Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087 Still Need You To Teach Me?

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“He merely brought along three Void Mystic powerhouses. Inside the Holy City, there are no less than five Void Mystic powerhouses! Wanting to deal with him shouldn’t be difficult, right?” Gudao Zi said with a frown.

The Holy City was the place where powerhouses gathered. Although Void Mystic powerhouses were seldom seen, they were no big deal to the Holy City.

Even if the strongest Heaven Stabilizing Divine King and Jing Fengtian were not around, no one dared to act wildly in the Holy City too.

Quanxing Zi gave Gudao Zi a glance and said with a bitter smile, “You just exited seclusion and might not know yet. The current Ye Yuan is already no longer that Ji Qingyun, who studies alchemy Dao wholeheartedly! The Holy City’s strength, even a fool knows. For him to dare to do this, could it be that he would have something to rely on? This brat has a divine artifact in his hands. If he were so easy to deal with, you think Cloudsky, that fellow, wouldn’t covet it?”

When Gudao Zi heard the two words ‘divine artifact’, his entire body involuntarily quivered, his eyes filled with disbelief.

He had just left seclusion and really did not know about the outside world’s affairs.

Did not think that the Ji Qingyun, who disappeared for 20 years, actually had such a precious treasure on him presently.

“Then … you and I go out to work things out with him? If he loses, he can’t go so far as to be utterly devoid of shame, and still refine pills for free here, right?” Gudao Zi thought about it and said.

He left seclusion recently and had new comprehension of Alchemy Dao again. Just nice, borrow this opportunity to display his strength in front of the world!

Quanxing Zi shot him a glance and said with a sigh, “You might not believe it if I say it. You go and take a look at him refining pills yourself then. These 20 years, not only did his alchemy path strength not decline, it improved further instead! If he has Divine King cultivation realm currently, his alchemy path strength would probably already not lose out to the Ji Zhengyang before death!”

“What did you say?!” Gudao Zi’s eyes went wide, filled with disbelief.

He had just exited seclusion and was called over by Quanxing Zi, and had yet to have time to go see Ye Yuan refine pills.

But Ye Yuan stirring up such a huge commotion, it was impossible for Quanxing Zi to not pay attention at all.

He had long observed Ye Yuan refine pills in secret. It would have been fine if he didn’t, but this observation really gave him a fright!

He had never thought that refining Tier 9 medicinal pills would be so effortless!

Even for the Ji Qingyun back then, there was also absolutely impossible to reach this sort of degree.

That could only mean that Ye Yuan’s current alchemy path strength was even stronger than his past life!

Going to find him to compete in alchemy now, wasn’t it looking for a face-slapping himself?

It was fine if they won, but if they really lost, the Alchemist Association would not be able to lift its head up.

“It has just been 20 years time, he … what right does he have?”

Gudao Zi felt that this world was too unreasonable. In just 20 years, he only improved that tiny hint and was already patting himself on the back.

But he, Ji Qingyun, actually already reached the true pinnacle of this Divine Realm!

What was the true peak?

That was the likes of Jing Fengtian and Ji Zhengyang!

Gudao Zi was very confident in his alchemy skills. But compared to Jing Fengtian, he could only concede.

Quanxing Zi let out a sigh and said with a bitter smile, “This is a true genius! Even if you and I exhausted all the strength of a lifetime, we’re also unable to catch up! Although I don’t wish to admit it, that title of being hailed as the closest to Alchemy God Realm, it wasn’t joking around. You think about it yourself, apart from him, who else is capable of achieving such heights at this age?”

Gudao Zi was demotivated. Quanxing Zi’s words beat him down until he was black and blue all over.

“This can’t do, that won’t work either, then what in the world should we do?” Gudao Zi said rather frustratedly.

Quanxing Zi said helplessly, “Forget it, forget it, you brat producing such a great commotion, isn’t it in order to force me to go look for Cloudsky? I’ll go, alright?”

Quanxing Zi did not hesitate and immediately came over to find Cloudsky.

Cloudsky could choose not to give Ye Yuan face and avoid meeting him, but towards Quanxing Zi, he was unable to ignore.

For the Holy Region to have such a flourishing situation today, the Alchemist Association contributed immensely.

Furthermore, the Alchemist Association spanned the entire Divine Realm. From a certain degree, it controlled every corner of the Divine Realm.

This was another type of reigning method, but it was very effective.

Putting aside official business, Cloudsky himself also had to look for Quanxing Zi for help.

The medicinal pills that his level required, only Quanxing Zi could refine them. If they really pressed the Alchemist Association into a corner, the Holy City would also not be able to bear the consequences.

Upon meeting, Quanxing Zi had a stomach full of grievances.

“Cloudsky, the matter outside is stirred up so significantly, don’t tell me that you don’t know anything at all! I say, what’s your idea here? Could it be that the association’s reputation getting damaged have benefits to the Holy City?” Quanxing Zi said with a black face.

Cloudsky originally still had the idea of sitting it out and watching the tigers fight. But did not think that the Alchemist Association did not even let out a fart, and Quanxing Zi immediately rushed over already.

“Haha, old chap, don’t be agitated! How can this Cloud have that intention? I even thought that you had immediately come out and bring down that punk’s prestige! Isn’t this a chance to walk with your head held high to you guys?” Cloudsky said with a laugh.

It was fine if Cloudsky did not say it, the moment he said it, Quanxing Zi became even more incensed.

“Walk with my head held high my ass! What will I compete with him in? Competing in mystic grade medicinal pills? There are so many people at the Heavenly Saint Plaza, you want this old man to thicken the skin on my face to bully an initial-rank Alchemy Emperor?” Quanxing Zi said crossly.

Cloudsky said with an obsequious smile, “Then compete in Tier 9 medicinal pills! Old chap, could it be that your strength can’t beat a Third Level Dao Profound brat still? Even though he seized possession and revived, his reputation of a peak Alchemy Emperor is still there in any case. If you beat him, nobody would talk behind your back, right?”

Quanxing Zi darted him a glance and smiled coldly without speaking.

In front of Cloudsky, he could not very well say that he was not Ye Yuan’s match, right?

But him not speaking, the meaning was already very apparent.

The moment Cloudsky saw, he understood in his heart and could not help being very amazed as he said, “This brat is actually so formidable?”

Quanxing Zi said with a cold smile, “What do you think? Could it be that this old man doesn’t know such a simple logic either? Still need you to teach me?”

His meaning was that, if he could beat Ye Yuan, he would have long taken action. Why would he wait until now still?

Cloudsky was endlessly astonished in his heart. He knew about Ye Yuan’s commotion outside but did not pay attention as well.

Ye Yuan was merely Third Level Dao Profound currently. Even if he had his past life’s alchemy path strength, he could not unleash his full strength either.

A veteran guru like Quanxing Zi, dealing with him should not be an issue.

He did not expect that they had not competed yet, and Quanxing Zi already conceded straight away.

Ye Yuan reincarnating was merely just roughly 20 years. During these 20 years, he definitely placed most of his energy on the martial path.

Then the problem came, where did he have excess energy to continue studying alchemy Dao?

Seeing Cloudsky stay silent, Quanxing Zi said with a cold snort, “Cloudsky, I don’t care what method you use, send Ji Qingyun away for me! Otherwise, you can forget about taking away a single medicinal pill from the Alchemist Association from now onwards! This old man will do what I say! Goodbye!”

Quanxing Zi did not give Cloudsky a chance to speak either. Throwing down this sentence, he immediately left.

Cloudsky frowned for an instant and instructed people, “Call Guo Xu to invite Ye Yuan over! Immediately! At once!”