Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071 Undying Body

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The few people exchanged a glance, each seeing thick astonishment from the other party’s eyes.

The information that Ye Yuan’s words revealed was too many.

Firstly, it was Fiendgod Jia Lan!

Fiendgod this term, only Deity Realm powerhouses were worthy of possessing.

Which was also to say that that black-clothed person they bumped into previously was actually a Deity Realm powerhouse!

Although Jia Lan was a far cry from before, Deity Realm was Deity Realm. It was the realm that all of the martial artists yearned for.

Of course, this was not what shocked them the most.

What made them the most shocked was that when Fiendgod Jia Lan came into being, Ye Yuan was actually present. Moreover … he even seriously wounded the fiendgod!

Ye Yuan did not break through to Dao Profound Realm for very long too. Then when he encountered Jia Lan, just what was his cultivation realm at that time?

The Ye Yuan, who was inferior, actually defeated the fiendgod at the latter’s own ground. This was too inconceivable.

One could imagine that if not for Ye Yuan, the current Divine Realm would probably long have had a wave of sanguinary slaughter set off already.

Because there was that serious injury that time, that was why it made Jia Lan have no choice but to cease all activities and search for a physical body anew to recover strength again. This delay was several year’s time.

Except, everyone did not expect that the Medicine King Hall’s connection with the fiend race was actually so deep.

If not for the Medicine King Hall, probably Jia Lan’s recovery of strength would still have to postpone several years, even as long as several dozen years.

Another thing, this Holy Mother Devil Flower was actually an existence even more terrifying than Fiendgod Jia Lan.

What kind of existence was that?

They could not imagine it. But it must be very dreadful!

“The only thing worthy of us rejoicing over is that this Holy Mother Devil Flower’s strength is likewise greatly discounted due to being suppressed for too long. It should be incredibly weak right now. If we don’t get rid of it at this time, it would likely sow seeds of trouble in the future! Moreover, I feel that it’s just like a mother; inoculating fiendish energy! In my view, this Holy Mother Devil Flower should be a very important thing to the fiend race. We absolutely cannot let it come into being just like that!” Ye Yuan said solemnly.

“B-But, milord, even if it’s very weak, it’s also not what we’re able to deal with! You look at those few!” Jiang Taicang said.

Everyone looked over but saw that Sword Thirteen and Shu Yunqing, these Void Mystic Realm powerhouses, were all put in a miserable state by the devil vine.

Furthermore, in pace with the increased in slaughtered martial artists by the devil vine, its strength was gradually building up.

The more it dragged, the greater the danger those Void Mystic powerhouses would be in.

The weak Holy Mother Devil Flower was also not what they could shake.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed, and he said, “My mind is made up, don’t say anymore! In a while, you guys enter the Vast Heaven Pagoda, I’ll dash to the vicinity of its main body with merging into heaven and earth. Everyone listen to my command and attack its main body together!”

The four people’s expressions turned austere, all nodding their heads.

Although they were somewhat fearful, they also knew that what Ye Yuan said was right. Not dealing with the Holy Mother Devil Flower today, there would likely not be any more chance in the future.

Ye Yuan and Ji Canglan’s score had to be settled sooner or later. If Ji Canglan got the Holy Mother Devil Flower up the Medicine King Hall, Ye Yuan would virtually have no hope of taking revenge anymore.

Moreover, if they let this Holy Mother Devil Flower out, the Divine Realm would definitely be plunged into an abyss of suffering.

Whether for the collective or personally, eliminating the Holy Mother Devil Flower was a must!

“I’m going too!” Ye Qing suddenly said in a cold voice.

Ye Yuan was somewhat puzzled. Today’s Ye Qing seemed to be rather unusual.

But he did not say much either and just nodded his head.

Ye Yuan’s mind stirred and took everyone into the Vast Heaven Pagoda, then directly vanished on the spot.

The next instant, he already arrived in the proximity of the giant flower!

However, Ye Yuan still underestimated the Holy Mother Devil Flower. His figure had yet to appear when a devil vine suddenly stabbed out diagonally, slamming directly onto the void!


Ye Yuan’s figure was actually directly smashed out. His merging into heaven and earth actually lost effectiveness a second time!


Ye Yuan seemed to have been long prepared about this. With a loud cry, he let everyone out.

Ao Qian, the five people, had long already been accumulating power and awaiting release, getting ready their attacks. Ye Yuan also took out the Sacred Dragon Token without any hesitation and immediately extracted 10% of his blood essence and a large quantity of divine essence, and poured it into the Sacred Dragon Token.

Six attacks with overwhelming power blasted over at that beautiful flower!

Ye Yuan’s Sacred Dragon Token even left people far behind in the dust, drawing a stream of dazzling light in the sky, heading straight for the giant flower.


The beautiful flower was naturally unwilling to be captured without putting up a fight. It summoned out countless vines to surround and suppress the six people.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The devil vine was incomparably fearsome from beginning to end. Ao Qian five people’s attacks were actually directly blocked by the vines.

Only Ye Yuan’s attack directly tore open a large hole in the devil vine, its power not reducing in the slightest, and headed towards the flower’s main body!

Right at this time, the Fiendgod Jia Lan, who had been consolidating fiendish energy all along, suddenly opened his eyes. His figure instantly vanished on the spot.

“Devil Flames Billowing to the Skies!

Jia Lan’s figure reached first despite moving later, immediately appearing between the giant flower and the Sacred Dragon Token’s attack.

At the same time, a violent black-colored flame erupted with him as the center, and pounced straight for that attack!


Two terrifying attacks collided together. Jia Lan’s figure was instantly blasted until he flew out backward, viciously smashing him deep underground.

This attack, Ye Yuan prevailed.

But his assault target was the giant flower and not Jia Lan. This attack was neutralized by Jia Lan just like that.

In a blink of an eye, vines coiled over towards him crazily.

As if enraged by Ye Yuan’s attack, vines rose out of the ground one by one and unleashed terrifying attacks at Ye Yuan the six people.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate in the slightest. Operating merging into heaven and earth, he avoided the attacks of those vines.

“Ye Yuan, send me to the Dao Spirit Tree here!” Ye Qing suddenly yelled out.

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised but did not think too much either. He knew that Ye Qing would not do any meaningless thing at this time.

Immediately, without hesitation, Ye Yuan directly put the five of them away into the Vast Heaven Pagoda again and merged into heaven and earth once more.


Ye Yuan just thought about approaching the giant flower, when he was smashed out of the void by the crazed vines.

He was not discouraged and merged into heaven and earth once more, attempting to skirt around those vines.

But no matter how he went around, he would always be smashed out from the void by the devil vine.

This devil vine’s comprehension of laws had clearly far surpassed him.

“Haha, a useless brat. The Holy Mother Devil Flower is a heaven and earth spiritual plant. Its comprehension of Heavenly Dao laws is far stronger than yours. Your merging into heaven and earth can’t even pass through my round, so how can you possibly pass it persistently?”

A black figure scurried out from underground. It was precisely the Fiendgod Jia Lan who was just smashed underground by Ye Yuan!

Jia Lan was still surging with fiendish energy at this time and actually did not look the least bit injured!

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan could not help being slightly surprised too.

For the sake of that attack just now, he extracted away one-tenth of his blood essence and expended a large amount of divine essence. Jia Lan actually did not sustain any injury?

Seeing Ye Yuan’s expression, Jia Lan was delighted to the extreme and laughed wildly as he said, “Why? Are you very surprised why I’m not hurt? Hahaha … The Sacred Dragon Token is indeed formidable, but the Holy Mother Devil Flower is the mother of the fiend race. With it around, I’m of the undying body! Therefore, prepare to die!”