Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088 Who Has Your Attitude When Inviting People?

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When Guo Xu came to the Heavenly Saint Plaza, it was as unpleasant as having eaten a fly in his heart.

He really could not figure it out. Lord Cloudsky already said that he would not meet Ji Qingyun, so why would he made him come and find him again so anxiously?

Furthermore, he even had to have a pleasant countenance and be sure to invite over!

This … Wasn’t this wanting a person’s life?

Waves of shocked exclamations came from the Heavenly Saint Plaza from time to time. Those were all cries of shock due to Ye Yuan’s consummate alchemy skills.

Ye Yuan already refined for a day and night in the plaza and refined over 20 medicinal pills.

Even so, when those people saw Ye Yuan’s god-like alchemy skills, they still felt lost in wonder.

The refinement of a peak Alchemy Emperor was not what anyone could see.

Too newfangled!

“All move aside for me!” Guo Xu shouted fiercely in a cold voice.

Those Dao Profound powerhouses were all taken aback with fright by this roar. That Void Mystic Realm pressure immediately sent their displeasure packing.

Looking again, it was actually Guo Xu, the Purple-Gold Hall’s head seat. They were all incredibly astonished.

Especially those Dao Profound Realm martial artists that had not reached their turn yet. Each and everyone could not help crying bitterness without ceasing.

Looking at Guo Xu’s appearance, it was clearly coming to find trouble. It seemed like the Holy City finally could not resist and was going to intervene.

This way, wouldn’t their medicinal pills have no way of refining anymore?

Guo Xu parted the crowd and came before Ye Yuan, but he was immediately stopped by Ao Qian.

Guo Xu’s brows furrowed and he said icily, “What? This place is the Holy City. You dare to act wildly here?”

Ao Qian said with a disdainful look, “A baby whose hair hasn’t grown fully, using the Holy City to scare your Grandpa Ao? Your father will act wildly today, so what about it? If you dare to interrupt His Excellency’s pill refinement, do you believe that your father will pummel you until even your mother can’t recognize you?”

“Hiss …”

Everyone drew a cold breath of air. Someone who dared to be so rampant in the Holy City, this was still their first time seeing.

Guo Xu was the Purple-Gold Hall’s head disciple. Furthermore, he was a Void Mystic powerhouse. It was basically able to represent the Holy City’s attitude already.

Moreover, they all knew that this Purple-Gold Hall’s head disciple was not so easy-going.

Just as everyone thought that Guo Xu was going to explode, something that made their eyes fall out happened.

At first, Guo Xu really blew his top. But upon recalling Lord Cloudsky’s words, he forcefully suppressed his fury and said in a cold voice, “Then I’ll wait for him to finish refining!”

Done talking, Guo Xu hugged his sword and retreated to one side and stared at Ye Yuan refining pills coldly.

Eyeballs dropped onto the floor!

When did the Guo Xu whose arrogance reached the clouds become so nice to talk to?

Ao Qian looked at him and similarly said with a cold smile, “Good that you’re sensible!”

By the side, Guo Xu’s expression gradually became solemn as he watched Ye Yuan refine pills.

He had seen before Ye Yuan refine pills. But the current Ye Yuan seemed to be even more formidable than compared to the past!

Prior to this, Cloudsky called him over and said a whole bunch to his face, but did not give a reason to invite Ye Yuan over.

But now, he seemed to somewhat understand!

Even though Guo Xu was conceited, he was also an extremely intelligent person. Guessing it to the Alchemist Association delaying in taking action, then linking it to Cloudsky’s change in attitude, he finally figured it out.

But letting him come and invite Ye Yuan, he was still a hundred times unwilling.

Without a doubt, Ye Yuan definitely would not give him a good attitude in a short while.

Ye Yuan seemed to spend significantly more time compared to before when refining this medicinal pill.

Originally, he required roughly four hours to refine a Tier 9 medicinal pill, even lesser time.

But this medicinal pill was already refined for a full four hours!

Guo Xu was restless and uneasy by the side but was powerless to do anything.

He did not know, but the other martial artists all saw through it. Ye Yuan was deliberately hanging him out to dry.

Finally, this medicinal pill was done.

Guo Xu whose patience was already wearing thin already immediately stepped forward, stopped Ye Yuan, and he said with a somber look, “Ji Qingyun, may I have a word with you?”

However, it was like Ye Yuan did not see him, circling right past him and came to the side of a Dao Profound Realm martial artist, giving the medicinal pill to the other party cordially.

“Transcendent-grade medicinal pill again! Lord Qingyun Zi is truly remarkable! The medicinal pills refined these two days, each one was transcendent-grade!”

No idea who let out a sigh of admiration in the crowd. Everyone all deeply felt that way too and nodded their heads.

“This Tier 9 Withered Glory Pill’s medicinal strength is too powerful. With your current strength, you’re completely unable to fully refine it. At that time, it will cause considerable damage to your internal organs. After going back, you can search for Essence Creek Spirit Milk to dissolve this pill, then split into five times to consume. This way, not only can it let you absorb the medicinal pill’s medicinal strength adequately, there won’t be any side-effects. Understand?” Ye Yuan instructed that martial artist.

That martial artist had a look of gratitude. Prostrating on the ground, he said, “Thank you very much, Lord Qingyun Zi!

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “No need to be overly courteous. Who’s next?”

With this question, there was complete silence.

Guo Xu was currently glaring like a ravening tiger. Who dared to answer him?

“Ji Qingyun, this is the Holy City! I’m currently standing here. Without my approval, which of them dare to find you to refine pills?” Guo Xu said with a cold smile.

Ye Yuan turned around and looked at him as he said smilingly, “Is that so? Then that means that, as long as you’re not here, they can find me to refine pills?”

Guo Xu was stunned and had yet to figure out what was happening when Ye Yuan said to Ao Qian, “Old Ao, throw this noisy fellow out.”

Yes, Milord!” Ao Qian had an excited look and was about to take action to deal with Guo Xu.

Guo Xu’s face fell, and he said furiously, “Ji Qingyun, you’re simply impervious to reason! I’m not here to pick a fight with you. I just want to invite you to make a trip to the Heavenly Saint pagoda!”

Heavenly Saint Pagoda was the Holy City’s core, also the place where the Holy City’s three titans were at.

One could say that the Heavenly Saint Pagoda was the Holy City’s brain!

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “Inviting people? Is there inviting people with your attitude? This young master refining pills for free here is benefiting the Holy City’s martial artists. You actually threaten them. What are your intentions?”

Ye Yuan’s words struck the heart one by one!

Guo Xu’s face turned black, and he said, “Lord Cloudsky is waiting for you in the Heavenly Saint Pagoda!”

When Ye Yuan heard that, he said with a look of surprise, “Cloudsky? Isn’t he in closed-seclusion, not seeing anyone? Lord Cloudsky is one of the Holy City’s three titans. Each time he enters closed-seclusion, it will affect the Holy City’s safety. If he wants to be in closed-seclusion, then let him stay in seclusion a while more. How can I go and meet him?”

Guo Xu’s face became as black as the bottom of a pot.

He even hauled Cloudsky out. He did not think that Ye Yuan would not give face at all.

Back then, Cloudsky used closed-seclusion as an excuse. But now, Ye Yuan used these words to retaliate. How ironic.

Ye Yuan continued saying unhurriedly, “You go back and tell Cloudsky, say that I have plenty of time. So let him slowly be in closed-seclusion. There is no need to hurry. The Holy City’s martial artists are still very warmhearted, and their need for medicinal pills are also very great. Just nice, I can let my few pupils and grand-pupil practice. When everybody’s strength increases and the fiend race attacks, our human race can also have an additional portion of assurance.”

Ye Yuan’s words made everyone shudder from head to toe!

Fiend race!

What did Lord Qingyun Zi’s words mean?

Guo Xu was also stupefied, not expecting Ye Yuan to say such words.

The matter of the fiend race, only the three titans, that level, knew. Although he was a Void Mystic powerhouse, he completely had not entered the Holy City’s true nucleus yet.