Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1080

Chapter 1080 Breaking Destiny

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After Ye Yuan left the City Lord Manor, a figure appeared beside Old Man Han.

“Looks like he’s already suspicious of you,” said that person.

“This brat is too clever. In the past, he didn’t place his thoughts on this. Returning this time, even I, this old antique, feel a headache towards him!” Old Man Han said.

“Huhu, this junior apprentice brother of mine is a peerlessly talented person to begin with. Previous life, it was the environment he grew up in that was too comfortable. Hence, that’s why he could not be bothered to place his thoughts on scheming and conspiring. Once he gets serious, even I’m not a match either!”

This figure was actually Ye Yuan’s senior apprentice brother, Ji Canglan!

Ye Yuan attempted to probe Old Man Han, but he never would have thought that Old Man Han actually got together with Ji Canglan.

Hearing Ji Canglan’s words, Old Man Han deeply felt that way too as he nodded his head and said, “This brat’s maturing speed is too terrifying! The last time he came, I already wanted to make a move to keep him behind. But I discovered that I couldn’t see through him at all. That’s why I didn’t act rashly without careful consideration.”

Ji Canglan said, “Luckily, you didn’t make a move against him. Otherwise, this time, Lord Holy Mother probably won’t have a chance to escape.”

“You really view him so highly? The two of us taking action, keeping him behind shouldn’t be hard,” Old Man Han said in surprise.

Ji Canglan said with a faint smile, “It’s not that I view him highly, but that it’s heaven that thinks highly of him! The son of heaven’s mandate isn’t said for fun! If it was so easy to be killed, then it wouldn’t be called the son of heaven’s mandate! I’ve already killed him once, except … he’s not dead yet, isn’t it so? Our fiend race has counterattacked god knows how many times in the Divine Realm. But each time, it’s foiled at the hands of the child of destiny! This time, we must be doubly cautious!”

Old Man Han’s expression turned austere as he said, “Could it be that, Holy Son, you infiltrating into the Medicine King Hall, was actually because of him?”

Although Old Man Han’s strength was formidable, this sort of top-secret matters, he naturally did not know. Most likely, the only ones who knew were the Lord Divine Master out of Ji Canglan’s mouth, as well as Ji Canglan himself, right?

Only hearing Ji Canglan say so at this time, did Old Man Han have a feeling of suddenly seeing the whole thing in a clear light, thinking through the cause and effect.

The Divine Realm had Eight Great Super Holy Lands. Even if it was infiltrating, they should also pick the most powerful Holy Region.

Although the Medicine King Hall was powerful, it was still not worth the Divine Master doing so.

Moreover, after the holy son killed the Ji father and son, he did not seem to have any further actions either.

Looking at it now, the holy son infiltrating the Medicine King Hall, his goal from the very start was Ji Qingyun!

Ji Canglan smiled slightly and nodded as he said, “That’s right! Lord Divine Master purged the fiendish energy in my body with a great magical ability, sealed my memories, and sent me into the Medicine King Hall. The goal was precisely Ji Qingyun! Long during a thousand years ago, Lord Divine Master somewhat sensed that this era’s child of destiny will appear in the Medicine King Hall. I laid low for several hundred years and plotted for a long time before finally finding an opportunity to take action, striking dead with one blow. It’s just, I never thought that that didn’t kill him either! Hence, if Ji Qingyun died here muddleheadedly, then he wouldn’t be the son of heaven’s mandate.”

“Hiss …” Old Man Han drew a cold breath.

Such detailed setup, such a deadly blow, was actually unable to kill Ji Qingyun too.

This boy’s life was also truly too tenacious!

In the past, he still scoffed in contempt towards the saying of son of heaven’s mandate. But now, he believed it.

Ji Canglan continued slowly, “I even suspect now that 20 years ago, when I made a move and killed him, it precisely gave him the chance to have a nirvanic rebirth! It was also precisely because I killed him, that it gave him a chance to soar up to the heavens with one bound! Perhaps, all of this was long foreordained already! If without me, maybe he’ll still be that Medicine King Hall’s young lord who’s wholeheartedly obsessed with alchemy Dao! Thinking about it further back, perhaps Divine Master’s response might also have been something long predetermined.”

The more Ji Canglan talked, the more alarmed Old Man Han was.

These words sounded very incredible, but thinking about it carefully, wasn’t it exactly so?

With Ji Canglan’s status, he definitely would not utter such incomprehensible words. These words were definitely after he thought it over carefully.

The life of the son of heaven’s mandate was too tenacious!

“This … Doesn’t that mean that no matter what we do, we ultimately still can’t escape the outcome of defeat? This Ji Qingyun can’t be killed at all?” Old Man Han said in amazement.

According to Ji Canglan’s way of saying things, everything that they were doing right now was all futile. Then, what was the point?

Ji Canglan smiled and said, “Not unkillable, it’s just that the time hasn’t arrived yet. Since we’ve already failed once, we absolutely can’t fail a second time! The next time we make a move, there must be 100% assurance.”

“This … How to kill?” Old Man Han said speechlessly.

Ji Canglan’s expression turned intent, and his gaze was deep as he said, “Want to kill the child of destiny, one must first break his destiny! As long as one breaks his destiny, killing him will be as easy as blowing off dust.”

Old Man Han was stunned and blurted, “Breaking destiny? How to break?”

Fate was determined by heaven. Regardless of whether it was the human race or fiend race, how could one possibly break destiny?

Ji Canglan just smiled, and he did not answer Old Man Han.

“Uncle Feng, why have you come?”

Seeing Yue Jianfeng, Li-er was very surprised too.

Yue Jianfeng looked to be laden with worries, an appearance of wanting to speak but swallowing the words back.

The moment Li-er saw this appearance, her heart thumped. To be able to make Yue Jianfeng personally make a trip, something unforeseen must have happened to Bright Moon City.

Yue Jianfeng heaved a sigh and said, “Ancestor’s longevity is drawing to an end and is going to pass away in meditation very soon.”

Li-er’s entire body involuntarily trembled when she heard that!

“How can it be? Wasn’t Ancestor in closed-seclusion all along these few years? Why would he suddenly …” Li-er said in disbelief.

Yue Jianfeng also let out a sigh and said, “Ancestor’s matters, I believe you also know. In his early years, he had a battle with the Zhou Family’s ancestor and had long left behind hidden injuries already. A few days ago, his hidden injuries relapsed. Hence … his lifespan is exhausted ahead of schedule. Passing away in meditation … is also a matter of these few months. Li-er, you’re my Yue Family’s most important junior presently. His elderly self hopes to meet you before passing away. There are some things that he wants to instruct you face to face.”

“This …” The moment Li-er heard, she became caught in a dilemma.

As a matter of fact, she and the Yue Family’s ancestor did not have overly deep feelings.

Ever since birth, the ancestor was in closed-seclusion all-year-round and never showed face before.

But now that his elderly self was about to pass away in meditation, she had to make a trip back no matter what. It was just that Ye Yuan’s pressing matter on hand right now was to make a trip to the Holy Region. This way, it would be marching in opposite directions to Ye Yuan.

“Big Brother Yuan, I …”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Since your ancestor wants to see you, you naturally have to make this trip back. Making a trip to the Holy Region, I’m just having a couple of words with those few old freaks. It won’t take too much time either. Once the matters over there are settled, I’ll go to Bright Moon City to find you.”

Actually, Ye Yuan could not bear to part with Li-er too. But a person’s death was major. The Yue Family’s ancestor’s passing away in meditation was near at hand. If he did not let Li-er return, it was seriously going against moral principles.

Others might, but he himself would not be able to disregard his own conscience on this.