resolve. It's just that if I go and fix it, she probably won't allow it. So I can only do it through you.," Ye Yuan said with a serious face andwaved his hands.

When Feng Ruoqing saw that Ye Yuan did not seem to have any misunderstandings, she could not help quietly blaming herself for being shameless; having her imaginations run wild over some things. She could not even compare to a youth's frankness.

Of course, there was still a tiny bit of resentment after the blaming.

If it were somebody else, they would probably have wild ideas after hearing her say these sort of words. But Ye Yuan did not seem to be moved. This involuntarily made Feng Ruoqing question her charm.

"Quickly tell what method you have!" Feng Ruoqing said anxiously.

"En. Actually, Senior Apprentice Sister Feng's biggest problem is that the cultivation law she's training in does not match well with her physique. If you want to resolve this issue, the crux lies in the words 'Yin-Yang Harmony'!" Ye Yuan said.

"Yin-Yang Harmony?" Feng Ruoqing pondered over these words and shook her head. It was clear that she still did not understand what Ye Yuan was saying.

Ye Yuan continued explaining, "Due to the cultivation law, it caused Senior Apprentice Sister Feng's bodily Yang qi to be overly excessive. Thus, it resulted in her body being very averse to essence energy. Under these circumstances, continuing to cultivate her original cultivation law would definitely pile one disaster after another. The best method is naturally to disperse her cultivation, and re-cultivate by selecting a cultivation law suited to her physique."

Feng Ruoqing frowned and said, "So the method you said referred to this! Zhirou is currently at her prime time of cultivation. The moment she disperses her cultivation to re-cultivate, all these years of hard work would have been completely wasted. What's more, it would also delay cultivation. Even if I go talk to her, it's impossible for her to agree to it. This is even worse than killing her."

Ye Yuan nodded unconcernedly and continued, "Alright. Since that's the case, we can only use another method. It's just that this method will make Senior Apprentice Sister Feng's future martial arts road become even more challenging. Of course, once she succeeds in cultivating, her strength would also greatly surpass same-rank martial artists."

Feng Ruoqing's eyes lit up as she asked, "What method?"

"Let Senior Apprentice Sister Feng select a gentle Yin attribute cultivation law, and start training both cultivation laws at the same time right away! Just now, I said that the crux lies in the words 'Yin-Yang Harmony.' As long as the essence energy within her body reaches Yin-Yang harmony standard, all the problems will be easily solved."

"So it can actually be done like that? Great!" Feng Ruoqing was overjoyed when she heard that.

"Don't be happy so soon, Teacher Feng."


"Although this method can resolve Senior Apprentice Sister Feng's problem, the requirement towards cultivation law is very high. The two cultivation laws must complement each other and work in concert. Using this method, Senior Apprentice Sister Feng must temporarily suspend the cultivation law she is currently training in, and cultivate another cultivation law to the same level. Mm, even with Senior Apprentice Sister Feng's talent, it will probably still take a year or so. That is to say, within this one year, Senior Apprentice Sister Feng will not advance at all!"

Hearing that, Feng Ruoqing did not mind at all and then said, "That's also something that can't be helped. This is much better than dispersing her cultivation. I will head back right away to help Zhirou select a suitable cultivation law!"

After that, Feng Ruoqing turned around and got ready to leave.

Ye Yuan hurriedly stopped her, saying, "Wait!"

"Is there anything else? Zhirou must have been very depressed over this matter these few days. I got to hurry and find her." Feng Ruoqing was also torn with anxiety.

Ye Yuan gave a sigh and said, " An anxious heart can't eat hot tofu. 1 This thing can't be resolved in one or two days. Even if you go right now, you also can't help much."

"But . . ."

"Not that I'm scaring Teacher Feng, but the selection of cultivation law needs to be extremely particular. If the selected cultivation law is unable to complement her existing cultivation law, the problems it would cause in the future would be even greater than now!"

"Ah? Then . . . what should I do?" Feng Ruoqing was at a loss.

"I wonder if Teacher Feng has the jade slip of the cultivation law that Senior Apprentice Sister trained in."

"This . . . I have it at my residence, I'll go get it for you straight away." Feng Ruoqing hesitated for a moment but still agreed.

Ye Yuan clearly wanted to look at this cultivation law. This was a taboo for martial artists. However, Feng Ruoqing thought about the master behind Ye Yuan and felt at ease.

For Ye Yuan to improve at such a godlike speed, how could his cultivation law possibly be lower grade than the cultivation law Feng Zhirou trained in?

Not only was it not lower, but it was also even several grades higher!

Feng Ruoqing cracked her head thinking about it, but could not imagine just what cultivation law could let a person cultivate from the First Level Essence Qi Realm to the peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm in one month plus time!

Even though there were many fortuitous encounters in between, it was crystal clear that Ye Yuan's cultivation law was extremely powerful.

Ye Yuan nodded, and Feng Ruoqing returned to her place to retrieve the cultivation law.

Not long after Feng Ruoqing left, Tang Yu came as well.

"Congratulations for successfully clearing the Nine Heavens Road, Senior Apprentice Brother Ye! You became the first person in the Dan Wu Academy's thousand-year history to have made it through at the Essence Qi Realm!" Tang Yu congratulated from the bottom of his heart.

He clearly only knew Ye Yuan for a month plus, yet Tang Yu felt like an epoch had passed.

Ye Yuan spent merely just over a month to go from Junior Apprentice Brother Ye to Senior Apprentice Brother Ye.

The current Ye Yuan was already an existence which he had to look up to.

But Ye Yuan did not alienate Tang Yu just because their distance was pulled apart. He smiled and said, "Many thanks, Brother Tang. I was also forced into it with no other alternatives. It was just luck."

Tang Yu also greeted Huyan Yong, then he sat down beside Ye Yuan and said, "Other than coming to congratulate Senior Apprentice Brother, I also brought some news which I believe Senior Apprentice Brother Ye will be interested in."

"Oh? Pray tell, Brother Tang." Ye Yuan had his curiosity aroused by Tang Yu's words.

"Today, I was also watching Senior Apprentice Brother Ye challenging the Nine Heavens Road in the crowd and happened to coincidentally see Wan Yuan. Back then, he wasn't far from me, and I was also aware that he was at loggerheads with you, so I kept an eye out. Just as Brother Ye broke through to the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm in the second stage, Wan Yuan quietly slipped out of the crowd. Seeing the situation, I also secretly tagged along. But I discovered that he didn't return to his residence. Instead, he directly left the academy!" Tang Yu said.

  1. Haste makes waste.