Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091 Forever Cant Compare To

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The Divine Realm had two great lands teeming with spirit medicines. One of them was naturally the Immemorial Medicine Garden, while the other was the Holy City’s Bloodrain Wilderness.

Different from the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s once every 500 years opening, the Bloodrain Wilderness was the private property of the Holy City and the Alchemist Association.

If they wanted to go in, they could do so at anytime.

The Bloodrain Wilderness was a mystic realm. The entrance was inside the Heavenly Saint Pagoda. Bystanders were completely unable to enter.

Of course, the Bloodrain Wilderness was similarly very dangerous. Inside was the playground of desolate beasts.

It was precisely because so that the Bloodrain Wilderness had always been the place where the Holy City trained the disciples under them.

However, the Bloodrain Wilderness had a total of seven levels. Each level was more dangerous than the other.

The Holy City training their disciples was also merely within the first two levels.

After the third level, without Void Mystic Realm strength, those who enter would definitely die!

Ye Yuan had heard Ji Zhengyang mention before. It was said that the deepest area of the Holy City reached even the sixth level.

But no one had ever ventured into the fabled seventh level before.

Even Zhuge Qingxuan also did not dare to enter the seventh level.

Of course, all of these were just legends. Whether or not Zhuge Qingxuan entered the seventh level before, probably only he himself knew.

The reason why the Bloodrain Wilderness got its name was that blood rain was always falling inside this mystic realm.

This blood rain was not a bad thing. Instead, it contained terrifying essence energy and could help martial artists to break through.

All in all, this Bloodrain Wilderness was a treasure land!

Originally, it was not the time yet for the trial of the Holy City’s disciples. But because of Ye Yuan’s request, Cloudsky had no choice but to bring forward the trial this time.

Opening the Bloodrain Wilderness naturally had to expend considerable resources. It was impossible for Cloudsky to open it specifically for Ye Yuan alone.

Moreover, if he really let Ye Yuan go in alone, Cloudsky would be worried too.

Entering the Bloodrain Wilderness this time was a trial in name. But in reality, it was more important to keep tabs on Ye Yuan.

Of course, it was not by relying on those Dao Profound Realm and Divine King Realm disciples, but by relying on Guo Xu and the Spirit Hound Divine King.

The Spirit Hound Divine King was a Void Mystic powerhouse on the same level as the Extreme Sword Divine King. But if they really fought, the Extreme Sword Divine King was probably not the Spirit Hound Divine King’s match.

The reason why the Spirit Hound Divine King got his name was that he always brought a contract beast along by his side: the Howling Sky Divine Hound!

This Howling Sky Divine Hound was similarly a Void Mystic powerhouse. He did not take human form. When coupled together with the Spirit Hound Divine King, ordinary Void Mystic powerhouses were really not a match.

With him leading the team to keep watch on Ye Yuan, Cloudsky was naturally reassured.

It was because Ye Yuan agreed to his request to enter the Bloodrain Wilderness alone!

Ao Qian, Kuang Tianming, Jiang Taicang, even Ruan Shuangzhou, they were all not allowed to enter this time.

Ye Yuan agreeing to this request naturally made his group of subordinates endlessly worried.

“Milord, it’s too dangerous for you to enter by yourself! Better bring Old Ao along!” Ao Qian said.

“Milord, this Bloodrain Wilderness isn’t a safe place. I heard that the Holy City once had quite a few Void Mystic Realm elders perish inside too. How can it do for you to enter alone?” Jiang Taicang said.

“Younger Brother, this trip is perilous, you need to think thrice before you act! That pair of dog person isn’t anything good. What if they harm you inside …” Kuang Tianming also urged.

The dog person he was talking about was naturally the Spirit Hound Divine King and his dog.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You all don’t have to worry. Just wait for me outside. At most half a year’s time, I’ll definitely come out.”

Ye Yuan agreed to Cloudsky’s terms. He naturally would not stupidly leave a bunch of people at the Holy City either.

He made Cloudsky swear a heavenly Dao oath to ensure the safety of Ao Qian and the rest inside the city before setting his mind at ease and leaving.

Cloudsky not daring to make a move on him was because he could not see through him. But once he entered the Blooddain Wilderness, it was hard to guarantee that he would not make a move on Ao Qian and the rest.

On the other side, Cloudsky also grabbed hold of the Spirit Hound Divine King and Guo Xu, and personally gave confidential instructions on how to proceed.

“For Ji Qingyun to want to enter the Bloodrain Wilderness, he’s definitely aiming for the spirit medicines inside. He already swore a heavenly Dao oath that he would at most only harvest five stalks of spirit medicine. But I feel that the spirit medicines he wants to find are definitely not simple. Perhaps, he’s aiming for the fifth level. You guys got to remember to absolutely not let him enter the fifth level, understood?” Cloudsky said with incomparable solemnness.

The Spirit Hound Divine King remained silent. He just nodded his head slightly.

But Guo Xu answered, “Yes, Lord Cloudsky!”

Cloudsky gave Guo Xu a glance and reminded, “I know that you remain unconvinced towards him in your heart. But trust me, you’re not his match! Guo Xu, you’re the Holy City’s future. You have to have a longer-term view of the situation. Ji Qingyun is someone destined to die. But the one who kills him definitely won’t be you! When you reign the Divine Realm in the future, he’d long be a withered skeleton in the graveyard already!”

When Guo Xu heard that, he had all sorts of emotions jumbled up in his heart.

Cloudsky’s words had a deep meaning. But one thing was very clear, that was that he was inferior to Ji Qingyun!

Furthermore, it was that he was forever inferior!

Only after Ji Qingyun died could he have a chance to surpass the former.

He understood the logic but was even more unconvinced in his heart.

Based on what that he was inferior to Ji Qingyun?

He could not compare to the previous life’s Ji Qingyun. Could it be that he could not even compare to this Third Level Dao Profound rookie in front of him?

Carrying this grievance and unwillingness to submit, Guo Xu entered the Bloodrain Wilderness.

A continuous pattering of blood-red drizzle lightly brushed on everyone’s faces, rousing people’s spirits.

Traces of essence energy entered the body through the skin, then converged into the essence energy sea. Ye Yuan felt that his Third Level Dao Profound that had just broken through not long ago gradually consolidating.

Originally, Ye Yuan forcing Cloudsky out, he did indeed thought of ruthlessly berating the other party by enumerating his wrong-doings.

But later on, he changed his mind.

Rather than hope for the Holy City to deal with the fiend race, he might as well increase his strength himself to defend the Divine Realm.

Since he was the son of heaven’s mandate, then he should shoulder the responsibility of this era.

Exterminating the Medicine King Hall, rather than doing it through others, it was way more satisfying for him to take revenge himself!

The actions of Cloudsky and the others were naturally deplorable, but why not borrow the Holy City’s strength to make himself powerful?

If the Dao Defying Pill was really able to let him charge up to Deity Realm, then dealing with the fiend race might not need to borrow the Holy City’s strength at all.

At that time, even Zhuge Qingxuan would also have to be at his mercy!

When they knew that he was able to break through to the Deity Realm because he borrowed the Holy City’s strength, who knows what their mood would be like.

Thinking about it, Ye Yuan also looked forward to it very much.

Ye Yuan only obtained the Iceflame Mystic Sovereign Ganoderma inside the Immemorial Medicine Garden. Out of nine core medicines, it was still missing eight strains.

If the place the eight strains of spirit medicines had the greatest hope to be found, it was undoubtedly the Bloodrain Wilderness.

Hence, that was why he threatened to disseminate the Holy City’s scandal, and made Cloudsky let him into the Bloodrain Wilderness.

After a round of meditation, Ye Yuan’s Third Level Dao Profound thoroughly consolidated. His cultivation advanced significantly again.

He could not help sighing emotionally in his heart. No wonder the Holy City was so powerful.

This blood rain’s baptism could roughly match ordinary martial artists’ ten years of bitter cultivation!

Although the absorption effects of the essence energy would continuously diminish, staying in this Bloodrain Wilderness for as long as half a year was likely comparable to several decades of bitter cultivation in the outside world already.

This sort of condition, which faction could match it?

Just as Ye Yuan was filled with vicissitudes of emotions, Guo Xu suddenly came over and said coldly, “Ji Qingyun, I want to challenge you!”