Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093 Killing Intent

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“I refuse to believe that a trifling Third Level Dao Profound can that heaven-defying! Heaven Massacring Sword Art!”

Guo Xu finally still erupted. He completely could not accept this fact before his eyes.

Hence, he unleashed his strongest sword!

Right then, a figure suddenly barged into his divine king domain, slamming a palm onto his longsword.


The longsword flew out of his hand and drew a single arc in the air, stabbing into the ground.

“Forget it, you can’t beat him. Even if you won, it’s also winning through unorthodox means,” the Spirit Hound Divine King’s voice sounded out by Guo Xu’s ear.

Guo Xu knelt down with a thud, a look of helplessness.

His junior brothers had long lowered the banners and muffled the drums already. Currently, each and every one of them exchanged glances, uncertain how they should step forward to comfort Eldest Senior Brother too.

Many years ago, Ji Qingyun surpassed Eldest Senior Brother all-round, that was because his alchemy Dao was heaven-defying.

But now, even Ji Qingyun’s martial Dao was so terrifying. Tis … How to make people accept this?

“Come on!”

The Spirit Hound Divine King did not have the intention of going to console Guo Xu. He just nonchalantly said a sentence and turned around and left.

Ye Yuan put away the Evil Extermination Sword and set off toward the depths of the first level following the Spirit Hound Divine King.

Several hours after Ye Yuan and the others left, a series of ripples surfaced in the space of the Bloodrain Wilderness.

Three black-clothed people actually directly shuttled out from within the void!

“This Spirithorn Shattering Mirror is indeed formidable. As long as there’s a coordinate, one can freely shuttle through space! The Bloodrain Wilderness is the Holy City’s restricted land. No outsiders have ever came before,” a black-clothed person said.

The black-clothed person held a treasure mirror in his hands. It was shockingly the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror that escaped through the void inside the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm!

“With Lord Divine Master casting the spell, what does shuttling through space count as? Before long, the entire Divine Realm will be ours!” another person said.

“This time, Lord Divine Master put down an arm and leg. Even the Mountain and River State Painting, this kind of heaven-defying divine artifact, was brought out. We mustn’t mess up in the slightest!” the third person said.

“Relax, with the three of our strength plus three great divine artifacts, that Ye Yuan absolutely won’t get lucky!” the first black-clothed person said.

“Mm, this Mountain and River State Painting isn’t that Bright Moon City’s girl’s counterfeit. Not only is its power boundless, it even has the effect of concealing heaven’s secrets. As long as Ye Yuan is taken inside, with the three of our strength, could it be that we can’t kill him still? Heh heh, the son of heaven’s mandate perishing prematurely, I want to see what the human race use to withstand my fiend race’s great army this time!” the second person said.

“Better not lower our guard! Ye Yuan this boy is extremely freakish. Lord Divine Master’s schemes had already been ruined at his hands several times. If not for him, Lord Divine Master would have long been fighting for the throne of the Divine Realm already, his momentum unstoppable! Moreover, you all have to know, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm back then was completely insignificant. But now, he’s already a Third Level Dao Profound martial artist and even comprehended a divine king domain. Wanting to kill him is not an easy matter! You guys don’t forget how Lord Divine Master instructed before departure!” the third person said in a solemn voice.

The moment these words came out, the other two people’s expressions turned stiff.

“Alright, enough crap! We have to enter the third level ahead of schedule and set up an ambush and wait for him to enter. Only if he enters the Mountain and River State Painting will we have a chance to kill him! If we can’t kill him, we can only die here!”

Done talking, the first black-clothed person deployed the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror once more. The three people immediately vanished on the spot.

Ye Yuan never would have thought that a certain death scheme targeting him was already waiting for him in the depths of the Bloodrain Wilderness!

While walking, Ye Yuan’s brows suddenly furrowed, and he stopped his footsteps.

“What is it?” Tt Spirit Hound Divine King said.

“Zhao Lingdong, did you feel that the place we entered seemed to have a hint of undulation?” Ye Yuan said with a frown.

Zhao Lingdong was the Spirit Hound Divine King’s original name. It was just that the people who dared to directly address without honorifics were already exceedingly few.

Just earlier, he detected a trace of faintly discernible spatial undulation flash and passed right away. And the direction was precisely the place they entered.

Although this kind of undulation was next to nothing, Ye Yuan had long entered the realm of Heaven Man Unity already. He was exceptionally sensitive towards the surrounding environment.

When the Spirit Hound Divine King heard, he said, “No. You wouldn’t have had a false impression, right? We’re already 100 thousand miles away from the entrance area. You’re actually still able to perceive the undulations over there? Furthermore, the Bloodrain Wilderness is situated within a spatial rift. Having a trace of undulation is also normal. Moreover, if there’s really any situation, with Howlsky’s 1 sharp sense, he’ll definitely be able to detect it.”

“What undulations? You’re thinking too much, right? The Bloodrain Wilderness has never had outsiders enter before. Apart from us, who else is able to come in? Don’t try to find fault!” Guo Xu said with a cold snort.

Although he recovered to his senses from the shock, Guo Xu currently still found Ye Yuan displeasing no matter how he looked at him.

He knew that he was being jealous of Ye Yuan.

But he just could not control his own emotions.

Ye Yuan could not be bothered with him and shook his head as he said, “Maybe I was overly sensitive. Carry on walking then.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan took the lead and left.

Following Ye Yuan, a glint flickered across the Spirit Hound Divine King’s eyes.

He did not think that Ye Yuan’s perception was actually so sharp!

This Bloodrain Wilderness’s spatial coordinates were precisely given to those black-clothed men by the Spirit Hound Divine King, Zhao Lingdong.

For so many years, the Spirit Hound Divine King had been lying low within the Holy City all along.

He was the same as Ji Canglan, both members of the fiend race!

That mysterious Lord Divine Master had long plotted for a long time already. The Holy City, such an important place, how could he possibly not plant informants?

The entire Holy City, apart from the three titans who knew that Ye Yuan was the son of heaven’s mandate, there was still Zhao Lingdong!

He passed the news of Ye Yuan about to enter the Bloodrain Wilderness to Lord Divine Master. Lord Divine Master immediately decided to carry out an encirclement campaign against Ye Yuan!

This time, these three black-clothed men that Lord Divine Master sent out were all Holy King class powerhouses.

The strength of holy kings could absolutely rival the human race’s Void Mystic powerhouses.

The strength of any person among the three of them was not beneath Zhao Lingdong!

This was also to say that, adding in the Howling Sky Divine Hound, a total of five Void Mystic Realm powerhouses were planning on ambushing Ye Yuan!

Except, Zhao Lingdong did not think that his companions had just sneaked into the Bloodrain Wilderness, and Ye Yuan detected it already!

This first level did not pose much of a danger to them.

Along the way, their party practically pushed in as far as 100 thousand miles with a sweeping attitude.

The perception radius of a Dao Profound powerhouse was at most just 10 thousand miles.

But Ye Yuan’s perception was actually 10 times as far as ordinary Dao Profound powerhouses! This was simply too freakish!

Moreover, Zhao Lingdong knew that opening up space with the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, the undulations produced was extremely minute. Even within a 20 thousand miles radius, ordinary martial artists might not be able to perceive it either.

But, they were actually unable to hide from Ye Yuan’s eyes and ears.

Even though it was just an exceedingly subtle whiff, Ye Yuan had indeed detected it.

Perhaps Guo Xu they all felt that Ye Yuan was finding trouble. But Zhao Lingdong knew that he was not!