Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081 City In The Sky

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During his previous life, Ye Yuan had heard before that the Yue Family still had a Void Mystic ancestor who stood aloof from worldly affairs. It was just that, did not think that his longevity actually drew to an end coincidentally at this time.

The Yue Family had already gotten to know Yue Mengli’s potential and would naturally take her to be the Yue Family’s hope.

How could such an important figure not show up?

No matter how Ye Yuan loathed to part with Yue Mengli, he also could not do such a thing.

Yue Mengli hated to part with Ye Yuan even more.

To her, she only walked together with Ye Yuan after going through hardships and dangers. She wished that she could keep sticking onto Ye Yuan and forever not part with him.

But the affairs of human life were hard to predict. The Yue Family’s important matter, she obviously could not really ignore it.

“Ao Qian, follow Li-er. Make sure not to let her suffer any bit of harm. Otherwise, I’ll hold you solely responsible!” Ye Yuan’s tone was a never-before solemn.

Ao Qian’s expression turned stern as he said, “Yes, milord!”

But Li-er refused and said, “Big Brother Yuan, this trip of yours is perilous. Those few Holy Region’s major powers aren’t that easygoing. Elder Ao’s strength is very strong, you’d best bring him along beside you. I’m just making a trip back to Bright Moon City, why would I need any protection? If you really can’t put your mind at ease, just let Wu Luo take a trip back with me.”

Yue Jianfeng also said, “Yeah, Lord Qingyun Zi. Bright Moon City is Li-er’s home, could it be that there are still people who dare to bully her?”

Ye Yuan was helpless and could only let Wu Luo accompany Li-er and leave together.

Watching Li-er’s silhouette disappear in the transmission array, Ye Yuan felt a sense of loss.

Holy Region, it was a very special existence.

It only had one large domain. But this place, it was the entire Divine Realm’s strongest place.

Not ‘one of’!

The lord of the Holy Region was the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King.

And the Holy Region was also the one and only faction that possessed a Ten Great Divine King among the Eight Great Super Holy Lands.

Apart from this, the Alchemist Association that established the entire alchemist system was also situated in the Holy Region.

Of course, there was still the Heaven’s Secret Tower that was veiled in mystery.

So many powerful forces, including major forces, gathered in one region. The magnitude of might could be imagined.

The title of Void Mystic powerhouses was mostly passed down from mouth to mouth.

But the titles of the Ten Great Divine Kings were set by the Heaven’s Secret Tower.

Whether or not the rankings of the Ten Great Divine Kings were accurate or not, nobody knew as well. Because they had never fought before amongst themselves.

At least, they had never exchanged blows before in front of people.

But the Ten Great Divine Kings themselves did not seem to have much dissent towards this ranking. They tacit acknowledged this ranking.

The lord of the Holy Region was titled the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King. Such a peerlessly tyrannical name naturally also represented his incomparably powerful strength.

“This Holy Region is simply miraculous! Supporting the Divine Realm’s largest city in the sky, how terrifying the essence energy does this require?” Jiang Taicang looked at that city high above the clouds and exclaimed with shock.

The Holy City was the Holy Region’s hub, and also the Divine Realm’s largest city.

Except, this city was not on the ground. It was established in the sky.

The city was submerged in the clouds, unable to see through the actual situation at all. It could even be claimed as miraculous.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “The Holy City is a miracle in the first place, so what’s there to kick up a great fuss over? If talking about which faction’s inheritance in this Divine Realm is preserved the most completely, it’s none other than the Holy City. If not for this case, how could it give birth to Zhuge Qingxuan, that kind of monster?”

“Zhuge Qingxuan?” Jiang Taicang could not help being stupefied when he heard this name. Clearly, it was very unfamiliar.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “That is the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King out of everybody’s mouth, the rank one existence among the Ten Great Divine Kings.”

With this, even Ao Qian could not help perking his ears too.

He had long heard of the name of the Ten Great Divine Kings, known as the ten strongest people in the Divine Realm presently.

Then wouldn’t this rank one be the present Divine Realm’s number one person?

Such an existence, how could they not be interested?

Ruan Shuangzhou muttered, “Turns out that the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King’s true name is called Zhuge Qingxuan!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “I told you all long ago that these guys like to pretend to be mysterious. But Zhuge Qingxuan is really very strong! The other divine kings’ titles are mostly related to their most-skilled fields, while Zhuge Qingxuan’s isn’t. This guy has virtually no weakness to exploit! His might practically makes people despair.”

The so-called Ten Great Divine Kings were unfathomable existences to other people.

To a divine king expert like Ruan Shuangzhou, he did not even know Zhuge Qingxuan’s name. But Ye Yuan had friendly relations with quite a few of the Ten Great Divine Kings. Their mysterious veil was nothing in front of Ye Yuan.

But toward Zhuge Qingxuan’s strength, Ye Yuan still admired greatly.

Even such a proud fellow like the Spirit Bristle Divine King was full of praises towards Zhuge Qingxuan.

His might naturally need not be elaborated.

“Really that impressive? When I recover my strength, I want to find him to exchange views! I want to take a look if this Divine Realm’s number one person currently is really that incredible or not!” Ao Qian said with an unconvinced look.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “The reason why Zhuge Qingxuan is powerful is also that the Holy City’s inheritances are very complete. The Holy City’s foundation has lasted all the way from the Divine Dao era until today. It’s what ordinary factions can’t imagine. Just take this grand array for example. It has operated for countless tens of thousands of years and didn’t wane for a long time. Probably only Deity Realm powerhouses had such ability.”

The secrets in the Holy City were numerous. Just this divine rank grand array before their eyes made people marvel endlessly with admiration.

Among those fleeting and ephemeral clouds, concealed an incomparably powerful grand array. This grand array had operated all the way from the Divine Dao era till today but did not have the slightest trend of weakening.

Such a foundation was naturally not what ordinary forces could compare to.

There had once been many powerhouses who wished to enter into the clouds to check things out. But without exception, they were all turned to dregs.

Over the course of time, nobody dared to enter inside anymore.

“Milord, everyone says that the Holy Region is easy to enter, but the Holy City is hard to go into. How … should we enter inside?” Ruan Shuangzhou said.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “You look, hasn’t the ones fetching us arrived?”

Everyone looked over. Sure enough, they saw a group of people floating down from the Holy City.

A young man leading cupped his fists towards Ye Yuan and said, “May I ask if it’s Lord Qingyun Zi?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Precisely so.”

The young man said very cordially, “Haha, it’s really Lord Qingyun Zi! This one is Hou Yu, Holy City Purple-Gold Hall’s fifth-seat disciple. Half a month ago, Hou Yu received Lord Cloudsky’s dharmic decree to let me welcome Your Excellency here. I didn’t think that today, Your Excellency finally arrived.”

Regarding the Holy City knowing about his arrival, Ye Yuan was not surprised.

The Holy City was the Divine Realm’s central. It was incomparably well-informed. Ye Yuan did not deliberately conceal his whereabouts either. With their strength, grasping his whereabouts was beyond easy.

When this Hou Yu said that he was a disciple of the Purple-Gold Hall, a trace of pride flickered across his eyes.

The Purple-Gold Hall was the hall where the Holy City’s most elite disciples were at. Inside were virtually divine king powerhouses. To be able to rank fifth, his strength was rather out of the ordinary.

Ye Yuan looked at Hou Yu and said with a smile that was not a smile, “What haughty airs Cloudsky old punk has! This young master arrived, and he actually doesn’t receive personally!”