Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1070

Chapter 1070 Terrifying Holy Mother Devil Flower

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“Hahaha … Holy Mother Devil Flower, you finally see the light of day anew! From this day forth, my fiend race shall rule the Divine Realm! Hahaha!”

Ye Yuan was just about to cast merging into heaven and earth to leave when he suddenly heard that black-clothed person he exchanged blows with previously let out a burst of crazed laughter.

At this moment, black gas wove around the black-clothed person’s body, emitting a shocking power, not the slightest bit weaker compared to Void Mystic powerhouses.

It was not just that black-clothed person, but on the bodies of those Medicine King Hall’s martial artists as well. Each and every one of them were swathed in black gas.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan’s expression could not help changing drastically.

He finally recalled who this black-clothed person was!

Fiendgod Jia Lan!

This guy actually ganged up together with the Medicine King Hall’s people.

No, wait, why would fiendish energy also billow to the skies on the bodies of those Medicine King Hall martial artists?

Especially Sun Man, the fiendish energy on his body was not at all inferior to Jia Lan’s either.

Ye Yuan’s head rumbled and went blank all of a sudden. All of the doubts were suddenly cleared up in this instant!

Turns out that the fiend race had long infiltrated into the Medicine King Hall, that was why there was that massive accident back then!

Most likely, Ji Canglan was completely a member of the fiend race. He laid low in the Medicine King Hall. The goal was to be able to take over the position one day.

Ji Canglan was simply an ambitious and savage wolf!

The current Medicine King Hall had already been utterly reduced to a den of monsters. Even Sun Man already fell into the demonic path.

“Milord, what’s with you? Are you alright?” Jiang Taicang asked concernedly.

The current Ye Yuan was trembling from head to toe due to agitation. He never would have thought that the fiend race actually concealed so deeply! As early as several hundred years ago, they were already plotting to devour the Medicine King Hall.

If Ji Canglan was of the fiend race, then everything could be explained.

Why he betrayed Father, betrayed the Medicine King Hall. The root of all this was because of the fiend race!

Moreover, father Ji Zhengyang had also said it back then, Ji Canglan still had an even stronger faction behind him. Then this faction should be the fiend race.

Even if Ye Yuan was impossibly smart, he was also unable to predict that the truth of the matter was actually like this!

Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath. Forcefully composing himself, he waved his hand and said, “I’m fine! But … this devil vine coming into being, the Divine Realm will likely … have a change in rule!”

No need Ye Yuan to say, the few people already deeply sensed the might of the devil vine. That surging fiendish energy already gradually overflowed from inside the fragmented grand array. Just this tip of the iceberg practically made people give up all hope already.

The Dao Spirit Tree originally fluctuating with essence energy actually directly withered to death at this time, while the Dao Spirit Fruit immediately disappeared.

This was completely a hoax, a scheme!

Only then did those martial artists fleeing in any path they could, after swiftly coming to a realization. They, these 100 thousand people, were utterly wrapped around Sun Man’s little finger.

What Dao Spirit Tree, Dao Spirit Fruit, what becoming a deity, it was utter rubbish!

This Sun Man really acted out a full play, deceiving everybody.

And the only one who saw through Sun Man’s play was only Lord Qingyun Zi!

However, they shrugged off Lord Qingyun Zi’s warning.

“As expected … As expected! It’s a scheme! If I’d long known, I should have listened to Lord Qingyun Zi’s word and immediately leave this place!”

“The Medicine King Hall has already been thoroughly reduced to the fiend race’s lackeys! They deceived all of the people in the Divine Realm!”

“What the hell is that? It’s going to break the seal and come out right away! Q-Quickly run!”

At the moment, those martial artists who were lucky to not be burned to death all put a desperate fight, wanting to escape.

This devil vine had not come out yet. But they knew that this was not an existence that they were capable of dealing with!


That Holy Mother Devil Flower accumulated for a long time and gave the grand array another great attack.

With this, the grand array fragmented with a loud bang.

The next instant, a terrifying thing happened.

The moment the grand array broke, countless vines grew crazily from underneath the earth, and they intertwined over towards those martial artists running desperately for their lives.


A vine directly pieced through a Seventh Level Dao Profound powerhouse’s chest. That martial artist drooped down without any strength in his entire body.

Following that, his whole body was shriveling at a speed visible to the naked eye, then was directly absorbed to become a human jerky.

Those countless vines rose and covered the skies, enveloping everyone inside in virtually an instant.

Those martial artists’ fleeing speed was already very fast. But the speed of the vines was even faster than them. As long as they were slightly touched by the vines a little, they would immediately be sucked into a human jerky, looking horrifyingly ghastly.

In virtually a blink of an eye, there was a large group of martial artists killed by the vines.

These vines were seriously too powerful. Beneath Divine King, there was virtually not much leeway to resist, and they were instantly killed.

Those divine king powerhouses also all exerted themselves to the utmost before barely managing to resist and not letting the vines easily kill them.

“Milord, seize the chance that that vine has not charged over to our side here and quickly run!” Ao Qian said.

“Yes, milord. This damn vine is too powerful. If it’s really as you said, the Divine Realm’s great catastrophe has come!” Jiang Taicang said with lingering fear in his heart.

Fortunately, their group of people was far away. If they were close, it would be hard to avoid a great battle at this time too.

That devil vine seemed to not have noticed the situation over here yet. This made everyone involuntarily heave a sigh in relief.

They wanted to escort Ye Yuan away from here. Who knew that Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “I can’t let this thing come into existence. Otherwise, it will likely be even more hopeless for me to want to kill Ji Canglan!”

Ye Yuan’s words made everyone’s hearts thump a bit.

No way, right? Milord was … Could he be wanting to go and clash head-on with that Holy Mother Devil Flower?

Even Void Mystic powerhouses were not this Holy Mother Devil Flower’s match either!

“You guys, look!”

Everyone looked over in the direction that Ye Yuan pointed at and could not help getting a huge shock.

They were drawn by the devil vine’s frenzied slaughter earlier and did not notice the situation inside the grand array.

At this time, on that withered Dao Spirit Tree, an incomparably beautiful giant flower actually formed.

Following the martial artists’ blood essence that the devil vine absorbed becoming more and more, this beautiful flower became even more bright-colored and luxuriant. In contrast, that originally incomparably outrageous fiendish energy was actually still in the middle of growing steadily.

Ao Qian’s expression changed greatly, and he said, “It’s absorbing martial artists’ blood essence to recover strength! This Holy Mother Devil Flower, it’s definitely an existence that surpassed the Deity Realm originally! At this time, the outcome will be too ghastly to imagine!”

Ye Yuan said, “You guys look at that black-clothed person, and also Sun Man they all.”

“T-Their fiendish energy are also growing! Especially that black-clothed person, in this short while, his fiendish energy already grew by a great deal!” Ao Qian’s eyes were filled with an expression of shock.

That black-clothed person’s strength was originally equivalent to late-stage Dao Profound martial artists too.

In just this short while, he already directly broke through to Divine King Realm! Furthermore, his aura was still steadily rising!

At this time, the black-clothed person’s strength was simply going to be unimaginable!

Ye Yuan’s expression was calm and uttered words that made everyone shudder with fear: “That black-clothed person is called Jia Lan, Fiendgod Jia Lan! Back then in the boneyard, he broke free and was seriously injured by me. I didn’t think that in these few years’ time, he actually ran to the Medicine King Hall and found a suitable physical body, and recovered to emperor realm strength! You look at his expression; it’s incomparably respectful toward this Holy Mother Devil Flower. That can only mean that this Holy Mother Devil Flower’s rank is even higher than his!”