Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 Sit Idly And Reap The Fruits Of Others Labor

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“Lord Cloudsky is currently in closed-seclusion, and it’s inconvenient to meet him. I’ll bring you to the courier stations first. Other matters, talk again later,” Guo Xu came back to his senses and said impatiently.

Hearing Guo Xu’s words, Ye Yuan had a bad premonition.

This trip probably would not be that smooth.

“Where’s Nangong Zifeng and Zhuge Qingxuan?” Ye Yuan asked with a frown.

The Holy City’s three titans: Zhuge Qingxuan, Nangong Zifeng, and Cloudsky.

These three people were the Holy City’s most powerful existences. Since Cloudsky was in closed-seclusion, Ye Yuan could only look for Nangong Zifeng.

“Lord Nangong and Lord Zhuge are both not in the city. If you have urgent matters, there’s only waiting for Lord Cloudsky to exit seclusion,” Guo Xu said.

Ye Yuan’s brows knitted tightly together. Cloudsky was clearly intentionally avoiding and not meeting here. Could it be that he had already guessed his intention of coming and did not plan on intervening in the Medicine King Hall’s matters?

If it was like this, the matter would be rather troublesome.

Without the Holy Region’s support, it was very hard for the Eight Great Super Holy Lands to join together. Wanting to deal with the Medicine King Hall would be doubly difficult.

Moreover, Ye Yuan kept feeling that the Medicine King Hall was likely not as easy to deal with as on the surface.

There were no walls without any cracks under the heavens. The Immemorial Medicine Garden had such a huge commotion, it was impossible for the Eight Great Super Holy Lands to not have any intel at all.

The Medicine King Hall concealed so deeply. Taking the risk of being exposed this time and drawing so many experts, it was impossible for them to never have thought that they would become a common target for scorn.

If say Ji Canglan had no preparations at all, Ye Yuan would not believe it even if he was beaten to death.

Cloudsky said that he was in closed-seclusion, Ye Yuan had no other methods too. He could only follow Guo Xu to the courier station together.

Guo Xu escorted Ye Yuan inside the courier station and left on his own without caring about the latter.

Inside an independent space in the Holy City, two elderly men were currently conversing.

“Ji Qingyun coming to the Holy City this time is definitely for the matter of the Medicine King Hall. With his character, not seeing our faces, he probably won’t easily leave.”

“To think that after a time interval of 50 thousand years, the fiend race staged a comeback once again. Looks like this time, it can’t dispense with a bout of sanguinary slaughter again!”

“Heh, since Ye Yuan is this era’s son of heaven’s mandate, then we naturally don’t need to poke our noses into what isn’t our business. How many times have the fiend race jumped around? They never truly succeeded before even once. With the son of heaven’s mandate around, just let them fight first. After fighting finish, we’ll come out again to clean up the messy situation.”

“I didn’t think that Ji Qingyun is actually this era’s son of heaven’s mandate! Since he came to the Holy City, it means that he won’t sit idly by and remain indifferent to the fiend race’s matters.”

“Ji Canglan failed to kill Ji Qingyun, but helped him instead, indicating that his destiny is extremely strong. As long as one lets him mature, he’ll naturally be able to exterminate the fiend race.”

If Ye Yuan was here, he would be able to recognize that these two were precisely the Nangong Zifeng and Cloudsky, who avoided meeting him.

Except, Ye Yuan probably also did not think that the Divine Realm’s secrets that the Holy City was aware of were far more than he imagined.

Hearing the meaning in their words, they actually wanted to watch indifferently regarding the fiend race’s matters without lending a hand, harboring the idea of sitting it out and reaping the spoils later.

The matter of Ye Yuan being the son of heaven’s mandate, they were also perfectly aware.

Looking at it like this, the matter of the fiend race gradually surfacing, they were actually long aware.

Except, they did not have the intention of stopping. Instead, they had the intention of letting it develop unchecked.

“Qingxuan that fellow has already entered the Godsfall Mountain Range for 20 years time. I wonder if he really has any harvests or not. Without him holding down the fort, once the crisis of the fiend race erupts, the two of us probably can’t suppress it!” Cloudsky said.

“There’s no big deal. Once the holy city’s array formation activates, even Deity Realm powerhouses are unable to break through. Even if the fiend race was any stronger, it’s also impossible to breach the Holy City. Furthermore, divine artifacts coming into existence consecutively, heaven and earth will presumably have a great change. Perhaps … Deity Realm powerhouses will really descend upon the mortal world anew. If that’s really the case, Qingxuan will definitely be the first powerhouse to step into Deity Realm!” Nangong Zifeng said.

“Makes sense! Our Holy Region’s foundations are deep and profound. Furthermore, we’ve avoided several great battles of two races. Our accumulations are very deep. If say talking about who has the greatest hope of breaking through to Deity Realm in this world, it’s definitely Qingxuan,” Cloudsky said.

“Ji Qingyun that brat, leave him out in the sun to dry first. When he feels snubbed, he’ll naturally leave,” Nangong Zifeng said.

Cloudsky nodded and said, “There’s only like this.”

After encamping at the courier station, out of Ye Yuan’s expectations, Long Teng manifested himself.

“Senior Long Teng, you are …” Ye Yuan asked rather surprisedly.

Long Teng looked at Ye Yuan and said, “Are the Holy Region’s personnel in-charge avoiding you and not meeting?”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said unhappily, “No idea what’s with Cloudsky that old man. The Holy Region is the human race’s leader. At present, the fiend race’s feathers are gradually fluffing up, but he’s avoiding meeting me. Truly detestable!”

When Long Teng heard that, he could not help giving a cold laugh: “Over 50 thousand years have passed. Looks like this Holy Region is still so shameful!”

Ye Yuan could not help being stunned when he heard that. Hearing the meaning in Long Teng’s words, there seemed to be veiled criticism towards the Holy Region.

Thinking about it, Ye Yuan could not help feeling rather odd.

The pandemonium of the Heavenly Fiendgod 50 thousand years ago, it was actually the dragon clan who had a great battle with him in the end. Then, where did the Holy Region, such a super faction, go to?

Although the dragon clan was at the height of its power and splendor 50 thousand years ago, possessing a large batch of Void Mystic powerhouses, looking at the Holy Region’s strength, it shouldn’t be inferior to the dragon clan. Why didn’t news of them resisting the fiend race pass down?

With this thought, Ye Yuan felt that something was not right.

Long Teng clearly saw through Ye Yuan’s puzzlement and said with a cold smile, “Do you know why the Holy Region was able to become the human race’s number one power?”

“Why?” Ye Yuan asked puzzledly.

All along, the impression that the Holy Region gave people was powerful! Very powerful!

Regardless of how the other super holy lands changed, the Holy Region stood firm from beginning to end. There had never been a faction that was able to shake the Holy Region’s position of a goliath.

In the people’s view, the Holy Region possessed the rank one of the Ten Great Divine Kings, the Heaven Stabilizing Divine King, and also had an incomparably terrifying divine rank grand array. They could naturally claim to be the human race’s number one faction.

But, a faction like this, could it be that they did not have any losses during the turmoil of the fiend race?

Long Teng said with a contemptuous look, “Over 50 thousand years ago, the Bloodgod Temple swept throughout the entire Divine Realm. The dragon clan had once issued an invitation to the Holy Region before, inviting them to encircle and quash the Bloodgod Temple together along with them. But they actually did not respond to the dragon clan’s invitation in the slightest. From start to finish, they never sent a single soldier. Furthermore, they activated the grand array, sealing off the Holy City, cutting off all connections with the outside world. That battle, they did not have any losses at all. Naturally, they could become the Divine Realm’s number one faction.”

Ye Yuan could not help being stupefied when he heard. He did not think that the Holy Region actually still had such a past.

It seemed like they did not wish to tread into the muddy waters at all by relying on that they had a divine rank grand array protecting. Whether the Divine Realm fell into the enemy’s hands or not, seemed to not have any relation with them at all.

“But, if the fiend race truly occupied the entire Divine Realm, even if they sealed off the grand array, they can’t last for a long time either, right?” Ye Yuan thought about it and said.

Long Teng had a cold smile as he said, “But in reality, the Divine Realm didn’t fall into the enemy’s hands, isn’t it so? Fang Tian’s sudden emergence salvaged the entire Divine Realm. While they are just a group of trash that sat idly by and reaped the fruits of others’ labor!”