Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078 Holy Region

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Inside the Immemorial Medicine Garden, Sword Thirteen, Shu Yunqing, Ding Zhanguo, and the others, all five Void Mystic powerhouses, looked towards Ye Yuan with a grateful look.

Two months had already passed since the incident with the fiend race.

In this period of time, Ye Yuan collected quite a few spirit medicines inside the Immemorial Medicine Garden and refined a batch of blood essence recovering medicinal pills, letting these few people recover blood essence at long last.

Including Ye Yuan, the injuries this time was too severe. Even with large quantities of spirit medicines, everyone also spent two month’s time before barely managing to recover.

But after the few of them went through this, even if they recovered blood essence, their strength was greatly diminished too.

These few people’s age were not young anymore. This battle could be said to have greatly damaged their vitality. They were already no longer able to reach peak condition anymore.

The Void Mystic powerhouses that entered this time, not counting Ye Yuan’s side, were as many as 13 people. But currently, there were only a measly few people left.

The brutality of this great battle could be imagined.

“Young Master Ji, this time … it was all thanks to you! I … am ashamed!” Sword Thirteen’s gratitude carried bashfulness as he said.

“Young Master Ji saved this Shu twice altogether. Such a great favor, this Shu will never forget it. In the future, if Young Master Ji has anything you need my Heavenly Dawn Palace to help with, feel free to ask away,” Shu Yunqing said gratefully.

He was schemed against by He Dajiang the last time and almost died. It was Ye Yuan who saved him.

Even though Ye Yuan snatched away the Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma, Ye Yuan saving his life was a fact.

The other few people were also endlessly grateful, expressing thanks to Ye Yuan.

This great battle, from start to end, it was Ye Yuan restraining the Holy Mother Devil Flower and Jia Lan, these two great fiends. They all, these Void Mystic powerhouses, basically played supporting characters.

Even that deadly slash at the end had extremely deep connections to Ye Yuan too.

These few people were all extremely perceptive people. They could naturally discern that a divine artifact like Evil Extermination, absolutely would not acknowledge Ye Yuan as master without rhyme or reason.

Prior to this, their impression of Ye Yuan still stopped at that kid who only wholeheartedly knew pill refinement.

But now, their impression of Ye Yuan was already thoroughly overhauled.

Scheming, strength, destiny, plus alchemy path cultivation, Ye Yuan was a heaven-defying existence in all of them.

The present Ye Yuan was already totally different from that Ji Qingyun back then.

He had already matured into a genuine powerhouse!

“Everyone, no need to be courteous. Saving you all isn’t because this Ye is very kindhearted. I just want to preserve a portion of strength for the Divine Realm. Probably before long, the calamity of the fiend race will utterly erupt. At that time, the human race is bound to have a great battle with the fiend race. All of you leaving behind a useful body, when the time comes, contribute a portion of strength for the human race!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

If it were before, Ye Yuan definitely would not care about the few of them and just let them run their own course.

But now, Ye Yuan’s thinking was different.

Evil Extermination Sword acknowledging him as master made a sort of mission spontaneously well up in his heart.

Even though many things were buried in the annals of history, after going through so much, Ye Yuan knew that the war between the human race and fiend race had actually been continuing all along!

The Vast Heaven Stone Stele should have already changed several masters. Each master likely had an earth-shaking great battle with the fiend race.

The most recent one should be Fang Tian.

Very clearly, the fiend race was suppressed. But no matter how they were suppressed, the fiend race did not die out.

Ye Yuan walking along the way, one after another fiend race’s powerful existences were clearly intentionally let out by people.

Coupled with the Medicine King Hall’s change, the fiend race was probably scheming another counterattack to regain lost ground!

And this time, it was likely different from any one time in the past!

That time 50 thousand years ago, there was only one Heavenly Fiendgod. But this time, there was the additional Holy Mother Devil Flower and Jia Lan.

Once these fiends recovered strength, they absolutely did not pale the slightest in comparison to the Heavenly Fiendgod!

Where would the present human race go to find a second Fang Tian? Even the Ten Great Divine Kings likely could not reach Fang Tian’s level too.

Furthermore, what Ye Yuan was most apprehensive of was still that faction behind Ji Canglan!

Just how long had that faction been infesting in the Divine Realm, Ye Yuan did not dare to imagine at all.

The Vast Heaven Stone Stele found him. Now, the Evil Extermination Sword found him too, making the pressure on Ye Yuan’s shoulders suddenly become heavy.

Natural laws cycle, the great responsibility in this age may fall on him.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, the expressions of Sword Thirteen and the rest turned fearful.

Those two fiends were seriously too powerful. Such a horrifying slash of Evil Extermination was actually unable to kill them.

“Young Master Ji, rest assured. After returning this time, our Heavenly Sword Sect will officially declare war on the Medicine King Hall!” Sword Thirteen pledged solemnly.

“Our Heavenly Dawn Palace will also declare war on the Medicine King Hall right away!” Shu Yunqing said.

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “The Medicine King Hall being closed for 20 years, their present strength, we have no way of finding out. With my understanding of Ji Canglan, he probably won’t wait passively for the end. If we’re a pile of loose sand, we might suffer a huge loss instead, when the time comes.”

When the few people heard these words, they did not say anything on the surface, but in their hearts, they were very disdainful.

The Medicine King Hall’s strength at their prime could only rank in the middle among the Eight Great Super Holy Lands as well.

Now that Ji Zhangyang and Ji Qingyun, these two people were no longer around, how great could the Medicine King Hall’s strength be?

How many powerhouses could be created in 20 years’ time?

With two great super holy lands declaring war on them at the same time, the pressure on them would increase suddenly.

Even if they sought refuge from the fiend race, how many powerhouses could the fiend race groom in 20 years’ time?

Super holy lands’ powerhouses, the majority had a kind of fervent self-confidence.

Of course, one could not say that they were wrong to have this sort of fervent self-confidence. Because in normal understanding, they were that group of people standing at the very summit of the Divine Realm.

They controlled the direction of the entire Divine Realm.

Ye Yuan knew that this sort of perception could not be changed in a short time.

He thought about it and said, “How about this, after you two return, notify Sect Master Jian and Palace Lord Lin first. This Ye will head for the Holy Region within the next few days and inform those few old fellows about the fiend race’s matters, let them come forward and unite the other holy lands to launch an attack towards Ji Canglan together. At that time, he’ll be hard-pressed to escape even if he grew wings.”

Among the Eight Great Super Holy Lands, the Holy Region was one of the most powerful super holy lands.

Those few old-monster class powerhouses, each and every one of them was not at all inferior compared to the Ten Great Divine Kings.

The Divine Realm’s matters were normally each acting of their own free will. But everyone would still answer and gather under the Holy Region’s rallying call.

The state of affairs was so serious this time. Ye Yuan reckoned that those few old fellows should also be incapable of sitting still anymore.

As long as they eradicated Ji Canglan and dug out the faction behind them, then dragged the Holy Mother Devil Flower and Jia Lan in seriously injured conditions out, the crisis of the fiend race would be easily resolved.

“Alright, then we’ll have to trouble Young Master Ji to make a trip! When we eliminate Ji Canglan, I welcome Young Master Ji to come to my Heavenly Sword Sect to be a guest! I’ll take my leave here!”

Done talking, Sword Thirteen immediately left the Immemorial Medicine Garden.

“Young Master Ji don’t need to worry too much. That Ji Canglan throwing his lot with the fiend race has already infuriated public wrath, he absolutely won’t have a good end! Once this matter is over, Young Master Ji must come to my Heavenly Dawn Palace to be a guest and let this Shu carry out the hospitality of a host somewhat!”

Shu Yunqing and Ding Zhanguo greeted and also left.