Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075 Despairing Laughter

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In a blink of an eye, countless devil vines broke out of the earth.

In a relatively narrow and small radius, these martial artists had no time to even run at all!

Those countless devil vines towered up into the sky, sealing off all of their escape routes.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh 

Purplish-black devil vines entangled these people tightly. Not a single one escaped, including Ye Yuan and Ye Qing!

With this, it was actually total annihilation!

Ye Yuan was still thinking of merging into heaven and earth, but the devil vines did not give him any chance at all, directly smacking him out of the void.

Ye Yuan’s hands and legs were completely restrained. All the essence energy in his body actually could not be used at all!

This Holy Mother Devil Flower was seriously too bizarre.

That Holy Mother Devil Flower was not finished off by Ye Qing at all, but infiltrated underground, in order to prepare this final blow.

The more those martial artists killed, the more scattered they got, and the more powerful their strength as well. Routing individually was rather difficult.

But this Holy Mother Devil Flower acted out a big play together with Jia Lan, appearing weak to the enemy, and deceiving everyone.




Waves of tragic screams lingered incessantly. The remaining martial artists were also drained of blood essence one by one.

Ye Yuan and Ye Qing, however, the devil vines seemed to not have the intention of making a move for the time being yet.

That beautiful woman walked out from among the devil vines and came before Ye Yuan and Ye Qing, while Jia Lan followed closely behind.

“Giggle, little babies whose hairs aren’t even fully grown yet actually pulled tricks with this holy mother. You guys are still a bit too inexperienced!” the beautiful lady said with a chuckle.

This beautiful woman was peerlessly amorous. Slender and graceful, blue upper-garment half-exposed, one look, and it could hook away a person’s soul.

With this chuckle, she was even more stunningly beautiful.

But how could the current Ye Yuan be in the mood to go and admire her beauty? This fiendish woman was not a kind person. That was an existence that could claim lives.

The devilish woman lightly caressed Ye Qing’s face and said with a smile, “Azure Spirit Tree child, even your ancestor wasn’t my match, let alone you! Allowed you some benefits, but you know how to give a plum in return for a peach and lured so many people over. This holy mother really doesn’t know how to thank you!”

Ye Qing glared at the devilish woman, bared his teeth in anger, and said, “You despicable and insidious woman, this young lord will definitely kill you personally!~”

But the devilish woman did not care a whit. She still giggled and said, “Why does it sound like you’re praising me? Little child, you can’t even fend for yourself right now, still thinking about killing me?”

“Shameless!” Ye Yuan spat.

The devilish woman spun in front of Ye Yuan, her breath like orchids as she said with a light laugh, “Little child, you’re very decent! All of the people were beguiled by the Dao Spirit Fruit, but only you were able to maintain your original heart. Truly not easy. It’s just a shame that your strength is a little weak. Otherwise, you really might pose a threat to this holy mother.”

At this time, Jia Lan stepped forward and said to the devilish woman, “Lord Holy Mother, this boy is this era’s son of heaven’s mandate. Not only does he have Absolute Heaven’s Vast Heaven Stele, even the Soul Suppressing Pearl, which the Heaven One Sect lost, is actually in his hands too! This boy can’t be spared. Lord Holy Mother better kill him as soon as possible.”

The moment Jia Lan said that, even the devilish woman was endlessly shocked too.

“What did you say? The Vast Heaven Stele and Soul Suppressing Pearl, these two items are both in his possession?” The devilish woman’s voice raised an octave, looking at Ye Yuan with flickering bewilderment.

Jia Lan nodded and said, “Absolutely true!”

He recounted the matter of just breaking open the seal several years ago, leaving the devilish woman unbelievably astonished.

The Vast Heaven Stele and Soul Suppressing Pearl were existences capable of threatening the fiend race but gathered in the hands of one person. It could be seen how powerful Ye Yuan’s destiny was.

“If it’s as you said, this boy absolutely can’t be spared! Forget it, kill and be done with things here! With the death of the son of heaven’s mandate, nobody can stop the footsteps of my fiend race’s ascent!” said the devilish woman.

No one saw the devilish woman made any action. But then, vines started to devour Ye Yuan’s blood essence frenziedly.

The vines seemed to have grown roots and sprouted on his body, directly growing into his flesh, drawing all the blood in his body out.

Ye Yuan’s body started to be like the other martial artists, rapidly shriveling.

This devilish woman killed people with batting an eyelid from start to end and was not the least bit long-winded at all, killing right away.

At this time, the essence energy in Ye Yuan’s entire body was being controlled. He was completely unable to use an iota of strength.

Ye Yuan knew that at this rate, he was dead for sure!

Gritting his teeth, Ye Yuan poured all of his emperor qi into the Vast Heaven Stele in one go.


A surge of terrifying strength that originated from the primordial suddenly awakened within Ye Yuan’s body, directly sending the devilish woman and Jia Lan flying out.

The devil vines immediately collapsed under this surge of power that swept away all obstacles in the way, turning into a pile of fine powder.

The devilish woman’s expression suddenly changed and said, “Not good, this boy is already capable of controlling the Vast Heaven Stele!”

Ye Yuan gave a loud cry. He shouted, “Vast Heaven Stele, suppress for me!”

The Vast Heaven Stele immediately flew out from inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda and suppressed down on the devilish woman and Jia Lan, akin to an enormous mountain.


The earth immediately started quaking. The Vast Heaven Stele directly suppressed the devilish woman and Jia Lan below.

Ye Yuan was very clear that the Vast Heaven Stele’s suppression carried powers of law. Back then, when resisting the Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation, it was evenly-matched too.

Using it to suppress a few fiendish things should not be any problem.

Dong dong dong!

Those vines retreated like tidewater once more. It was just that this time, the martial artists that still survived were scanty few.

Even a Void Mystic powerhouse like Sword Thirteen was also more dead than alive at this time, only left with one breath.

How could those divine king experts still be capable of surviving?

But Ye Yuan completely could not be bothered with them anymore. His blood essence was also drained as much as 40% in one go. Adding the 10% blood essence that using the Sacred Dragon Token previously expended, half of the blood essence within his body was drawn away.

Adding on activating the Vast Heaven Stele, the emperor qi in his body was stripped empty.

Current, Ye Yuan’s entire person was dispirited and inert, also merely left with one breath hanging in there.

This devilish woman was too terrifying. In just this half a day’s time, close to 50 thousand martial artists were actually slaughtered clean by her!

However, Ye Qing’s condition was much better than Ye Yuan’s.

He came over to support Ye Yuan and said, rather embarrassedly, “Sorry, i-it was my oversight.”

Ye Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “Nothing to do with you. This devilish woman is too cunning. Furthermore, she’s an existence that even an ancient major power could not take care of. How could she be so easy to kill?”

His voice had yet to fade when the Vast Heaven Stele suddenly started to shake vigorously.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan and Ye Qing’s expressions both changed drastically.

Could it be that this devilish woman still had the strength to spare?

The Vast Heaven Stele was already Ye Yuan’s final means. If it was still useless, they could only wait to die.

Ye Yuan’s expression became incomparably ugly. However, the matter still developed in the worst direction.

“Hehe, such a shame … You’ve only barely managed to activate the Vast Heaven Stele and can’t even use one-ten thousandth of its capabilities. Using it to suppress this holy mother is still inadequate! Boy, you can go and die already!” The devilish woman’s coquettish voice suddenly sounded out, making Ye Yuan and Ye Qing give rise to despair in their hearts.