Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077 Had You Known This Day Would Come Why Act As You Did Back Then

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“Ye Yuan, it wouldn’t kill us, right?”

Sensing that oppressive sword energy, Ye Qing still had some lingering fear in his heart.

The impression that Evil Extermination’s unyielding slash left for Ye Qing previously was simply too deep.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Doesn’t seem like it! It seems to be … making me accept it!”

Ye Qing was stunned and said in disbelief, “Are you joking! This Evil Extermination Sword is a divine artifact! On what basis would it want you to accept it for no reason whatsoever?”

Ye Yuan struggled, wanting to get up. But because his injuries were too severe, it made him feel a wave of heart-tearing pain.

“Help me over!” Ye Yuan said.

“R-Really have to go over?” Ye Qing was still rather afraid.

“No sh*t! If it wanted to kill us, we’d be long dead! Hurry up!” Ye Yuan urged.

Ye Qing had no choice and could only support Ye Yuan, following him at every step, and came before the Evil Exterminating Sword.

When Ye Yuan drew close, the Evil Extermination Sword became resplendent all of a sudden, giving off a pale-yellow light.

Ye Qing jumped in fright and involuntarily took a step back.

But this retreat tugged onto Ye Yuan’s wounds, making it hurt until he winced in pain.

“I say, you’re a heaven and earth spiritual plant too, so why are you intimidated by a sword? Isn’t it shameful!” Ye Yuan said crossly.

Ye Qing said, rather embarrassedly, “The power of Deity Realm is unimaginable!”

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes. But he actually understood Ye Qing very much in his heart too. That attack earlier, forget about Ye Qing, even he was also deeply shaken.

That was the true power of Deity Realm!

Ye Yuan knew that even though that blow did not surpass the limits of Deity Realm, what it used was absolutely Divine Dao laws!

The power of that sword should be the strongest attack that could be released at present in this world.

This sword made Ye Yuan feel a deep longing towards Deity Realm.

But Ye Yuan understood that he was currently too far away from Deity Realm!

Sucking in a deep breath, Ye Yuan stepped forward and grabbed hold of the Evil Extermination Sword’s sword hilt.


Ye Yuan’s entire body trembled, directly sending Ye Qing flying.

Ye Qing tumbled a few rounds on the ground, scrambled to his feet, and was just about to go save Ye Yuan, but discovered to his shock that the injuries on Ye Yuan’s body were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye!

This Evil Extermination Sword was actually helping Ye Yuan treat his wounds!

Currently, Ye Yuan’s entire person was enveloped in a ball of yellow light, his expression serene, an appearance of enjoying immensely.

Seeing this scene, Ye Qing was incredibly shocked. Could it be that this Evil Extermination Sword really acknowledged Ye Yuan as its master?

Really strange!

Ye Qing knew that Ye Yuan acquired many treasures these last few years. It could be said to be heaven-defying destiny.

But something like today where a divine artifact took the initiative to come knocking on the door, was too preposterous, right?

Even obtaining the Sacred Dragon Token, Ye Yuan escaped death by a hair’s breadth too, only obtaining after passing the final trail.

But speaking of which, the treasures currently on Ye Yuan were simply heaven-defying.

Tier 9 primordial spirit essence fire, Tier 9 Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood, Sacred Dragon Token, Vast Heaven Pagoda, Vast Heaven Stone Stele, Soul Suppressing Pearl. Taking any item out would drive the world insane.

But something like today where a divine artifact was urging Ye Yuan to accept it, it was really for the first time still.

One had to acknowledge that Ye Qqing’s eyeballs fell to the ground.

In truth, how was Ye Qing the only one whose eyeballs dropped onto the ground?

Sword Thirteen the few of them were not thoroughly dead yet. Although they had quite a bit of blood essence drawn away, they were not in danger of losing their lives. It was just that their strength would likely have to be greatly diminished.

Their bodies were unable to move currently, but they did not fall unconscious.

This scene of Ye Yuan taking in Evil Extermination landed in their eyes, nearly making them faint dead.

This Evil Extermination’s shocking slash earlier, they all saw it crystal clear. That power simply sent their minds reeling.

Such a supreme treasure actually acknowledged Ye Yuan as master without doing anything at all?

Why didn’t this sort of good thing land on their heads?

Currently, Ye Yuan was basking in comfort from head to toe. The pain and fatigue brought about by the battle earlier were swept clean very quickly.

Abundant essence energy flowed into his essence energy sea. Emperor qi also rose densely.

What gave Ye Yuan a pleasant surprise was that these essence energies were not ordinary essence energy, but … divine essence!

In the essence energy sea, that tiny bit of divine essence was going to be depleted fully very soon. He did not think that Evil Extermination actually replenished it for him.

Before long, the divine essence within Ye Yuan’s body grew to even more than when Ye Yuan entered the Vast Heaven Pagoda in the past.

With this Evil Extermination Sword, the power of Ye Yuan’s divine king domain would increase greatly!

Ye Yuan knew that these divine essences were merely a tiny residual bit of what remained after that slash by Evil Extermination.

But this bit was already sufficient to Ye Yuan.

Even if inside his essence energy sea was full of divine essence currently, Ye Yuan was also unable to unleash Evil Extermination’s true power. His current strength was too weak.

Ye Yuan completely did not think that he actually profited from a misfortune this time. Not only did divine essence spike greatly, he even obtained a divine artifact again!

The Starmoon Sword was already somewhat impeding to the current Ye Yuan.

Absorbing so much divine essence, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm already reached peak Second Level Dao Profound, looking as if he was about to break through to Third Level Dao Profound already.

But his current blood essence losses were too severe, and he was totally unable to breakthrough. Helpless, he could only suppress his cultivation realm, and make a breakthrough again after recovering blood essence.

Done with these, Ye Yuan deployed a spell and put the Vast Heaven Stone Stele away into the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

While at this time, the Evil Extermination Sword disappeared with a whoosh.

Ye Yuan was first startled, then immediately revealed a look of realization.

Inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda, the Evil Extermination Sword suspended quietly in the sky above the Vast Heaven Stone Stele. The two chimed to each other across a distance and actually seemed like old friends who had not met for many years.

No wonder the Evil Extermination Sword would acknowledge him as its master. It seemed like it was all because of the Vast Heaven Stone Stele!

Furthermore, when the devilish woman came into being previously, the Evil Extermination Sword held off on coming out. The moment the Vast Heaven Stone Stele emerged, it came into being.

Looks like the crux of drawing out the Evil Extermination Sword was still the Vast Heaven Stone Stele!

Could it be that these two treasures were actually of the same source countless years ago?

Finishing with all this, Ye Yuan came beside Sword Thirteen and the rest, and said with an emotional sigh, “If you brought Jian Wushuang away back then, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a state either! This world has divine objects, but it’s easier said than done to want to break through to Deity Realm! At present, how can this heaven and earth possibly give birth to the Dao Spirit Fruit, this kind of miraculous item?”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Sword Thirteen turned his head over painfully and ashamedly.

In the great battle previously, Jian Wushuang ultimately still could not escape misfortune and was killed by the devil vines.

Thinking about it, how sincere was Ye Yuan’s warning back then! If they were not blinded by obsession, how could they have this outcome today?

Jian Wushuang’s demise was a tremendous blow to the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Although he was not a Void Mystic powerhouse, he was the sect-master successor that the Heavenly Sword Sect spent extremely great resources to groom.

With his demise, the Heavenly Sword Sect would have to face the danger of an interrupted generation.

The decline of a great holy land would most likely start from this incident.

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, “Today’s situation, you all experienced it too. The fiend race has already plotted for god knows how many years for the sake of today. There’s already not the slightest bit of meaning for us to carry on fighting internally. The spirit medicines in this Immemorial Medicine Garden are extremely abundant. Later on, I’ll refine several mystic grade medicinal pills to help you all recover blood essence.”