Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073 Withered Tree Sprouting New Leaves In Spring

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Absorbing several tens of thousands of martial artists’ blood essence, the devil vine finally revealed its fangs.

He Dajiang trio’s bodies were currently shriveling at a speed visible to the naked eye. Void Mystic powerhouses of an era actually perished just like that.

This scene made everyone suck in a cold breath.

Jia Lan laughed loudly and said, “Lord Holy Mother will become more and more powerful after absorbing blood essence. Although the current Divine Realm’s laws don’t allow Deity Realm powerhouses to exist, with her foundation, there isn’t any difficulty in reaching Half-Deity Realm. Hence, none of you can escape today! Everyone here today, all have to die!”

Jia Lan’s words made Sword Thirteen and the rest incomparably horrified. Half-Deity Realm sounded extraordinary.

But they did not know that Ye Yuan knew what Half-Deity Realm was.

Back then, Fang Tian and that Heavenly Fiendgod were Half-Deity Realm.

Any one among them was an existence capable of sweeping across the Divine Realm!

If the Holy Mother Devil Flower could reach that kind of existence, forget about them, it was a catastrophe to the entire Divine Realm too.

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “Is that so? Then I’ll kill you first!”

Done talking, Ye Yuan deployed the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating palm once more, planning to severely injure Jia Lan again.

Jia Lan laughed loudly and said, “It’s no use, boy! Your golden right claw is indeed formidable, but no matter how you fight, it’s impossible to kill me!”

Ye Yuan sneered coldly and said, “Will only know if I try!”

When Sword Thirteen they all saw He Dajiang’s miserable state, they could not hold back anymore as well.

Sword Thirteen cried out, “Fight it out with them! Exterminate the Medicine King Hall’s people first!”

Sword Thirteen was the one whose strength was the most intact among all of the Void Mystic powerhouses right now. He did not hesitate in the slightest before charging towards Sun Man.

The other Void Mystic powerhouses knew that there was no way to resolve things today anymore, and also threw the last trace of mentality of getting lucky to the back of their minds, all charging over towards the Medicine King Hall that side.

The Medicine King Hall’s experts were surrounded by a cloud of fiendish energy at this time, appearing very dark and frightening.

Seeing Sword Thirteen they all took action. Sun Man laughed coldly and stepped forward wielding his sword. The two groups of people instantly clashed together.

What made this group of people astounded was that they all, so many Void Mystic powerhouses, did not form a one-sided suppression.

Those Medicine King Hall’s divine king powerhouses, each and every one of their strength was actually not beneath theirs!

Especially Sun Man, in just the work of a few moves, he forced Sword Thirteen until he was teetering on his feet, all the way until Shu Yunqing joined the group battle, before both sides barely managed to fight to a draw.

As for the others, they could not gain any advantage at all.

Furthermore, the purplish-black vines also harassed those Void Mystic powerhouses from time to time. These Void Mystic powerhouses were actually surrounded by peril.

While on another side, a violent Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm arrived with a howl once more. Jia Lan was not careless either. It was the Evilfiend Divine Fist again, heading straight for Ye Yuan.

Two terrifying attacks looking as if they were about to collide in the air. But, a change suddenly occurred!

Ye Yuan carried the horrifying Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm and vanished before Jia Lan’s eyes!

At virtually the same time, Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly appeared in the vicinity of the Holy Mother Devil Flower.

At this time, the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was just about to finish accumulating power. Ye Yuan suddenly smacked a palm out.

Seeing this scene, Jia Lan revealed a look of shock.

He completely did not think that Ye Yuan actually pulled this trick on him, making use of merging into heaven and earth to ruthlessly play with him.

This bit of distance was seriously too near to merging into heaven and earth. Even if his speed was any faster, he could not keep up with Ye Yuan’s speed either. He could only watch Ye Yuan’s Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm rumble towards the Holy Mother Devil Flower helplessly.

That Holy Mother Devil Flower clearly had intelligence, but also did not expect Ye Yuan to pull this move.

But its reaction was also extremely swift. The instant Ye Yuan merged into heaven and earth, it detected Ye Yuan’s intentions.

Purplish-black vines rose to the sky, desperately wanting to block off Ye Yuan’s Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

This move of Ye Yuan’s directly caught a time lag. From merging into heaven and earth to revealing his body, the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm’s palm force already completed. It was just moving places.


The vines were directly treated as meat cushions for the Holy Mother Devil Flower, being pulverized into shreds by the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

But with this block, the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm did not have much power remaining anymore as well.

This bit of attack could not cause the least bit of threat to the Holy Mother Devil Flower at all.

Ye Yuan still wanted to attack when another wave of devil vines flew out. Jia Lan also rushed over already, not giving him any opportunity at all.

Helpless, Ye Yuan battled together with Jia Lan once more.

But all of the people did not notice that when Ye Yuan unleashed the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm just now, an azure light quietly entered inside the already withered Dao Spirit Tree under the cover of the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

The attack this time, Ye Yuan had long predicted that he would return without accomplishing anything. His true objective was in order to send Ye Qing over.

Jia Lan intercepted Ye Yuan. This time, he was really seething with rage.

“Boy, to actually pull this trick on me! If a tiger doesn’t demonstrate its prowess, do you really take this Lord Fiendgod as someone to be trifled with?” Jia Lan said with a furious roar.

“Dogfart fiendgod, aren’t you just a divine king right now? What’s there to be cocky about?” Ye Yuan said with a disdainful look.

When Jia Lan came into being back then, Ye Yuan was merely just a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist and could already play with him by relying on various kinds of methods.

Several years passed. Ye Yuan’s progress rate far exceeded Jia Lan’s imagination.

For Jia Lan to want to thrash Ye Yuan again like back then, it was already impossible.

But Ye Yuan’s words stepped onto Jia Lan’s tail. He howled furiously, “Boy, your Lord Jia Lan will let you take a look at what’s a true fiendgod! Fiendgod Nine Transformations, Sixth Transformation!”


Jia Lan’s body grew rapidly all of a sudden, and actually grew as much as a hundred feet! His fiendish energy also instantly skyrocketed several dozen times!

At the same time, sinister protruding fangs grew out of his mouth. The human hands also grew sharp talons.

He looked just like a fiendgod descending to the earth.

“Evilfiend Divine Fist!”

Still the same move. But displaying it at this time was entirely different from earlier.


Ye Yuan had no time to display any move and was directly struck by this punch. The massive dragon body was smashed into the depths under the ground like a cannonball.

At this moment, Jia Lan utterly went berserk. That terrifying power, even other Void Mystic Realm powerhouses also trembled with fear when they felt it.

After Jia Lan went berserk, his strength skyrocketed more than 10 times compared to earlier.

This whatever Fiendgod Nine Transformations was truly powerful to the extreme.

Those Void Mystic Realm powerhouses were all endlessly alarmed and secretly rejoiced that their opponent was not Jia Lan.

Jia Lan’s figure instantly vanished on the spot. Then, a series of rumbles came from beneath the earth.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The vines slaughtered the remnant martial artists wantonly. While on the other side, the group of Void Mystic powerhouses was also beaten until they did not have the least bit of strength to ward off blows.

The entire battle situation was already completely controlled by the fiend race firmly.

Yet, everyone did not notice that on that Dao Spirit Tree which had long withered already, was akin to a withered tree sprouting new leaves in spring, growing out a tender shoot.

The delicate shoot was incomparably weak but was growing and strengthening at a speed visible to the naked eye.