Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1082

Chapter 1082 Golden Cloud Sky Stairs

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The moment these words came out, the countenance of Hou Yu and the group of disciples behind him suddenly changed.

This guy proclaimed to be Qingyun Zi before their eyes. His age was much younger than them. But he behaved like a senior when saying these words.

Who was Cloudsky?

Cloudsky was one of the three titans of Holy City. His status in the Holy City was second only to the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King.

Such a character personally appointing a disciple to come out and welcome, could it be that it was still not grand enough?

This fellow in front of them was also a little too insolent, right?

“H-Haha, Lord Cloudsky is too busy and truly can’t find time to come and receive Your Excellency. I hope that Your Excellency doesn’t take offense. Your Excellency, enter the city first. When Lord Cloudsky is done with work, he’ll definitely come and pay a courtesy call to Lord Qingyun Zi,” Huo Yu said with an obsequious smile.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said with a cold smile, “Heh, this Cloudsky old punk, isn’t it seeing that this young master is no longer the man I was, having a high opinion of his identity, that’s why he dispatched you all to come forward? Forget it, coming this time is for important matters on hand. I won’t stoop to the level of you all, these juniors.”

Hou Yu had an appearance as if a heavy burden was lifted off. He extended his hand to lead the way as he said, “Lord Qingyun Zi, please!”

The place Hou Yu pointed at was a mass of golden-colored cloud. Under the shine of the sunlight, it appeared glistening.

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised as he said, “Yo, Golden Cloud Sky Stairs. Cloudsky old punk is still giving a lot of face, huh?”

Hou Yu said smilingly, “What’s Lord Qingyun Zi saying? Your Excellency is the Divine Realm’s pinnacle-most alchemist. With your status, naturally, there’s only the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs that’s fitting.”

But Ao Qian’s expression changed, and he looked at Hou Yu viciously as he said, “What do you mean, brat?”

But Hou Yu said calmly, “This senior, I don’t understand your words. The Golden Cloud Sky Stairs is the Holy City’s highest treatment of receiving distinguished guests. One step, three thousand stairs, what do you think I mean?”

“You!” Ao Qian was tongue-tied for a moment and could not help looking at Ye Yuan as he said, “Milord, we’d best go up from the ordinary Cloud Sky Stairs!”

Ao Qian, this kind of old monster, naturally came to the Holy City before.

Flying was prohibited within 10 thousand miles of the Holy City. If someone attempted to fly into the Holy City, they would be decimated by the divine rank grand array.

The only way to enter the Holy City was this Cloud Sky Stairs.

Under the Holy City, there were masses of clouds. The shade of colors varied.

As long as one stepped onto the clouds, a cloud and mist staircase would naturally form step by step. It was called Cloud Sky Stairs!

The color of the Cloud Sky Stairs went from light to dark. It was divided into a total of nine ranks, corresponding to martial artists’ nine ranks, respectively.

Rank-one Cloud Sky Stairs, one step one stair. Reaching the Holy City from the bottom required a full one year’s time.

While the rank-nine Cloud Sky Stairs, one step, three hundred stairs. Ascending to the Holy City required a day’s time.

While above rank-nine, there was an even higher level staircase still, named Golden Cloud Sky Stairs.

The Golden Cloud Sky Stairs, one step, three thousand stairs. One only needed several hours to be able to reach the Holy City.

This Golden Cloud Sky Stairs assumed a golden-color, looking extremely deluxe. It was indeed what the Holy City used to welcome distinguished guests.

But, this Golden Cloud Sky Stairs, even ordinary Void Mystic powerhouses might not be able to ascend it safely either.

When Ao Qian saw Hou Yu’s very cautious manner, he even thought that Hou Yu was really apprehensive of Ye Yuan’s identity. He did not expect that Hou Yu was scheming something!

He was also perplexed earlier. His Excellency normally treated people very modestly. Why did he have a high and mighty attitude toward this brat in front of him?

One had to know that him calling Cloudsky old punk, was placing him and Cloudsky on the capacity of the same generation.

These few were merely the Purple-Gold Hall’s disciples. They immediately became a generation lower compared to Ye Yuan.

Only then did Ao Qian come to a realization why Ye Yuan had a very cocky appearance just now. Turns out that he had long seen through this Hou Yu’s little thoughts and deliberately postured for him to see!

Hearing Ao Qian’s words, Hou Yu feigned surprise and said, “How can this do? Lord Qingyun Zi is the Divine Realm’s pinnacle-most alchemist, a person of the same generation as Lord Fengtian. How can he go up from the ordinary Cloud Sky Stairs? This way is also too deigning, right?”

Ao Qian’s face turned black, and he berated, “Brat, shut your mouth for this old man! Do you believe this old man will tear your mouth or not?”

But Hou Yu did not care about him at all and pretended to have a sudden realization again as he said, “Ah! I know, could it be that Lord Qingyun Zi reincarnating, he can’t even mount this Golden Cloud Sky Stairs now? Lord Qingyun Zi, this … Hou Yu had good intentions. I didn’t think that Your Excellency actually can’t go up! Sorry, truly sorry!”


His words being uttered, the group of disciples behind him all roared with laughter.

Hou Yu apologized verbally but was delighted in his heart.

Ask you to posture! Ask you to offend Eldest Senior Brother!

Isn’t it just a lousy alchemist? Only climbed on top of Eldest Senior Brother’s head by taking advantage of trickery. Really think that you’re some important character?

Reaching the Holy City, even a dragon had to coil for Your Father!

Ao Qian was just about to fly off the handle when Ye Yuan used a hand gesture to stop him from speaking. He looked at Hou Yu and said smilingly, “Guo Xu made you do it, right? Already been so many years, that fellow is still so small-minded. How will he take on big responsibilities in the future?”

The Guo Xu out of Ye Yuan’s mouth was precisely Hou Yu’s Eldest Senior Brother, the Purple-Gold Hall’s head disciple.

This Guo Xu was the same as Ye Yuan and Jian Wushuang, genius martial artists that grew up in the same generation.

But Guo Xu’s growing speed was similarly far from comparable to Ye Yuan.

When Ye Yuan became a peak Alchemy Emperor, Guo Xu was still just a peak Divine King and had not stepped into the realm of Void Mystic.

Originally, the two were of the same generation. But with Ye Yuan’s breakthrough, Guo Xu became a junior all of a sudden. How could this not make him depressed?

Back then, Guo Xu was known as the Divine Realm’s number one genius, with hopes of inheriting the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King’s mantle.

But he was crushed by Ye Yuan until he was black and blue all over.

Even though the two people never had a frontal-clash before, every time Guo Xu saw Ye Yuan, that thick enmity could not be concealed no matter what.

Living in the same era as Ye Yuan, regardless of what kind of a genius, it was all a tragedy.

Jian Wushuang was like that, Guo Xu was similarly like so.

Huo Yu was choked badly by Ye Yuan’s words. But he forcefully pressed it down in the end and switched to a smiling face as he said, “What’s Lord Qingyun Zi saying? Hou Yu doesn’t understand! Hou Yu has good intentions. What has it got to do with Eldest Senior Brother? Sigh, it was Hou Yu who was rash. If Your Excellency can’t ascend the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs, then change to an ordinary one then.”

Hou Yu was certain that Ye Yuan could not ascend the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs. Hence, that was why he kept on using words to squeeze Ye Yuan ceaselessly.

This trip here for him was indeed sent by Cloudsky. But before coming, Guo Xu greeted him and told him to make things tough for Ye Yuan.

His current thoughts were very simple, that was to give Ye Yuan some trouble. Either way, he could not ascend the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs.

Even Eldest Senior Brother, this Void Mystic powerhouse, could not ascend the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs, let alone Ye Yuan, this Third Level Dao Profound.

He deliberately raised Ye Yuan’s status high in order to extol him to death.

It was just that he did not think that Ye Yuan’s present bit of strength, he actually dared to climb up along the shaft too. But he had also repulsed enough for him to choke on.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Forget it, forget it. Since Guo Xu is so cordial, wouldn’t it brush off his good intentions if I don’t mount this Golden Cloud Sky Stairs?”