Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076 Divine Sword evil Extermination

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The Vast Heaven Stone Stele suddenly started trembling intensely. Clouds of black gas crept out from the bottom of the Vast Heaven Stone Stele.

The more black gas that gathered, the more terrifying the fiendish energy. That violent fiendish energy actually propped the Vast Heaven Stone Stele up!


The Vast Heaven Stone Stele was actually pushed flying just like this!

This surge of fiendish energy was seriously too powerful.

The devilish woman’s lithe figure indistinctly appeared and disappeared in the black gas.

“Hehe, without heaven and earth laws, there’s no way to achieve the Deity Realm. Even if you’re the son of heaven’s mandate, you’re unable to unleash the true power of the Vast Heaven Stone Stele. You’re still too tender to be suppressing this holy mother. Little child, this big sister will send you on your way right now. It won’t be too painful.”

At this time, the devilish woman’s fiendish energy surged to the sky, dyeing the entire sky black. Jia Lan’s fiendish energy simply paled in comparison in front of her!

However, even though the devilish woman was fine, Jia Lan’s fleshy body was crushed into pieces by the Vast Heaven Stone Stele.

The fleshy body that he cultivated for several years was actually ruined just like this.

The current Jia Lan became a cloud of black gas once more, even emitting wailing sounds continuously.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he revealed a look of despair as well.

No wonder Jia Lan was so respectfully in front of her. Being suppressed for countless of years, she actually still had such formidable strength.

The terrifying devil vines turned into sharp spikes and directly stabbed over towards Ye Yuan.

This was a lethal blow. Ye Yuan no longer had strength leftover to resist.

Ye Qing’s expression changed. Two hands forming a seal, he similarly summoned innumerable vines, attempting to resist those sharp spikes’ assassination.

It was just that his vines could not stand up to a single blow at all in front of the devil vine.

The sharp spikes broke through the blockade like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, charging towards Ye Yuan and Ye Qing.

Ye Yuan shut his eyes painfully. Even the Vast Heaven Stone Stele could not deal with this devilish woman. He was really completely out of ideas.

He knew that this devilish woman still had not recovered to her peak state currently. Once this devilish woman came into being, probably even the Ten Great Divine Kings were not a match either.

Just as Ye Yuan was at the boundary of awaiting death, a change suddenly occurred!


Inside the void, incomparably piercingly cold sword energy suddenly erupted.

Above the sky, countless pale-yellow sword energy surged willfully, giving people an extremely strong sense of oppression.

That towering fiendish energy was actually gradually dissipated by these.


A ray of pale-yellow sword energy tore through the sky, directly chopping down from high up in the air.

The vines currently stabbing towards Ye Yuan were actually forcefully chopped in half by this ray of sword energy.

The devilish woman was just being pleased with herself when all of a sudden, her expression changed greatly, and she looked towards above the sky abruptly.

“Damn it! Absolute Heaven that old bastard, he actually even prepared a contingency plan! This sword energy is definitely Evil Extermination!”

The devilish woman cried out in alarm, her scream filled with dread.

On the face of the all along incomparably composed devilish woman, a look of panic finally appeared on her face.

Seizing the opportunity where the devilish woman was absent-minded, Ye Qing grabbed Ye Yuan and sprinted into the distance.

Toward Ye Qing’s action, the devilish woman did not stop him at all. She had a look of panic on her face and yelled, “Quickly leave! It’s the Evil Extermination Sword! Absolute Heaven that old bastard, so irritating even after he died!”

How could the devilish woman still care about finding trouble with Ye Yuan? She immediately turned into an afterimage, speeding for the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s exit.

Jia Lan, Sun Ma, and the rest also knew that things were bad, all fleeing for their lives like flying.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

At this time, shattering sounds came from above the void. A rift was actually directly torn open in that space.

An enormous threaded-pommel longsword slowly came out from within the void.

The entire space was trembling. The originally already incomparably piercingly cold sword energy became several times more violent at this time!.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh 

Several streaks of sword energy directly tore through the sky and struck the devilish woman and the others, who were currently running with a momentum like a sudden peal of thunder, which left no time for covering ears.


A series of miserable cries reached over. Those few whose strengths were slightly weaker were actually immediately ground to death by the sword energy.

The devilish woman also let out a shrill miserable scream. But her body only slightly paused for a bit before speeding hastily into the distance again.

That threaded-pommel longsword already appeared fully from within the void. The sword energy that exuded made Ye Yuan’s scalp tingle, virtually unable to breathe.

“This … Is this the might of a Deity Realm powerhouse? So powerful! Really so powerful!” Ye Yuan could not be bothered with the injuries on his body as he muttered.

After the enormous threaded-pommel longsword appeared, it stopped in the air just like that. The void behind it gradually closed up.

The devilish woman could not resist turning around to take a look at the longsword. Her eyes immediately became wide saucers.

“Damn it! Absolute Heaven, you old bastard! Don’t let this holy mother find your grotto! Otherwise, I’ll definitely dig you out and whip your corpse!” the devilish woman cried out shrilly.

However, the threaded-pommel longsword naturally would not be threatened by her. After it stopped in the air for a few breaths of time, it transformed into a streak of flowing light with a whoosh, chopping towards the devilish woman.

The threaded-pommel longsword’s speed was unbelievably fast. It drew a beautiful half-arc in the air. In virtually a blink of an eye, it caught up to the devilish woman.


A shrill wretched cry cut across the sky. Even when separated so far away, it made Ye Yuan breakout in goosebumps all over too.

A cloud of faint black gas surged to the skies. But Ye Yuan discovered that the black gas’s aura was incomparably weak, practically on the verge of withering away already.

Ye Yuan used all of his abilities and was also incapable of shaking the Holy Mother Devil Flower. But she was actually nearly eradicated by this slash.

Ye Yuan and Ye Qing exchanged a glance, both seeing the look of shock in the other party’s eyes.

“Lord Holy Mother, quickly leave!”

The target of this slash was the Holy Mother Devil Flower. But the threaded-pommel giant sword was too terrifying. Jia Lan was implicated by the sword energy, aggravating his existing injuries even more.

However, Jia Lan’s condition at this time was slightly better compared to the Holy Mother Devil Flower. He grabbed hold of the Holy Mother Devil Flower, transformed into two clouds of black gas, and vanished from within the Immemorial Medicine Garden.

All of the dust settled. Ye Yuan finally let out a sigh in relief.

This great battle was truly perilous to the extreme. If that threaded-pommel giant sword was any slower, Ye Yuan was dead for sure.

Looking at the Immemorial Medicine Garden in disarray, Ye Yuan sighed unceasingly too.

Over 100 thousand martial artists entered inside and were actually slaughtered easily!

Even Ye Yuan did not think that this Immemorial Medicine Garden was actually a place where an ancient major power suppressed a fiend race’s major power. And this fiend race major power was even adept in schemes, and actually deceived 100 thousand martial artists into breaking the formation together, letting her break free.

That devilish woman’s strength was too horrifying. Even if Ye Yuan possessed a heaven-defying item like the Vast Heaven Stone Stele, he felt powerless to handle too.

Right at this time, a streak of flowing light flew over from a distance. Incomparably fierce and sharp sword energy approached from far away, making Ye Yuan’s expression changed drastically.

“Not good, this sword wouldn’t kill even us too, right?” Ye Qing turned pale with fright and said.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “If it wants to kill us, we can’t run either.”


That threaded-pommel longsword flew right in front of Ye Yuan and stood in the air quietly.

At this time, the threaded-pommel longsword was already no longer as massive as when it just appeared. It was just slightly longer than an ordinary sword. There was not much difference.

It was just that the sword energy emanating off its body still made one’s blood run cold.

Ye Yuan looked over and discovered that two words were engraved below the sword hilt: Evil Extermination!