Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083 Childs Play

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Ye Yuan lightly leaped and stepped right onto the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs.

Seeing this scene, Hou Yu’s face revealed a look of derision.

The Cloud Sky Stairs was this divine rank grand array’s subsidiary, containing extremely profound powers of law. If one’s cultivation realm fell short, there was no way to stand firmly on top at all.

Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was simply inadequate to stand on it.

Cultivation realm not match, the grand array would immediately eject Ye Yuan out, even get injured by powers of law.

This move of Hou Yu’s was in order to make a fool of Ye Yuan. If he could let him suffer a big loss, that would be for the best.

Sure enough, the moment Ye Yuan stood on it, the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs spilled over with light and was about to throw Ye Yuan off.

Beneath Ye Yuan’s foot quaked unceasingly, making his entire body start swaying, looking as if he was going to be thrown off.

“Hahaha! This is our Lord Qingyun Zi! You’re a major power of the Divine Realm! To actually not even be able to stand on the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs!” Hou Yu laughed loudly and said.

“Haha, what’s wrong, Lord Qingyun Zi? The Golden Cloud Sky Stairs, one step three thousand stairs, you haven’t taken this step yet!”

“Hold steady, quickly hold it there steady! Being flung off the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs isn’t that pleasant.”

“Is this really that Lord Qingyun Zi hailed as closest to the Alchemy God Realm? Wouldn’t be a fake one, right? Hahaha!”

For a moment, mocking laughter sounded out everywhere. The group of Purple-Gold Hall disciples laughed themselves into convulsions, all mocking Ye Yuan non-stop.

Ao Qian and the rest all had black faces. This bunch of fellows was clearly long prepared to watch a spectacle!

If not out of fear of delaying the important matters, they wished that they could teach these guys a good lesson.

But on the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs, Ye Yuan was not panicky. A faint surge of power of laws slowly spilled over from his body, converging into the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs.

Very soon, his body no longer swayed. The Golden Cloud Sky Stairs also stabilized.

This surge of power of laws was precisely those divine inscriptions’ Divine Dao laws!

The eyeballs of those Purple-Gold Hall disciples all popped out. The original mocking laughter abruptly ceased.

What kind of situation was this?

Why was a Third Level Dai Profound martial artist able to stabilize himself on the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs?

This … This was something that had never happened before!

This face-slapping was simply resounding.

A lot of their faces were still carrying that strange smile earlier, currently frozen on their faces. But now, they could not smile no matter what.

Ye Yuan turned around and gave Hou Yu a pitiful glance as he said with a smile, “I was only teasing you just now. You expended such a great effort; if I didn’t let you be happy for a bit, it would seriously let you down.”

Done talking, Ye Yuan took a step out and immediately appeared above three thousand steps!

Jiang Taicang also froze there. Seeing Ye Yuan disappear before his eyes, he let out a guffaw and said, “You see it? You bunch of dumbasses take a good look! This is disparity! You guys think that Qingyun Zi, these three words, is casually shouted?”

Ao Qian was also akin to being relieved of a heavy burden and said with a cold snort, “A bunch of things who overestimate their own abilities! Really unbelievably foolish!”

“Eldest Senior Brother, Qingyun Zi reincarnating, he’s merely an initial-stage Dao Profound minor character now. Lord Cloudsky actually made you come and receive personally. We really feel not worth it for you!”

“Yeah, Eldest Senior Brother. Why don’t you go back? This sort of minor character, we’ll do the waiting. You’re a Void Mystic powerhouse now. How can you humble yourself and bend your knee to welcome a puny little initial-stage Dao Profound martial artist?”

“For him to want to come up from the rank-nine Cloud Sky Stairs, it still needs a day’s time! But I’m looking very forward to his badly battered appearance when he comes up, hahaha!”

Outside the Holy City’s gates, several young men were gathered together. The one at the front was actually a Void Mystic powerhouse. Who could it be if not Guo Xu?

Toward the group of junior apprentice brothers’ flattery, Guo Xu quite enjoyed it.

Except, he had a reason that he must be here as well. He very much wished to personally take a look at what kind of state the Qingyun Zi, who commanded the wind and clouds back then ended up in.

Especially the appearance of tumbling until his nose was bloody and his face swollen.

Guo Xu felt very thrilled in his heart even thinking about it.

Of course, he would not utter this sort of words in front of a group of junior apprentice brothers.

“Talking rubbish! How can Lord Cloudsky’s orders be brushed over? Although I broke through to the realm of Void Mystic, I’m just the Purple-Gold Hall’s head disciple in the end,” Guo Xu reproached.

Although it was a reprimand, not a hint of reprove could be heard in his words.

Right at this time, a silhouette burst right through the clouds and appeared in everyone’s line of sight.

“It’s the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs!” somebody exclaimed in shock.

There was no need for him to say this, because Guo Xu already discerned that it was the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs.

Moreover, that unfamiliar young man on the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs was precisely Third Level Dao Profound. Who could it be if not Ye Yuan?

Gui Xu looked at Ye Yuan absentmindedly with a look of disbelief.

How could Third Level Dao Profound possibly come up from the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs?

Ye Yuan leaped, jumping down from the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs, and arrived before Guo Xu, and said with a smile, “Long time no see, Guo Xu.”

Guo Xu said in a daze, “You … You’re really Qingyun Zi? But how did you come up from the Golden Cloud Sky Stairs?”

Ye Yuan reached his hand out and patted on his shoulders twice, and slowly walked into the city as he said without even turning his head back, “So many years of not seeing, you’re still such a good-for-nothing! You’re at any rate a Void Mystic powerhouse now too, still playing this sort of child’s play tricks. Don’t you find it disgraceful?”

The moment Guo Xu heard, his lungs wanted to explode from fury.

This guy still postured just like in the past, to actually use the tone of a senior to reprimand me!

You’re merely a Third Level Dao Profound right now. To actually dare talk this way to a Void Mystic powerhouse. You really don’t know how the word death was written!

“Ji Qingyun, stop right there for me!” Guo Xu looked at Ye Yuan’s back view and shouted coldly.

Ye Yuan seemingly did not hear it and paid no heed to all as he walked into the city.

Guo Xu’s expression sunk, and he said, “If you’re looking for a bashing yourself, then you can’t blame me!”

Finished saying, he immediately reached his hand out to grab at Ye Yuan.

This grab, Guo Xu intentionally wanted to embarrass Ye Yuan, mustering up essence energy fully.

As long as he grabbed hold of Ye Yuan’s shoulder, it could absolutely make him hurt until he knelt down.

The power of a Void Mystic powerhouse’s grab could be imagined!

The group of junior apprentice disciples only saw a blur before their eyes, and Guo Xu vanished before them.

While at this time, Ye Yuan seemed to be oblivious and still walked forward neither too fast nor too slowly.

With a whistle, a strong wind already arrived!

Guo Xu’s grab directly aimed at Ye Yuan’s shoulder.

However, just as his hand was about to touch Ye Yuan, he only felt a blur before his eyes. His body actually passed right through Ye Yuan’s body.

Guo Xu abruptly turned his head back and discovered that Ye Yuan was still standing there perfectly well. It was as if he never moved before at all.

He looked at Ye Yuan in disbelief as he said with a shocked look, “Heaven Man Unity! You … You actually already comprehended Heaven Man Unity! Just 20 year’s time, how is this possible?

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Don’t play such childish stuff anymore. Bring me to go see Cloudsky. Coming this time, I have important matters to discuss with him!”