Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1094

Chapter 1094 Giant Ape Desolate Beast

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Navigating for three days straight, Ye Yuans party finally arrived at the second levels entrance area.

"Second level, the desolate beasts belong to me, spirit medicines belong to you guys," Ye Yuan said this one sentence, and then immediately entered the second level.

At the second level, desolate beasts were basically Divine King rank.

These desolate beasts strengths were extremely strong. Furthermore, their skin was coarse, and their flesh thick. These Purple-Gold Hall disciples might not be a match for a desolate beast individually.

But Ye Yuan said that he wanted to cover the second levels desolate beasts.

If it were before, they would definitely feel that Ye Yuan was boasting. A Third Level Dao Profound, based on what to match a Divine King rank desolate beast?

But after witnessing his face-off with Guo Xu, there was already no one who dared to underestimate Ye Yuan.

Even if he did not use that divine sword, Ye Yuans strength was also much stronger compared to the vast majority of the people among them.

"Looks like him entering this Bloodrain Wilderness isnt just for spirit medicines. He even wants to borrow the desolate beasts here to temper himself," the Spirit Hound Divine King said.

"Humph!At most half a years time, how much improvement can he have?" Guo Xu said disdainfully.

"I just dont know what method he used to make Lord Cloudsky agree. The Bloodrain Wilderness has never had a precedent of opening up to an outsider before. I didnt think that this time, an exception was actually made," the Spirit Hound Divine King said.

Guo Xu had a gloomy look but did not speak, keeping pace with Ye Yuans footsteps.


An earth-shaking roar echoed out. An ape-like desolate beast suddenly dashed out, pouncing straight for Ye Yuan at the foremost of the team.

When Ye Yuan saw the situation, he was not alarmed but delighted instead. Casually drawing the Starmoon Sword, he wielded the sword and was going to step forward and battle.

But right then, an afterimage drew across by his side, speeding towards that desolate beast with even swifter speed.

"Heaven Massacring Sword Domain!"

The moment the Divine King domain opened, countless sword light immediately cut countless holes on that desolate beast.


The desolate beast did not have time to flare up and was slain by Guo Xu neat and tidily.

The attack of a Void Mystic powerhouse, how could this ordinary Divine King rank desolate beast be a match?


Guo Xu returned the sword to its sheath, incomparably elegant.

Ye Yuans face sunk, and he said, "Guo Xu, whats the meaning of this?"

Guo Xu had a look of composure as he said coolly, "What meaning of what? This Bloodrain Wilderness is my Holy Citys territory. I, as the Purple-Gold Halls head disciple, am training martial techniques here. Could it be that theres anything improper?"

Done talking, Guo Xu shot Ye Yuan a glance like putting on a show of force and strutted off.

His objective was very simple. Since Ye Yuan wanted to borrow the desolate beasts here to increase his strength, then he would not let Ye Yuan increase it.

He was going to immediately take action and kill the desolate beasts encountered, not giving Ye Yuan any chance at all.

Unless, Ye Yuan used that divine sword.

But, if he used the divine sword, it could not achieve the effect of tempering at all.

As for whether or not Ye Yuan would rampage, he was even less worried.

With the Spirit Hound Divine King here, two men and one dog, three great Void Mystic powerhouses, could Ye Yuan overturn the heavens still?

Divine King Realm desolate beasts were currently the most suitable opponents for Ye Yuan.

Under the circumstances of not using divine artifacts, Ye Yuan should be evenly-matched with peak Divine King rank desolate beasts.


All of a sudden, an ear-splitting roar sounded out without a break.

Hearing the sound, it was very similar to that ape desolate beast that was killed by Guo Xu earlier.


The earth trembled!

In the distance, seven or eight desolate beasts galloped over.

Looking from the imposing momentum, these eight desolate beasts strengths were actually all peak Divine King!

"Haha,came right on time!" Guo Xu laughed loudly. Stepping forward with his hand resting on his sword, he charged towards those eight ape desolate beasts.

The moment the Heaven Massacring Sword Domain opened up, Guo Xu totally thought that he would rampage in all directions.

Alas, he miscalculated!

The moment those eight ape desolate beasts saw Guo Xu bearing down menacingly, they actually each displayed a very odd posture.

When Guo Xu approached, the eight desolate beasts suddenly attacked with full force.

The eight streams of essence energy were like a cannonball, instantly gathering together.

An outrageous energy undulation spread out. Guo Xu was just about to show off his power, but when he saw this scene, his expression changed drastically.

Except, it was already too late for him to want to switch moves.


That essence energy cannonball immediately slammed onto his Heaven Massacring Sword Domain. A large crater was actually smashed out on the powerful Divine King domain.

While Guo Xus body immediately flew back in reverse.


Guo Xus body landed on the ground, and his junior apprentice brother hurriedly went up to support him. But he spewed out a mouthful of blood straightaway.


The eight ape desolate beasts let out a heaven-shaking roar. That appearance was like dancing for joy at this attacks victory.

"Damn it! These eight apes actually had this sort of strange joint-attack method. The power of an attack is actually not beneath Void Mystic powerhouses!" Guo Xu said hatefully.

It was clearly just eight peak Divine King rank desolate beasts. But the power of that joint-attack earlier was actually so formidable.

Guo Xu was careless for a moment too, wanting to steal a march on Ye Yuan and slay the desolate beasts as soon as possible. He did not expect to actually suffer a major loss.

Currently, his blood and qi were in turmoil. A mouthful of essence energy was actually unable to be mustered up within a short time!

Those eight ape desolate beasts actually still understood the logic of following up a victory with hot pursuit. After a brief celebration, they chased over to this side with large strides.


Eight 100-foot tall giant apes galloping his unison, it felt like the earth was going to be cracked.

These eight giant apes even displayed that strange posture earlier while running.

They actually wanted to do it a second time!

Right then, Ye Yuan moved. His figure instantly vanished from where he stood.

Merging into heaven and earth!

In a blink of an eye, Ye Yuan plunged in the middle of the eight giant apes.

His pseudo-Divine King domain opening up, violent sword energy instantly threw the tempo of the giant apes joint-attack into disorder.

Clink clank, clink clank.

Countless sword energy hacked onto the giant apes and actually emitted the sound of metal clashing.

These eight giant apes bodies were actually comparable to holy artifacts.

Ye Yuans sword lights were also unable to breach their defenses for a short time!

Of course, this was still primarily because Ye Yuans cultivation realm was lacking. His sword intent concept was attained, but he did not have powerful essence energy to support it.

If he had Divine King Realm essence energy, he would have killed at least two giant apes at this time already.

These giant apes clearly did not expect that this seemingly unremarkable human actually took them by surprise.

Ye Yuans random entry immediately upset the giant apes joint-attack. They were each fighting their own battle currently. But Ye Yuan had plenty of room to play, shuttling back and forth between them.

For some time, both sides actually fought until they were equally matched.

Although Ye Yuans Divine King domain was temporarily unable to breach the giant apes defenses, as time passed, they could be exhausted to death by Ye Yuan.

Eight giant apes howled incessantly. Each and every one of them wanted to display that strange posture.

But Ye Yuan did not give them a chance at all!

Every time they wanted to make a joint attack, Ye Yuans countless sword lights would focus on a giant ape to greet it.

Even if his Divine King domain was any weaker, once it went to say hello on a persons body, it would be too much for the other party to take as well.

And their joint-attack, as long as one could not keep up, it would directly be broken.

Guo Xu looked at this scene, his expression unspeakably gloomy.

He did not think that he actually failed miserably in an easy task.