Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079 Reverse Checkmate

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Looking at the few people’s departing back view, Ye Yuan could not help shaking his head and smiling bitterly.

Seemed like Sword Thirteen and Sword Thirteen did not take his words in at all.

But a super holy land’s every movement and action was also not that easy. He needed to hurry and make a trip to the Holy Region.

With a bout of great battle, the entire Immemorial Medicine Garden was already in utter disarray.

Those few million-year-old medicine spirits had long run to god knows where. The matter of finding spirit medicines, Ye Yuan could only give up as well.

Two months had passed, the outside world still did not know what kind of accident happened. This trip to the Holy Region was best as soon as possible.

At Cloudmarsh City, inside the City Lord Manor, Old Man Han furrowed his brows when he finished hearing Ye Yuan giving an account of the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s events this time.

“Old Man Han, you’re also a Divine Realm’s bigwig-class figure. It’s absolutely impossible to not have heard about the fiend race’s matters. Now that the fiend race has come into being once more, you probably can’t look on with folded arms, right?” Ye Yuan said.

Old Man Han said with knitted brows, “Such an important matter, this old man naturally won’t look on with folded arms. When exterminating the Medicine King Hall, send a word. This old man will naturally make my way over. It’s just that … sigh …”

As Old Man Han was talking, he let out a long sigh.

The Holy Mother Devil Flower coming into being virtually extracted all of the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s essence energy dry.

The current Immemorial Medicine Garden was practically just an empty husk. Those several dozen million-year-old spirit medicines virtually all fled in all directions and could not be gotten back at all.

With a great battle, no idea how many spirit medicines were ruined either. Just think about it, a great battle that affected over 100 thousand martial artists, that destructive power was simply unimaginable.

The entire Immemorial Medicine Garden was practically a wasteland.

Without the Immemorial Medicine Garden, Cloudmarsh City’s status in the Divine Realm would naturally be greatly reduced.

As Cloudmarsh City’s city lord, Old Man Han naturally had sorrow in his heart.

Ye Yuan looked at this scene in front of him, but he simply said with a cold smile, “Old Man Han, your skin is really getting thicker and thicker! I had a great battle inside the Immemorial Medicine Garden with fiend race and barely escaped death, you actually still want to extort the spirit medicines on me!”

Old Man Han had a problem, that was that he liked to collect all kinds of spirit medicines.

Even though this was the common disease of all alchemists, Old Man Han was clearly much more ill than the others.

This Cloudmarsh City did not restrict outsiders from entering the Immemorial Medicine Garden. But the things that martial artists obtained inside the Immemorial Medicine Garden, Cloudmarsh City took a cut.

Below Void Mystic experts, even if they were a peak divine king, they also had to hand over the share obediently. Otherwise, they would die very miserably.

These several thousand years, how many spirit medicines Old Man Han collected was already unimaginable.

The Immemorial Medicine Garden’s upheaval this time, only Ye Yuan the few of them escaped. Old Man Han naturally wanted to take his share of the loot.

However, Ye Yuan rebuffed him with a word.

Old Man Han’s face did not turn red nor did his heart beat any faster. He said with a broad smile, “The Immemorial Medicine Garden is already ruined, this Cloudmarsh City of mine won’t live up to its reputation anymore! Younger Brother Ji, you can’t fold your arms and not save me from ruin!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a smile that was not a smile, “Old Man Han, don’t give me that! The fiend race lurked by the side, but you did not detect at all, resulting in poking such a large hole in the basket. My small life was almost lost inside. Aren’t you going to give me a bit of compensation?”

Old Man Han was stupefied, not expecting Ye Yuan to actually make a false counter-charge!

“H-Haha, Younger Brother Ji, making a joke, don’t take it for real! I don’t want it anymore, alright?” Old Man Han joked about it.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Old Man Han, don’t think that I’m joking with you! I recently want to refine some medicinal pills and just happened to still lack several spirit medicines. Have a heart and compensate me!”

Old Man Han was startled and said with a black face, “Younger Brother, you know that spirit medicines are this old man’s lifeblood. If you really have designs on them, don’t blame me for not being courteous.”

Old Man Han was a first-rate expert, an apex existence in the Divine Realm. Even Void Mystic powerhouses did not dare to be impudent in front of him too.

But Ye Yuan did not buy it in the slightest.

“Don’t you want to know how I escaped from the hands of the fiend race? Old Man Han, how about … we try it out? You can give it a shot whether your medicine garden can still be preserved or not!” Ye Yuan threatened.

Old Man Han’s face became black as the bottom of a pot. Currently, his intestines were already green with regret.

If he had long known, he would have met Ye Yuan outside and not bring him inside.

Previously, hearing Ye Yuan talk about the events inside the Immemorial Medicine Garden, Old Man Han was very astonished in his heart too.

Over 100 thousand martial artists all died inside. The fiend race’s strength was definitely incomparably fearsome. How did Ye Yuan escape?

Old Man Han was very confident in his own strength. But facing Ye Yuan, he had no confidence in protecting his medicine garden.

The Immemorial Medicine Garden was even ruined, let alone talk about his medicine garden.

Finally, Old Man Han still yielded.

“You punk, when did you become a scoundrel? Forget it, forget it! Consider yourself ruthless! Whatever spirit medicines you required, pick yourself. But above 300 thousand years, you’re absolutely not allowed to take them away!” Old Man Han said hatefully.

He did not expect that he failed to fleece a sum and was blackmailed by Ye Yuan instead.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Don’t you worry, the spirit medicines for my refinement, 200-thousand-year old is already enough.”

Looking at Ye Yuan pluck away the spirit medicines in his medicine garden one stalk by one stalk, Old Man Han’s heart was dripping blood.

“Ye Yuan, any discovery yet?” Kuang Tianming asked when Ye Yuan returned to the residence.

Through two months plus of refining medicinal pills, Kuang Tianming finally recovered to his peak state.

When he was informed about that unbelievably tragic battle in the Immemorial Medicine Garden, his shock could not be any greater.

And today, Ye Yuan going to extort Old Man Han was not targeting his spirit medicines at all.

He felt that Old Man Han was very suspicious, so he deliberately wanted to go and probe things out. Except … the result made him very disappointed.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with furrowed brows, “Old Man Han is a cunning old fox. He doesn’t have any flaws at all! But I keep feeling that he’s somewhat unusual. He has been adjacent to the Immemorial Medicine Garden for several thousand years. Could he be completely unaware of the situation inside? Moreover, the news of the divine rank spirit medicine coming into being this time was also very fishy! I initially thought that it was news disseminated by the Medicine King Hall, but thinking back for a bit, it doesn’t feel too probable either. If say who’s the most convenient to spread this intel, it’s naturally Cloudmarsh City!”

With this bout of probing today, Ye Yuan did not find any clues at all.

Kuang Tianming let out a sigh and said, “The matter of the fiend race is complicated and confusing. The only thing that we can be certain right now is the Medicine King Hall. Looks like wanting to open up new prospects, there’s only starting from the Medicine King Hall.”

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, “There’s only like this. It’s just that those few old fellows from the Holy Region aren’t that easy to convince!”

Kuang Tianming said, “The matter concerns the rise and fall of the human race. It’s not up to them to not take it seriously!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “The higher the cultivation realm, the greater the power, and the more selfish! Wanting them to take action, it is difficult!”

The two people were currently chatting when Ruan Shuangzhou suddenly came in to report, “Milord, someone who calls himself Yue Jianfeng arrived outside, saying that he’s paying a visit to Miss Li-er.”

Ye Yuan was stupefied and could not help being somewhat doubtful. What did the Yue Family send Yue Jianfeng to come to find Li-er for at this time?