Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074 Ye Qing Showing His Might

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The tiny bud became a little shoot. The little shoot became a small tree. The small tree gradually grew thick, the branches and leaves gradually flourishing.

A large evergreen tree grew on the Dao Spirit Tree’s dead wood.

The Holy Mother Devil Flower was currently absorbing the martial artists’ blood essence crazily when all of a sudden, it started quivering intensely.

That bright and juicy petal actually gradually became dim.

Those Void Mystic powerhouses were currently put into a sorry state by the devil vines. Suddenly, those vines retreated like tidewater.

The vines pursuing martial artists similarly retracted back.

Everyone looked at this scene, all incomparably astounded as if returning to the human world from hell.

In a twinkle, that small tree already grew into a large tree. Although it was less than a one-ten thousandth of the Dao Spirit Tree, it was currently rapidly growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In contrast, the Holy Mother Devil Flower actually seemed like it withered. Not only did its color dim, but the giant flower petals were also currently gradually shrinking.

Holy Mother Devil Flower looked like the small tree absorbed away all of the nutrients.


Jia Lan’s punch sent Ye Yuan rumbling out of the surface of the earth, but he did not pursue it anymore.

He felt that the strength in his body was disappearing bit by bit!

At this time, Ye Yuan had long recovered to human form already. But his body was lacerated with wounds everywhere, looking very miserable.

The strength of the Fiendgod Nine Transformations’ Jia Lan was truly incomparably terrifying.

But the expression on Jia Lan’s face was even more terrifying than Ye Yuan’s injuries!

“You … What the hell did you do to Lord Holy Mother? Why … Why is my strength disappearing?” Jia Lan said in terror.

Ye Yuan flashed a miserable smile and said, “Huhu, looking at that strange flower’s appearance, it seems to be suffering! Don’t ask me what I did, because I don’t know either.”

Jia Lan’s expression turned black, and he roared angrily, “I’ll kill you!”

Jia Lan suddenly slammed a fist out, aiming for Ye Yuan.

Right at this time, that giant glower actually gave off a shrill and miserable cry, piercing until everyone’s eardrums hurt.

This cry made all of the martial artists jittery, goosebumps breaking out all over the body.

The Holy Mother Devil Flower was becoming small at a speed visible to the naked eye, finally becoming the size of a person. Then it actually transformed into a beauty.

The beauty collapsed beside the large tree that had just grown weakly, unconscious to the world.

That large tree suddenly transformed with a sway of its body and became the appearance of a youth. Who could it be if not Ye Qing?

But Ye Qing’s current condition, even Ye Yuan was greatly shocked too.

Just how long had it been? Ye Qing actually directly rose to peak Tier 9!

What on earth did this guy do?

Just as Ye Yuan was in amazement, Ye Qing already mustered up enough essence energy, planning on giving that beauty a lethal blow.

Jia Lan’s expression changed drastically. How could he still care about Ye Yuan? His figure sped towards Ye Qing like lightning.

However, it was too late!


The place the beauty was at was directly smashed into sludge by Ye Qing.

The attack power of the peak Tier 9 Ye Qing could not be underestimated.

Everything was over!

Jia Lan looked at the debris all over the ground blankly but already could not find traces of that beauty.

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded with shock.

This great fiend came into being and was actually finished off by a youth right away?

Ye Yuan looked at Ye Qing and said with a tragic smile, “You punk, really have some capabilities! What on earth did you do? Why would your strength advance tremendously?”

Ye Qing said with a smile, “You all know that the Dao Spirit Fruit is able to let martial artists step into Deity Realm. Then do you know the origin of the Dao Spirit Tree?

Ye Yuan was stunned, the him who boasted of being all-knowing was also stumped this time.

Legends only had it that the Dao Spirit Tree was a divine tree that could only bear one Dao Spirit Fruit every 1.5 million years.

But the origin of the Dao Spirit Tree, Ye Yuan had never heard before. Because it was likely very hard for even Deity Realm powerhouses to live for as long as 1.5 million years.

Looking at Ye Qing’s expression, Ye Yuan suddenly had some realization.

Dao Spirit Tree, Azure Spirit Tree, one word apart, could it be … the two actually had some connections?

Sure enough, Ye Qing said, “Once the Azure Spirit Tree attains Dao, it will transform into a Dao Spirit Tree! But the time required for the evolution of this process is far too long. Hence, there are virtually very few people who know.”

Hearing these words, Ye Yuan was endlessly amazed too.

He even thought that the Dao Spirit Tree was a heaven and earth spiritual plant and was born a divine tree. He did not think that it actually evolved from an Azure Spirit Tree.

“But this Dao Spirit Tree is clearly already withered, so how did you …” Ye Yuan said curiously.

“This Dao Spirit Tree should be what an ancient powerhouse used to assist the grand array in suppressing the devil flower. It’s just, they never expected that this devil flower was incomparably cunning, and actually planted a devil seed on the Dao Spirit Tree, leaching onto the Azure Spirit Tree. Countless years passed, but the life force of the Azure Spirit Tree was drained away by the devil flower. The Dao Spirit Tree and Dao Spirit Fruit that we saw previously were merely an illusion formed by the devil flower. Because she leached on the Dao Spirit Tree, we were completely unable to differentiate the truth and false through the grand array at all.”

Ye Qing’s words made Ye Yuan sighed endlessly. A perfectly fine Dao Spirit Tree was actually gone just like that.

Ye Qing continued unhurriedly, “Although the Dao Spirit Tree died, how vibrant was its life force? Furthermore, even though that devil flower exhausted the Dao Spirit Tree to death, countless years of suppression still made her expenditure immense. I’m from the same origin as the Dao Spirit Tree, latching onto it directly severed that devil flower’s escape route, then I siphoned her life force crazily. Under my scheming, her vitality was greatly injured as well.”

Ye Qing did not avoid Jia Lan when talking. After Jia Lan heard, his face turned livid with rage.

He gnashed his teeth in hatred, but without the Holy Mother Devil Flower, he was completely powerless and alone currently.

“Retreat!” Jia Lan gritted his teeth and said.

He was just thinking of moving but discovered that a large group of martial artists already encircled the surroundings.

These martial artists were all remnants under the Holy Mother Devil Flower’s besiegement. 100 thousand martial artists, only two to three thousand people remained.

Their hatred towards Jia Lan was completely unable to use words to describe.

“Run! Go on and run!”

“You, these insidious and cunning fiends, didn’t think that there would be instant-retribution, right?”

“Everybody, attack together! We must rip this guy’s corpse apart!”

The martial artists able to survive were all experts among experts. Even if not divine king powerhouses, their concept’s comprehension was definitely very high as well.

Their strength left no room for doubt.

These two to three thousand martial artists attacking together was really more than what Jia Lan could handle.

Except, Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed, still feeling that something was not right.

Logically speaking, the die was cast. But why was the foreboding premonition in his heart getting heavier and heavier?

Right then, a glint appeared in Ye Yuan’s gaze. He caught a hint of a mocking smile at the corners of Jia Lan’s mouth!

Although it was only that instant, it was absolutely not wrong!

“Not good! Everybody, quickly scatter! The Holy Mother Devil Flower isn’t dead at all! She lured everyone over to catch all in one fell swoop!” Ye Yuan yelled.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, everyone’s faces changed greatly. They would no longer doubt Ye Yuan’s words. Each and every one urged their movement technique to the limits, wanting to escape this stretch of land.

Right at this time, black gas rose up on the surface of the ground and enveloped everyone inside all at once.