Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Retreating in Fear from a Single Sword

"Ran away? What a cowardly fellow." Ye Yuan was stupefied when he heard that.

"Apologies, Senior Apprentice Brother Ye. Tang Yu's abilities are paltry and could not detain him. I could only watch him get away," Tang Yu said in shame.

Although he did not show it, Tang Yu felt that he was seriously useless right now.

So many things had happened to Ye Yuan recently, yet he could not help with a single one of them.

At present, Wan Yuan was already like an ant which could be crushed to death with one hand to Ye Yuan. But to Tang Yu, he was as sturdy as the high mountains.

Tang Yu was aware that Wan Yuan was Ye Yuan's sworn enemy, yet he could only watch him get away powerlessly. This made him feel a deep sense of helplessness and shame.

Ye Yuan waved his hands and said, "Don't mind it, Brother Tang. Wan Yuan is just a dancing clown. I'll let him live a few days longer. After I return from the Endless Forest, I will settle him along with his father!"

When he returns from the Endless Forest, his father Ye Hang would just about to exit seclusion as well!

At that time, the two of them, father and son, would join hands to give the entire State of Qin an enormous surprise!

But when Tang Yu heard it, he was secretly speechless. Senior Apprentice Brother Ye was indeed still so domineering. Most likely, not a single soul in the State of Qin dared to say they would settle Wan Donghai, yet he said it so naturally.

Ye Yuan was somebody who refused to suffer any grievances and never embraced the creed where it was never too late for a gentleman to take revenge. His creed was that a gentleman would take revenge immediately!

Fei Qingping nearly caused him to die. Killed!

Lin Tiancheng and Zhang Heng made Lu-er end up like that. Ye Yuan disregarded the rules and just killed them!

No Essence Qi Realm had even made it past the Nine Heavens Road. Ye Yuan cleared it just like that!

Only such a life was satisfying!

Tang Yu also wished for such a life, but not everybody could live such a life.

Only a heaven-defying existence like Ye Yuan could have the capability to live such a life.

Wan Yuan was clearly frightened by Ye Yuan, which was why he fled in a panic!

Under such circumstances, Wan Yuan could only rely on the academy's rules. But the rules were only ornamental to Ye Yuan.

Right now, Ye Yuan was simply a maniac. Since he dared to kill Zhang Heng and dared to kill Lin Tiancheng, he naturally would dare to kill him, Wan Yuan!

In fact, the grudge between Wan Yuan and Ye Yuan was much greater than Lin Tiancheng's!

Hence, he did not even wait for the final result before fleeing.

Wan Yuan feared that he would not be able to escape after the result came out.

"Actually, there's another matter, Senior Apprentice Brother Ye. I don't know if I should say it or not," Tang Yu said.

"Why are you treating me like a stranger, Brother Tang? If there's anything, just say it."

"I always felt that it was a little strange for Lin Tiancheng to target Miss Lu-er. Logically speaking, Lin Tiancheng only had a small dispute with you back at the Illusionary Spirit Tower, and should not go as far as to be so malicious. So I wondered if there was more than meets the eye to this matter. Thus, I have been investigating the whole course of this incident, and the result was that I really managed to dig something out," Tang Yu said.

When Ye Yuan killed Zhang Heng and Lin Tiancheng, he was in a violent rage, so he did not think too much then. He just thought that Lin Tiancheng bore a grudge because of the incident at the Illusionary Spirit Tower.

Now that he thought carefully, although he made Lin Tiancheng lose face outside of the Illusionary Spirit Tower, it was not to the extent where the other had to die.

However, Zhang Heng's actions had clearly gone beyond the bottom line, making things somewhat illogical.

Ye Yuan also did not think that there was actually another hidden plot to this incident.

"Brother Tang means . . . Wan Yuan?" Ye Yuan quickly suspected Wan Yuan.

Tang Yu nodded his head and said, "That's right! Somebody saw Wan Yuan and Liu Ruoshui going to find Lin Tiancheng after the Illusionary Spirit Tower test ended. Of course, there's already no way of finding out what they talked about at that time."

"No need to investigate. It was definitely them making trouble! Even though I clashed with Lin Tiancheng during the Illusionary Spirit Tower test, it hadn't reached the point where the other party must die. Lin Tiancheng was originally a narrow-minded person. With them sowing discord, he naturally harbored resentment in his heart. It wouldn't be strange for him to do something like that." Ye Yuan's face gradually became darker.

"But Wan Yuan already escaped. What to do now?" Tang Yu asked.

"Let him be first. Right now, the most important thing is Lu-er's matter. I'll deal with him after I return from the Endless Forest! However, this Liu Ruoshui really has a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions! If I'm not wrong, the idea of messing with Lu-er came from her!" Ye Yuan words were brimming with killing intent.

"A woman's heart is the most vicious! Most likely, it refers to these sort of woman like her," Tang Yu said.

Ye Yuan stood up, and then he said nonchalantly, "I'm going out for a while."

Then he directly left.

Watching Ye Yuan' back view, Huyan Yong said helplessly, "This rascal really can't stop even for a moment!"

Tang Yu smiled bitterly and said, "Senior Apprentice Brother Ye just has a personality where gratitude and resentment are clearly distinguished. If others are good to him, he will be ten times nicer. If others are bad to him, he will also pay back tenfold!"

"Sigh, if he wants to cause trouble, so be it. He made it past the Nine Heavens Road, so he's already equivalent to the high sect's core disciple. I think Su Yubai wouldn't dare to act recklessly either," Huyan Yong said with a sigh.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan had just stepped out the door when he was blocked by somebody. The person was Wu Luochen who previously arranged a battle with Ye Yuan.

"Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, you are truly impressive. You actually made it through the Nine Heavens Road at the Essence Qi Realm!" The moment he saw Ye Yuan, Wu Luochen praised in admiration.

"So, it's Senior Apprentice Brother Wu. The Nine Heavens Road was just luck, didn't count as much," Ye Yuan replied while controlling his impatience.

Ye Yuan knew that Wu Luochen came to find him to compete. But how could he think about fighting with Wu Luochen at the moment?

"Heh heh, I believe Brother Ye has already guessed why this Wu came here. Since Junior Apprentice Brother Ye cleared the Nine Heavens Road and broke through to the peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, you definitely possess the power of a Heaven Rank student! I wonder if Junior Apprentice Brother Ye can fulfill the agreement back then and fight with me?" Wu Luochen did not conceal his intentions at all and openly stated it.

"Apologies, Senior Apprentice Brother Wu, this little brother has something to attend to right now. If Brother Wu wants to battle, please choose another date." Ye Yuan directly rejected him.

Wu Luochen immediately lost his cool when he heard that, and hurriedly said, "How can that do? I know that you're definitely about to enter seclusion to consolidate your cultivation realm. Two days later, it's also the Endless Trials. Who knows how long this wait will last! We should just pick today rather than choosing a date!"

Wu Luochen's eyes were full of hope, and he looked like he was raring to go.

To someone like Wu Luochen, fighting was his life's everything!

Ye Yuan could only say helplessly, "Senior Apprentice Brother Wu, if I recall correctly, our agreement back then was to wait until I advance to Heaven rank before competing, right? But I'm still an Earth rank student presently. If Senior Apprentice Brother Wu is so forceful, wouldn't you be in suspicion of the strong bullying the weak?"

"This . . . But Junior Apprentice Brother Ye's battle capabilities are shocking. Although you are still at the peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, your strength is definitely not beneath Heaven rank students already, right? From my perspective, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye can definitely ascend the Martial Roll of Honor now with your strength, and your ranking might not be below mine!" Wu Luochen was not so easily hoodwinked.

Ye Yuan was anxious to find Liu Ruoshui, yet he was held back by Wu Luochen. So he was very annoyed and could not resist saying, "Fine. As long as Senior Apprentice Brother Wu receives one sword head-on from me, what's the harm in competing with you?"

Wu Luochen's eyes lit up, and he asked in surprise, "Really?"

"Of course it's real! Remember, it's receiving it head-on! If you dodge, then forgive me for not keeping you company!" Ye Yuan emphasized.

"Haha! No harm! Come on!" Wu Luochen guffawed heartily.

Ye Yuan retrieved the CanghuaSword from his storage ring and unleashed a fused sword intent straight away!

Wu Luochen initially was still full of smiles, but right now, his facial expression quickly changed. That horrifying sword intent practically asphyxiated him!

How could such a sword intent possibly be received head-on?

Wu Luochen hastily revolved his movement technique and dodged that sword.