Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089 Not Stooping To The Same Level As A Junior

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“Lord Qingyun Zi, just now, you said … fiend race?” A divine king powerhouse said flusteredly.

Although legends of the fiend race were few, the Divine Realm’s martial artists were not absolutely ignorant.

In history, the human race and the fiend race fought several times. It was impossible to not leave behind any traces at all.

Except, legends were legends after all.

Now that it was uttered from Ye Yuan’s mouth, it was another feeling.

“Yeah. Lord Qingyun Zi, the fiend race that you mentioned just now, what on earth is happening?” another divine king powerhouse asked.

One could feel that the atmosphere in the plaza became somewhat different. A kind of atmosphere called fear gradually spread out.

In the fragmented legends, the fiend race was famous for being powerful. They virtually possess undying bodies!

“Ji Qingyun, lay it out straight. What the hell is going on?” Guo Xu said with a grim look.

At this time, a horrifying to the extreme pressure descended from the sky!

An old man in luxurious clothing stood in the air, appearing in the sky above the Heavenly Saint Plaza.

“Lord Cloudsky! It’s Cloudsky!”

“Paying respects to Lord Cloudsky!”

“Paying respects to Lord Cloudsky!”

This old man in magnificent clothing was precisely one of the Holy City’s three titans, Cloudsky!

The Holy City’s three titans possessed a paramount position. Each and every one of them was existences equivalent to the Ten Great Divine Kings.

Even though Cloudsky was not in the ranks of the Ten Great Divine Kings, that was only because the Heaven’s Secret Tower only picked ten great divine kings.

His strength was similarly not at all inferior compared to the Ten Great Divine Kings!

The moment Cloudsky appeared, the martial artists in the Holy City all bowed down in submission.

The three titans were the gods in their eyes and hearts!

“Huhu, Younger Brother Ji, many years of not seeing, your elegance is even more pronounced than in the past! This old man was in closed-seclusion a few days ago, resulting in neglecting Younger Brother. I hope that Younger Brother doesn’t take offense!” Cloudsky stroked his beard and said to Ye Yuan with a smile.

This old man really could act!

Ye Yuan viciously looked down on this old dog in his heart. His appearance was really opportune. He was just about to say out the matter of the fiend race, and this guy jumped out. It was clearly deliberate.

But, since Cloudsky personally showed up, it was inappropriate for him to carry on saying some things.

Ye Yuan looked at Cloudsky and said with a smile that was not a smile, “Huhu, not to the extent of neglecting. The Holy City’s brothers and sisters are still very warmhearted. I even thought that Elder Brother Cloudsky is going to be in seclusion for eight to ten years, I may as well get closer to everybody.”

Cloudsky knew that Ye Yuan was intentionally repulsing him. Forget about eight to ten years, at the rate you mess around with, wouldn’t the entire Holy City be turned upside-down by you in another few days?

“Haha, look at what Younger Brother is saying! This old man just had some comprehensions recently and went into seclusion for a month’s time. I just happened to exit seclusion today and let Guo Xu invite you over. Who knew that this brat failed to live up to expectations and actually offended Younger Brother Ji. Going back, I’ll definitely punish him severely.”

How could a cunning old fox like Cloudsky be so easy to get along with?

When speaking, there was no leakage of any kind, not giving Ye Yuan any chance to launch an attack at all.

Ye Yuan understood that whatever severe punishment was complete rubbish.

Even though Guo Xu was just a Purple-Gold Hall’s disciple, in terms of status, he was comparable to an elder.

Severely punish? Punish how?

These words were merely said for Ye Yuan to hear.

Except, these words in Guo Xu’s ears, was unprecedented humiliation.

Lord Cloudsky actually said that he wanted to punish him in front of so many martial artists for an outsider!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Elder Brother Cloudsky is treating me as if I am a stranger. With my status, could it be that I’m going to stoop to the level as a junior?”

Guo Xu had not pulled himself together yet when Ye Yuan’s sentence gave him another 10 thousand point violent strike, nearly spewing out a mouthful of old blood.

This was too freaking capable of posturing!

You are clearly someone of the same generation as me, to actually raise your status yourself without any sense of shame at all!

Not feeling ashamed uttering these sort of words?

But the current situation, even if he was any more displeased, he could only swallow the broken teeth into his stomach.

Didn’t he hear Cloudsky called Younger Brother again and again?

Cloudsky was his senior. The two people calling each other brothers, wouldn’t Ye Yuan become his senior?

But, the way the other martial artists saw it, Ye Yuan’s words did not have any inappropriateness.

The martial artist world had always been the one who attained first as the revered.

Before reincarnation, Ji Qingyun was already talking on equal-footing with the likes of Cloudsky. Saying that he was a junior was also something very normal.

Even though Guo Xu already broke through to Void Mystic, compared to an existence like Cloudsky, the disparity was still too wide.

It was just that Guo Xu himself did not think so.

Cloudsky chuckled and said, “Younger Brother Ji’s heart is big enough to sail a boat! Since that’s the case, then I’ll thank Younger Brother Ji on behalf of Guo Xu, this child. Younger Brother Ji, this place isn’t a venue to talk, is it alright to have a hearty talk at the Heavenly Saint Pagoda?”

Ye Yuan did not hesitate much either and nodded his head.

Cloudsky coming out, free pill refinement this play naturally could not carry on acting out anymore.

But Ye Yuan was not really putting on an act either. Although his words were partially-true, partially-false, him helping these people refine pills naturally also had the intention of resisting the fiend race in it.

It was impossible for him to help every martial artist refine pills. He could only do his best and leave the rest up to fate.

Inside the Heavenly Saint Pagoda, Cloudsky appeared incomparably cordial.

But in his heart, he had a splitting headache over Ye Yuan.

He discovered that the present Ye Yuan was really not that straightforward youth back then who only pursued alchemy Dao wholeheartedly anymore.

Although it was just a small twisting of his arm, Cloudsky was thoroughly defeated.

In terms of scheming, in terms of methods, Ji Qingyun was absolutely a troublesome adversary!

He was calculating in his heart how to send away this great deity.

Serving up good tea, Cloudsky retreated to the side and asked Ye Yuan with a radiant smile, “I wonder what business Younger Brother Ji came to the Holy City this time for?”

Ye Yuan did not reply. He just looked at Cloudsky with a smile that was not a smile, staring until he got goosebumps.

Seeing ghosts!

What kind of fortuitous encounter did this brat obtain in 20 years? His entire person was completely reborn!

Cloudsky secretly cursed in his heart.

“Huhu, Elder Brother Cloudsky asking this, could it be that I can’t come and find you if there’s nothing? Calculating it, you and I have not met for 50 to 60 years as well,” just as Cloudsky was at a loss on what to do, Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Cloudsky froze, not expecting Ye Yuan to actually say such words.

He thought that Ye Yuan was going to mention the fiend race’s matter the moment he opened his mouth and had long thought of a strategy to respond already.

Either way, Zhuge Qingxuan was not around. As long as he used ‘unable to make the decision’ as the reason and pushed everything to Zhuge Qingxuan, it would do.

But Cloudsky never thought that Ye Yuan actually started to chat about everyday life with him!

The cannon that was prepared could not be fired. Cloudsky nearly stifled out internal injuries.

“What kind of expression does Elder Brother Cloudsky have? Could it be that Elder Brother Cloud doesn’t care for this Ji to come and see you?” Ye Yuan suddenly furrowed his brows and said.

Only then did Cloudsky come back to his senses and hurriedly waved his hand and said smilingly, “No, no, of course not! For Younger Brother Ji to be able to think of Elder Brother, Elder Brother can’t even wait to be happy, how can I not care? Since Younger Brother came, why not stay in the Holy City and play for a few more days. It also lets Elder Brother carry out the hospitality of a host.”

I care my ass!

If I were to dare say a word of disagreement, you’d probably go to the plaza right away to refine pills again, right?

This guy simply craves to see the world plunged into chaos.

When Ye Yuan heard that, he nodded and said, “Since Elder Brother is so warmhearted, then this Ji thanks Elder Brother for your hospitality.”