Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092 Pseudo Sword Domain Vs Sword Domain

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Ye Yuan shot Guo Xu a glance and said smilingly, “Held it in for very long, right?”

One sentence made Guo Xu flush till his entire face turned scarlet-red.

It turned out that Ye Yuan had long seen through his thoughts.

Cloudsky’s words made him extremely unconvinced in his heart. Actually, in his view, with him holding the line was already sufficient. There was no need to send the Spirit Hound Divine King here at all.

Even if Ye Yuan comprehended Heaven Man Unity, it also would not work too well in front of him, this Void Mystic Realm powerhouse.

At most, it was just a little troublesome.

“Just say whether you dare to agree or not!” Guo Xu said with a cold face.

Ye Yuan did not answer him but looked towards the Spirit Hound Divine King. The Spirit Hound Divine King had an unconcerned appearance. It was as if he did not have the intention of interfering.

“Looks like you also wish to measure my current strength?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

The Spirit Hound Divine King did not speak the entire time. But when he heard that, he opened his mouth and said two words: “That’s right!”

Ye Yuan slowly got up and let out a sigh as he said, “Looks like not thrashing you, you’ll forever not know how great the disparity between us is! Alright then, as you wish!”

Guo Xu said with a disdainful look, “Do you think that … I’m still that person back then? A mere Third Level Dao Profound also dares to be so cocky in front of me, Guo Xu! Today, I’ll let you broaden your knowledge at what’s called a true martial Dao genius! Heaven Massacring Sword Domain!”

Done talking, the moment Guo Xu’s divine king domain released, horrifying sword energy instantly enveloped Ye Yuan inside.

The Heaven Massacring Sword Domain was Guo Xu’s divine king domain. Furthermore, it was the Holy City’s divine rank martial technique with boundless power.

These few years, Guo Xu devoted to comprehending supreme true intents, improving exceedingly quickly. He was already almost catching up to those older generation Void Mystic powerhouses.

The likes of Yue Xinping was utterly not worth mentioning in front of him.

By the side, when the Spirit Hound Divine Realm saw the Heaven Massacring Sword Domain, he also nodded his head slightly.

Guo Xu was treated as the next Heaven Stabilizing Divine King to groom by the Holy City. This divine king domain was indeed praiseworthy.

“Eldest Senior Brother is mighty!”

“Come on, Eldest Senior Brother! Beat this dogfart Qingyun Zi down!”

“Eldest Senior Brother is the junior generation’s number one person!”

The ones who came this time, apart from Ye Yuan, were all the Purple-Gold Hall’s disciples.

These people would naturally stand on Guo Xu’s side.

But their admiration toward Guo Xu came from the bottom of their hearts.

These few years, Guo Xu already hardly ever made an appearance in the Purple-Gold Hall. They also extremely seldom saw Guo Xu take action as well.

Seeing Guo Xu’s Heaven Massacring Sword Domain this time, each and every one of them all exclaimed with incomparable admiration.

Third Level Dao Profound against Void Mystic, this was a battle without the least bit of suspense in the first place. But they all knew that Ye Yuan had a divine artifact in his possession.

Although a divine king domain was strong, divine artifacts were nothing to be trifled with.

In this world, only divine artifacts could make up for the tremendous gap in-between this.

Guo Xu’s sword domain made a showy display of his ability. Within a 500 feet radius around him, it formed a death zone.

Anything that entered this field would be sliced into shreds by countless sword lights!

He suddenly unleashed his divine king domain, Ye Yuan was right within these 500 feet radius.

This first round was already considered as a sneak attack.

Facing Ye Yuan, Guo Xu would not lower his guard. He knew that Ye Yuan had a divine artifact in his hands. Hence, he did not plan on killing with one blow.

He already prepared contingency plans to cope with the power of Ye Yuan’s divine artifact.

Yet, Ye Yuan did not seem to immediately use the divine artifact, allowing the countless sword lights to engulf him.

“En? What’s going on here? This Ji Qingyun was still posturing just now. Could it be that he died all of a sudden?”

“Haha, really not doing up an act when bragging. He died without even using the divine artifact!”

“Eldest Senior Brother is mighty! This Ji Qingyun is simply a paper tiger!”

Looking from the outside world, one could not see the actual situation inside the sword domain at all. But Guo Xu’s face was incomparably solemn at this time.

The Spirit Hound Divine King, who had been steady as a mountain all along, also trembled all over. He opened his eyes wide and stared fixedly at the Heaven Massacring Sword Domain.

They distinctly sensed that inside the Heaven Massacring Sword Domain, there was still a miniature divine king domain!

Ji Qingyun actually comprehended a divine king domain with Third Level Dao Profound cultivation realm?

This sort of thing was truly too startling, right?

“Damn it! I really underestimated you! But, with such a weak divine king domain, how long can it resist?”

Guo Xu gnashed his teeth hatefully and suddenly deployed 70% of the emperor qi within his body. The power of the Heaven Massacring Sword Domain skyrocketed several times all at once!

For a moment, sword light surged within that 500 feet radius and was incomparably gorgeous.

Guo Xu’s juniors finally detected a hint of something not right. The shouting also gradually ceased.

Each and every one of them was incredibly shocked, not understanding how a Third Level Dao Profound survived inside the Heaven Massacring Sword Domain under the situation where he did not deploy a divine artifact?

But, seeing Guo Xu’s appearance akin to facing a great enemy, they knew that this Ji Qingyun was really not easy to deal with!

Sensing Ye Yuan’s divine king domain becoming smaller and smaller, a look of smugness surfaced on Guo Xu’s face once more.

How strong could the divine king domain displayed by a Third Level Dao Profound be?

“Still not using the divine artifact? I admit that you’re very impressive. But carry on pretending like this, you’ll die very horribly!” Guo Xu said with a cold smile.

“As you wish!”

Guo Xu’s voice had yet to fade when a voice transmitted out from inside the Heaven Massacring Sword Domain.

Immediately after, Guo Xu suddenly sensed that his Heaven Massacring Sword Domain actually showed signs of imminent collapse!

Ye Yuan’s divine king domain was actually in the midst of rapid expansion!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh 

Several azure sword lights broke out akin to breaking out of a cocoon, piercing right through Guo Xu’s divine king domain!

After that, more and more sword lights penetrated out, poking Guo Xu’s Heaven Massacring Sword Domain until it was like a wasp’s nest.

Seeing this scene, Guo Xu’s expression changed greatly and knew that he could no longer suppress Ye Yuan’s divine king domain, and hastily retreated!


A tremendous force spread out, immediately blasted Guo Xu out far away.

Ye Yuan’s pseudo-divine king domain finally emerged in everyone’s field of vision.

At this time, Ye Yuan stood while holding his sword, his aura imposing. It was actually not much weaker compared to Guo Xu in the least bit.

The Spirit Hound Divine King’s gaze turned intent, looking at the longsword in Ye Yuan’s hands in disbelief!

“Longsword divine artifact!” The Spirit Hound Divine King’s voice exuded thick astonishment.

Without a doubt, Ye Yuan’s divine king domain was very weak, extraordinarily weak.

But through this Evil Extermination Sword’s augmentation, his divine king domain was actually able to stand up to Guo Xu’s Heaven Massacring Sword Domain as equals!

This Evil Extermination Sword was simply a divine artifact custom-made for Ye Yuan!

Guo Xu being sent flying, this round was clearly Ye Yuan taking the upper-hand.

Guo Xu did not think that Ye Yuan’s Martial Dao cultivation was actually fearsome to such a degree.

Even if not borrowing the power of the divine sword, just based on him comprehending a divine king domain at the Third Level Dao Profound, this point, left him far behind in the dust!

Guo Xu was very clear that before reincarnating, Ji Qingyun did not comprehend any supreme true intents.

But now that a mere 20 years passed, Ye Yuan actually comprehended a divine king domain.

This sort of improvement speed, saying that it was number one in the Divine Realm was not the slightest bit over-the-top!

However, this blow to Guo Xu was all-round!