Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072 Complete Dragon Transformation Golden Right Claw

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Undying body!

Jia Lan’s words made Ye Yuan startled in his heart.

He knew that Jia Lan was not deceiving him. This Holy Mother Devil Flower seemed to be able to provide him fiendish energy unceasingly.

Ye Yua knew how terrifying his attack earlier was. Even if Jia Lan had Divine King cultivation realm currently, it was also not possible to be completely unscathed.

This was also to say that if he was unable to destroy that flower, he would forever not be able to defeat Jia Lan!

Furthermore, there were still so many devil vines giving him help!

“Undying body, is it?

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he suddenly took out the Starmoon Sword.

“Limitless Life-Death Sword!”

The moment the quasi-divine king domain appeared, even Jia Lan felt incomparably amazed too.

“Fine lad, just Second Level Dao Profound and you actually comprehended divine king domain already! Your talent is truly heaven-defying in this age of declining laws! However … using it to deal with me, still too tender!”

Shock was only shock. Jia Lan’s present strength was much stronger than Ye Yuan.

Jia Lan was not what trash could compare to. He was once a Fiendgod cultivation realm powerhouse. His comprehension of laws was far stronger than ordinary martial artists.

He did not avoid the incomparably sharp sword intent in the slightest and directly smashed a punch over towards Ye Yuan.


After one blow, Ye Yuan’s divine king domain was actually struck until it directly crumbled, his figure being sent flying out too.

Those vines also seized the opportunity and wanted to capture him, coiling over towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly disappeared, evading the devil vine’s attack ingeniously.

What a powerful physical body!

Jia Lan actually only relied on the power of the fleshy body to forcefully scatter Ye Yuan’s divine king domain!

Once the fiend race obtained a fleshy body, they were truly unbelievably powerful. The current Jia Lan was more than several times stronger than when at the boneyard.

“Hahaha … Boy, your divine king domain is too weak! If you really reached the realm of Void Mystic, I’d really not be your match! But the current you … I can crush you casually!” Jia Lan said insolently.

Toward Ye Yuan, Jia Lan hated to the max in his heart too.

If not for Ye Yuan severely wounding him, he would have long already recovered to a considerable strength now, and not reach an extent of making compromises to salvage the situation for the past few years.

Being seriously injured by the Soul Suppressing Peal that time, he had not recovered his vitality until now as well. Using a trick to let the Holy Mother Devil Flower out this time, a very large part of the reason was in order to recover vitality.

Now that he ran into Ye Yuan a second time, Jia Lan would naturally have to overpower properly, so as to give vent to the hatred in his heart.

Ye Yuan spat and said with a cold smile, “Casually crushing me, huh? Bring it on!”


A shocking dragon roar tore through the horizon. Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly disappeared.

The place he was originally standing at, a thousand-foot long massive azure dragon actually appeared at this time! Different from ordinary azure dragons, this azure dragon’s right claw presented a golden color!

Seeing this scene, Jia Lan’s pupils constricted, unbelievably shocked!

“Complete dragon transformation! This boy actually wants to compete in fleshy body with me!”

“Golden right claw! Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!”

The massive azure dragon spoke human language, its right claw smacking out with a whistle.

Immediately, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled. An enormous essence energy palm carried the might of heaven and earth, smacking over in the direction where Jia Lan was standing.

After complete dragonification, the power of Ye Yuan’s physical body skyrocketed several times. Adding on the late-stage spirit rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm as well as the golden right claw refined and formed with the primeval dragon bone.

The might of this palm was incomparably shocking!

This palm could absolutely blow up an ordinary divine king!

Jia Lan’s expression changed and suddenly slammed a fist out. Peerlessly violent fiendish energy headed for that enormous palm incomparably savagely.

“Evilfiend Divine Fist!”

In the sky, one azure and one black, two terrifying attacks collided together, stirring up an incomparably violent air billow.

The thousand-foot long azure dragon that Ye Yuan transformed into was struck until he flew out in reverse, but Jia Lan was even more tragic. He was smacked into the ground by Ye Yuan’s palm once again.

Terrifying essence energy rippled out, directly destroying a large stretch of the devil vines.

But with this, it rescued a large group of martial artists.

They looked at that incomparably magnificent huge dragon in the sky, incredibly in awe and veneration in their hearts.

“20 years in a blink of an eye, Lord Qingyun Zi is truly remarkable! Now, he’s no longer that Qingyun Zi who only knows how to refine pills!”

“Divine king domain, complete dragon transformation, also, that golden right claw. Simply too terrifying! That blow earlier could absolutely blow up an ordinary divine king!”

“Lord Qingyun Zi is truly the only one awake while the world is drunk! To think that we were still afraid of him snatching the Dao Spirit Fruit with us previously. Thinking about it now, really ashamed!”

“Yeah! Lord Qingyun Zi originally could run away, but he chose to stay behind! We can’t watch him fight alone! Everyone, attack together and exterminate that devil flower!”

Those martial artists saved by Ye Yuan were all incredibly ashamed. Quite a number of people were moved by Ye Yuan and charged over toward the Holy Mother Devil Flower without heed for their lives.

“Don’t!” Ye Yuan roared.

However, it was already too late …

Countless vines extended out from under the ground once more, virtually devouring those martial artists in an instant.

At present, of the 100 thousand martial artists, those who died were dead, those injured were down. There were already less than 10% remaining.

In this short while, the devil vines already slaughtered several tens of thousands of martial artists and absorbed large quantities of blood essence.

And these blood essences were currently regurgitation-feeding the Medicine King Hall’s martial artists.

Up till now, only Jia Lan alone took action, while the Medicine King Hall’s martial artists all had not made a move yet!

“Sword Thirteen, Shu Yunqing, He Dajiang, what are you all still waiting for? Once the devil flower comes into being, none of you can escape!” Ye Yuan roared furiously in the air.

He knew that these guys had been watching the fire on the opposite shore the whole time, and did not exert their utmost effort.

Void Mystic Realm powerhouses were unlikely to be effortlessly finished off by a few tendrils of the devil vine.

Being exposed by Ye Yuan like this, the few people knew that they could not carry on feigning any longer. Each and every one of them had a grand display of invincible might and dispersed the vines very quickly.


After He Dajiang broke apart the vines, he did not remain but sped straight for the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s entrance.

“He Dajiang, you’re shameless!” Shu Yunqung cursed.

But he had not finished scolding yet when several more figures fled outwards. They were precisely Wu Yuanqiao, Yue Xinping, and the others.

At this time, Jia Lan tunneled out from underneath the earth again and still surged with heinous fiendish energy, without any hints of suffering injuries at all.

He looked at the few profiles currently leaving at full speed and said with a cold smile, “Heh heh, want to run? You all are also looking down on Lord Holy Mother too much!”

His voice had yet to fade when intense tremor sounds suddenly came from below the ground.


Several vines suddenly tunneled out from underground and bound He Dajiang trio up with a momentum like a sudden peal of thunder, which left no time for covering ears!

But these vines were different from those in front of them. They were all purplish-black color!

When Sword Thirteen and the rest saw this scene, they all turned pale with fright.

“Turns out that until now, this devil vine hasn’t used its full strength yet!” Sword Thirteen’s expression was very ugly as he muttered.

“These purplish-black devil vines should be that Holy Mother Devil Flower’s main body! Previously not attacking was because it hasn’t broken free from beneath the earth yet. Now that it absorbed so many martial artists’ blood essence, its strength has already recovered too much!” Ye Yuan said solemnly.