Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Who is Su Yishan?

A little earlier, at the back of the mountain, in the courtyard of the Heaven rank student, Su Yishan; Seemingly in panic, Liu Ruoshui looked at Su Yishan who was in front of her.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Su, right now, you are the only one who can save me in the entire academy! I beg you, help me!"

Liu Ruoshui had never been so helpless even when facing all manners of disregard from her family clan!

After Ye Yuan succeeded in clearing the Nine Heavens Road, Liu Ruoshui felt totally uneasy. She went to Wan Yuan's residence in a lost manner wanting to find him to discuss countermeasures.

But when she arrived at Wan Yuan's residence, she discovered that Wan Yuan was not even there.

At the start, Liu Ruoshui thought that Wan Yuan did not return because of some matters. But after waiting, and waiting, and still nothing, she went to ask the other students, but none of them saw Wan Yuan.

Liu Ruoshui suddenly felt a bad premonition.

As expected, only after Liu Ruoshui inquired from the students guarding the gates did she find out that Wan Yuan had left the academy long ago.

Liu Ruoshui 'greeted' eight generations of Wan Yuan's ancestors in her heart, but this was of no use to her at all.

What if Ye Yuan vented all of his anger on her because he could not find Wan Yuan? Then she was finished!

After cursing, Liu Ruoshui felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

Ye Yuan's strength had already steadily advanced into the ranks of the Heaven rank students. Wanting to kill her was as easy as flipping his hand!

Liu Ruoshui still had some rallying power among the lower ranking students, but as for Heaven Rank students . . .

Liu Ruoshui suddenly had a burst of inspiration and thought of Su Yishan. She felt that she had grasped her last life-saving straw!

Back when Wan Yuan was injured, Su Yishan once said that he was going to kill Ye Yuan. It looked like their grudge was not small.

More importantly, wasn't Elder Su Su Yishan's second uncle?

Even though Liu Ruoshui could not influence Heaven rank students, she had long pried about their details clearly.

Not many people in the Dan Wu Academy knew about Su Yubai and Su Yishan's relationship, but there were still some who were aware.

Thinking of this, Liu Ruoshui no longer hesitated, and directly went to the back of the mountain and found Su Yishan.

Su Yishan looked at Liu Ruoshui amusedly and said, "Senior Apprentice Sister Liu and Senior Apprentice Brother Wan walk very closely together. Why did you think of finding me?"

It was still okay if Su Yishan did not mention it, but now that he did, Liu Ruoshui's tears poured out like floodwater breaking a dam.

"Wan Yuan that cowardly fellow ran long ago! Sniff ! Sniff ! Senior Apprentice Brother Su, as long as you are willing to save me, I'll do anything you ask me to!" Liu Ruoshui right now also counts as the revelation of her true feelings as she cried utterly pitifully.

Hearing that, Su Yishan was stunned. "Wan Yuan ran? Ran to where?"

Liu Ruoshui choked between sobs and said, "Where else can he run to? He must have run back to find his father to shield him! Ye Yuan is already at the peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm. Killing him would be like killing a dog. Who else can protect him apart from his old man?"

Su Yishan could not refrain from laughing as he said, "I couldn't tell originally, but to think Junior Apprentice Brother Wan is actually so gutless. A puny little Ye Yuan scared him to such an extent!"

Finishing, Su Yishan sized up the tearful Liu Ruoshui and asked playfully, "Just now, you said you would be willing to do anything?"

Liu Ruoshui quivered when she heard him. How could she not understand Su Yishan's meaning?

But at this current juncture, if even Su Yishan did not care about her, she was dead for sure!

Liu Ruoshui wrestled with her emotions in her heart. Finally, she gritted her teeth and nodded.

But looking at her appearance aroused Su Yishan's curiosity. "Looking at your appearance, could it be that you are still a virgin?"

Liu Ruoshui blushed all the way to the tips of ears when she heard that, but she still nodded once more.

Although Liu Ruoshui was naturally coquettish, she still guarded her body closely, because she knew that this was her greatest asset.

But she did not imagine that she would actually voluntarily offer it up now that she was forced by Ye Yuan. Thinking of this, Liu Ruoshui's hatred towards Ye Yuan deepened even more!

Ye Yuan, I want you to die a horrible death one day!

" Hahaha! Good! Very good!" Su Yishan burst into laughter and headed into the house.

Liu Ruoshui's eyes flickered, but she still gritted her teeth and followed in . . .

. . . . . .

Wu Luochen still felt a lingering fear after evading Ye Yuan's sword.

That surge of sword intent just now was too terrifying. Receiving it head-on would undoubtedly result in injuries, if not death!

The instant Ye Yuan struck with his sword, Wu Luochen suddenly felt an enormous sense of crisis.

His instincts from countless battles told him that this sword must absolutely not be taken head-on!

Hence, he used his movement technique right away, and barely avoided the sword.

Wu Luochen appeared somewhat ragged. This did not mean that he was weak, but rather, he overly underestimated his enemy.

In reality, Wu Luochen was a very troublesome person. Even experts ranked higher than him on the Martial Roll of Honor felt severe headaches when they saw him.

Wu Luochen was the Dan Wu Academy's famous battle maniac. Not only was his combat prowess shocking, but he also possessed extraordinary combat talent and had a very precise grasp on the battle situation.

Just now, he suffered a loss because he promised Ye Yuan to receive it head-on.

Ye Yuan had just fused together the sword intents on the Nine Heavens Road, and even used an eight restrictions spirit artifact, Canghua Sword, to unleash the sword light. Even if Wu Luochen was an ironman, enduring it would be enough for him to suffer.

This sword of Ye Yuan's only indicated that he had the power to battle with Wu Luochen, but did not signify that he could defeat Wu Luochen.

Wu Luochen was at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Furthermore, his combat prowess far surpassed those at the same level!

Those who were stronger than him were mostly at the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm. One could see how just powerful he was.

Although Ye Yuan had the power to leap ranks and battle, it was still hard to say what would be the result if he matched up with Wu Luochen.

No matter how powerful Ye Yuan's sword intent was, if he could not touch his opponent, then it was futile.

Not only did the Wu Luochen who had just dodged a crisis not become dispirited, he even became abnormally excited!

There was no meaning if the opponent was too weak!

Before coming here, Wu Luochen was still worried if it was a little too early. Even though he was aware that Ye Yuan's combat prowess was stunning, he was ultimately a major cultivation realm higher than Ye Yuan.

But now, he completely dispelled those thoughts.

Just based on that sword, Ye Yuan already had the qualifications to be his opponent!

"Hey hey, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, let's fight one round! Your sword art is so incredible, I really want to experience it!" Wu Luochen shamelessly went back on his word.

Ye Yuan's face froze up. He did not think that this fellow was so persistent, and his face involuntarily fell. "Senior Apprentice Brother Wu, I really have something on today. If you continue to be so insistent, then I will not rest until you are dead!"

Seeing that Ye Yuan truly flared up, Wu Luochen could not help sticking out his tongue. His eyes swirled around, and he said, "How about this, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, I'll accompany you on your matter and do whatever you say. You just have to fight one round with me after you settle your affairs."

Ye Yuan made an 'up to you' gesture and left by himself.

Wu Luochen laughed a "heh heh," and tagged along.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan did not bother with the distinction between man and woman and directly barged into Liu Ruoshui's residence. But it was empty.

Right then, Wu Luochen lent a hand instead. He inquired clearly about the direction Liu Ruoshui headed to, pieced it together, and he then told Ye Yuan, "Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, I've already inquired clearly. Junior Apprentice Sister Liu went to Su Yishan's place!"

Ye Yuan was stunned. "Who is Su Yishan?"

"No way. You don't even know who Su Yishan is?" This time around, it was Wu Luochen's turn to be stunned.

"Why do I have to know who he is? Hang on, his surname is Su? Is he from the Su Family?" Ye Yuan suddenly recalled something and asked Wu Luochen.

Wu Luochen raised his thumb and praised Ye Yuan, "Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is indeed intelligent. Su Yishan is precisely Su Yubai's nephew! Furthermore, he's even rank ten on the Martial Roll! But according to my estimations, Su Yishan most likely already has the power to attack the top five! Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, why not . . . forget about it?"