Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090 Bloodrain Wilderness

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The smile on Cloudsky’s face was somewhat awkward. He did not think that Ye Yuan actually climbed up along the shaft and immediately agreed to it.

What was the meaning of this?

Could it be that this brat was planning on staying behind to fight a protracted war?

Cloudsky discovered that he actually could not figure out Ye Yuan’s thoughts.

This punk completely did not play cards according to order!

He clearly came for the matter of the fiend race and also successfully forced him out, but kept his mouth shut about the fiend race’s matter.

What was this playing at?

Ye Yuan’s words were said until Cloudsky did not even know how he should follow up.

Ye Yuan did not care about Cloudsky’s awkwardness at all and said smilingly, “The Holy City is the Divine Realm’s leader. This Ji has admired for a long time already. Coming this time, I can just nice take this opportunity to go on a proper sight-seeing.”

Only a ghost would believe you!

Cloudsky was unhappy in his heart, but had a smile on his face as he said, “If Younger Brother Ji wants to sight-see, this old man can personally be a guide.”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “No need for that. Elder Brother Cloudsky deals with a host of problems every day. How can you take time from your main duties and attend to this sort of small matter? Moreover, there are still quite a number of people in the Heavenly Saint Plaza waiting for this Ji to go and refine pills. If Elder Brother Cloudsky were to follow me and refine pills all the way, how boring is that.”

Cloudsky was speechless. This brat went one big circle and actually circled back around.

Cloudsky’s expression darkened. He had also discerned that Ye Yuan had long known about the Holy City’s attitude. Hence, that was why he did not mention a word about the matter of the fiend race.

But now, Ye Yuan continued to linger around and not leave. It seemed like he had other requests.

This beating around the bush, no idea how long this brat was going to beat around for.

“Ji brat, what the hell do you want? But I warn you, don’t be too overboard. The Holy City’s mane are not what you’re capable of stroking!”

Cloudsky’s speed of turning hostile was even faster than turning pages of a book.

Just now, he was still all smiles and friendliness. At this instant, he struck with the force of a thunderbolt.

The moment his Void Mystic Realm aura released, that sense of oppression came from head-on.

A profound power of laws instantly appeared on Ye Yuan’s body. Cloudsky’s oppressive sensation instantly dissipated to nothing.

Cloudsky’s expression changed, and he said grimly, “Divine Dao laws! You … You actually comprehended divine inscriptions!”

Ye Yuan looked at him with a smile that was not a smile as he said, “Elder Brother Cloudsky’s skill of turning hostile has truly attained the acme of perfection! This Ji is in admiration! But, to say stroking your whiskers, it seems like I’ve already stroked before. After that, you still invited me here.”

Cloudsky could not help freezing when he heard that. When did this boy become so razor-tongued?

“Put away that ruse of yours. With your strength and status, if you really have confidence in making me stay, you’d have probably long made a move, right? About the divine artifact on this Ji, I don’t believe that you aren’t moved at all.” Ye Yuan continued with a calm and composed appearance.

Cloudsky was utterly defeated and instantly recalled his aura, looking at Ye Yuan like he had seen a ghost.

It was not once or twice that he had dealings with Ye Yuan. But he had never felt nowhere to bite down like today before.

As one of the Holy City’s three titans, Cloudsky always held a pearl of wisdom in his hands, taking every conceivable possibility into account.

But facing Ye Yuan, he had a feeling of having his hands and feet tied up today.

“What the hell do you want?” Cloudsky asked with a black face.

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “I want to enter the Bloodrain Wilderness!”

Cloudsky’s expression changed, and he immediately said, “Impossible!”

Toward Cloudsky’s reaction, Ye Yuan did not feel surprised. He just said calmly, “You know that I’m the son of heaven’s mandate, so you want to let me duke it out with the fiend race unchecked. Hence, that’s why you didn’t make a move on me. But how much threat do you think I can pose to the fiend race with my current realm?”

Cloudsky’s expression changed again and again. He was almost breaking down.

Ye Yuan actually even knew this sort of thing!

The son of heaven’s mandate, as well as the matter of the fiend race, were both the Divine Realm’s secrets. Many super holy lands with shallow foundations did not even know.

He did not think that Ye Yuan had actually long known that he was the son of heaven’s mandate. That was fine, but he actually even knew that the Holy City knew that he was the son of heaven’s mandate.

It sounded somewhat awkward, but the astonishment in Cloudsky’s heart could not be any greater.

A faint smile hung on Ye Yuan’s face, and he welcomed Cloudsky’s gaze just like this.

After a long time, Cloudsky finally recovered from his shock and drew a deep breath as he said, “How did you know?!”

“If you didn’t want people to know, best if you didn’t do it. How I found out, you don’t need to care. I’m only asking you, agree or not?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Cloudsky narrowed his eyes and said, “If I don’t agree?”

“I’ll go right now. But before long, the entire Divine Realm will know about the Holy City’s filthy past. How do you think martial artists all over the world will view you guys?” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

“Do you think that they will believe you or believe the Holy City?” Cloudsky said with a cold snort.

“My words alone are naturally inconsequential. But if the Demon Region’s Four Great Divine Beasts’ progenies united and voice up? 50 thousand years ago, the ones who fought dauntlessly in bloody battles were them. I think nobody has a greater right to speak than them, right?”

Cloudsky discovered that the things Ye Yuan knew were far more than he imagined.

“Humph! This old man knows that you’re bearing dragon blood, but how proud are the Four Great Divine Beasts’ progenies? Will they listen to you ordering them around?” Cloudsky said with a cold snort.

Not that Cloudsky was out of touch with the outside world, but that the exchanges between the human race and Demon Region were too few.

The matter of the Medicine King Hall ambushing the White Tiger Clan, the Holy City had somewhat heard of it. But the rest, he did not know.

Especially the Azure Dragon Clan and White Tiger Clan’s internal affairs. Cloudsky was even less informed.

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “You might not know yet, but this Ji is currently the dragon clan’s common lord. While my brother, White Light, is of the Perfect White Tiger Physique that’s hard to encounter once in 100 thousand years in the White Tiger Clan. Do you think that I have this capability or not?”

Cloudsky’s body trembled all over, and he looked at Ye Yuan in disbelief.

He wanted to see through that Ye Yuan was lying from his eyes. But, he was disappointed.

No idea when, Ye Yuan had an additional fire rod in his hands. Seeing that fire rod, Cloudsky’s eyeballs nearly fell out.

“I think you should be very curious about what this divine artifact in my hand is. With the Holy City’s foundation, it shouldn’t be that you don’t recognize it, right?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

“S-Sacred Dragon Token? This … How is this possible? Before divine Dao disappeared, the Sacred Dragon Token had already vanished. Why would it appear in your hands!” Cloudsky said in disbelief.

At this instant, he no longer doubted Ye Yuan’s words anymore.

The dragon clan’s ancestral teachings, Cloudsky was naturally aware.

Ye Yuan holding the Sacred Dragon Token in his hands, then he was the dragon clan’s common lord. This point, there was nothing to doubt.

Except, he was very perplexed. Why would the dragon clan’s supreme divine artifact acknowledge Ye Yuan, a human, as their leader?!

Looking at the Sacred Dragon Token in Ye Yuan’s hands, Cloudsky suddenly had an intense notion of forcibly taking possession of it.

He knew that this Sacred Dragon Token was not an ordinary divine artifact, but a legendary heavenly divine artifact!

Even in the Divine Dao Era, it was exceedingly rare as well!

However, after a fierce mental struggle, he finally still gave up.

The son of heaven’s mandate carried the mandate of heaven. There had never been a slip up since time immemorial. No matter how strong he, Cloudsky, was, it was also not possible to defy heaven.

Today, the shock that Ye Yuan gave him was too many.

He was seriously unable to imagine what on earth Ye Yuan experienced in these 20 years.

“Fine then, I promise you! But you can only go in alone!” Cloudsky finally still compromised.