Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095 Concepts Breakthrough

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Under the heart realm of Heaven Man Unity, the eight giant apes’ every movement and action were mapped in Ye Yuan’s mind, revealing every tiny detail.

These eight giant apes were perfect as opponents for him.

These eight giant apes’ strengths were very fearsome. Even if they did not use joint-attacks, Ye Yuan also felt exceptionally strenuous to cope with it.

But it was precisely this feeling of limit-like that could stimulate Ye Yuan’s potential!

The giant apes’ iron fists produced fierce winds by Ye Yuan’s ears.

Although Ye Yuan could accurately avoid their fists, the essence energy force-wind howled from the fists also made it too much for Ye Yuan to bear.

Eight giant apes, 16 iron fists weaving together, forming an exceedingly terrifying force-wind web in the air.

Even if Ye Yuan possessed a divine king domain, he also sustained injuries on many parts of his body.

However, those eight giant apes were nowhere better.

Ye Yuan was too nimble. Under the whittling of the Limitless Sword Domain, the eight giant apes had many cuts sliced open on their bodies by him.

The eight giant apes all suffered varying degrees of injuries.

All along, the opponents that Ye Yuan encountered were all overly powerful. Many times, he had to borrow the power of divine artifacts before he could barely manage to force the opponent back.

But now, he was truly relying on his own strength to be evenly-matched with these eight giant apes.

By the side, the Purple-Gold Hall disciples watched until they were incredibly terrified.

In their understanding, the reason why Ye Yuan was powerful was likely still by relying on his divine artifact.

But just how powerful his true strength was, they had never experienced before.

This time, they really experienced it.

A Third Level Dao Profound, battling eight giant apes, was actually evenly-matched.

This strength, forget about laughing proudly among the same rank, even among them peak divine kings, it was also far greater!

“I didn’t think that Ji Qingyun’s martial Dao strength had actually reached this step! My strength, dealing with one giant ape is already enough to choke on. He actually didn’t fall into a disadvantageous position in the slightest dealing with eight!” a peak divine king Purple-Gold Hall disciple said.

“Truly remarkable! This guy’s alchemy Dao is heaven-defying. But looking at it now, his martial Dao is not the slightest bit weaker than his alchemy Dao!” Another divine king powerhouse sighed with admiration.

“Didn’t he reincarnate for around 20 years? How can he possibly comprehend such a profound supreme true intent? Could it be that it was all a guise in his previous life?”

These disciples were all stunned silly, not at all aware that Guo Xu’s face was already as black as the bottom of a pot.

“All shut your mouths for me!” Guo Xu clutched his chest and reprimanded furiously.

These disciples became aware that they misspoke and involuntarily stuck out their tongues and no longer spoke.

Praising Ji Qingyun in front of Eldest Senior Brother, wasn’t this slapping his face?

But right at this time, the Spirit Hound Divine King suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Ji Qingyun … seems to be breaking through!”

Guo Xu could not help being alarmed when he heard and hurriedly looked over towards Ye Yuan there.

Currently, Ye Yuan was wounded on many parts of his body. Quite a number of areas even oozed dark red fresh blood.

But, his divine king domain radiated with a resplendent light and was actually even sharper compared to before!

Those sword lights became stronger and stronger and also became sharper and sharper.

For a moment, Ye Yuan’s divine king domain gave off a brilliant azure light. The energy of life and death rampaged willfully!

Originally, Ye Yuan’s pseudo-divine king domain was only roughly 50 square feet.

This level of divine king domain could not compare to even the lowest of Void Mystic powerhouses.

But now, Ye Yuan’s divine king domain actually expanded to a hundred square feet already, expanded a full one-fold!

Don’t look down on this one-fold square feet, to Void Mystic powerhouses, even expanding 10 feet was an exceptionally difficult matter.

The size of a divine king domain could show the strength of a Void Mystic powerhouse to a certain extent.

Guo Xu devoted to comprehending Dao, breaking through from the initial-most 100 square feet to 500 square feet these few years. The improvement could be said to be tremendous.

It was just that his strength was not considered very strong among Void Mystic powerhouses.

Divine king domain reaching a thousand-feet radius, this was a dividing crest for Void Mystic powerhouses.

Reaching this sort of degree, one would roughly be an existence in the same class as the Extreme Sword Divine King.

Reaching this step required two kinds of supreme true intents to both reach the level of rank-nine, and must be fused together perfectly!

As for Ye Yuan, his concepts comprehension was actually even stronger compared to Guo Xu already.

The reason why his divine king domain was only 50 feet radius was that his essence energy was completely insufficient to support such a large sword domain.

But now, Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm did not break through. It was his concepts comprehension that broke through!

Just earlier, Ye Yuan’s sword intent finally broke through to rank-nine.

It was only a step away from the great circle of perfection!

Rank-nine sword intent was an existence that many Void Mystic powerhouses were unable to attain.

Ye Yuan only used 20 years and did it!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The azure-colored sword lights were akin to a group of azure-colored wandering dragons, puncturing a giant ape in front of Ye Yuan full of wounds.

Hence, this giant ape could not hang in there anymore and collapsed with a loud crash!

These eight giant apes had excellent teamwork. One suddenly collapsing, their strength reduced greatly.

With this, Ye Yuan brought along innumerable azure light, like a walking monster ravaging these giant apes wantonly.

Ye Yuan’s control of essence energy was extremely exquisite. A prolonged battle was not an issue at all.

Those external wounds were not worth mentioning at all to a Tier 9 fleshy body powerhouse like him.

One giant ape after another collapsed with a loud bang. Ye Yuan’s speed of slaughtering also became increasingly faster.

Finally, the last giant ape toppled at Ye Yuan’s feet.

Ye Yuan actually annihilated eight peak divine king giant apes with his strength alone. This sort of battle achievement could simply be rated as a miracle!

Those Purple-Gold Hall disciples were all stunned silly.

They even thought that Ye Yuan was only making use of these eight giant apes to temper himself. In the end, he would still utilize a divine artifact to be able to slay these eight giant apes.

But they never could have thought that Ye Yuan spent an entire day’s time, and forcefully exhausted these eight giant apes to death.

The moment the giant apes died, Ye Yuan was also practically on the brink of giving out already.

He fished out a medicinal pill and meditated on the spot to recover strength.

He collected a large batch of spirit medicines at the Immemorial Medicine Garden. Refining a few Tier 9 medicinal pills was naturally nothing difficult.

The Spirit Hound Divine King looked at the Ye Yuan currently meditation and said in a solemn voice, “Ji Qingyun’s combat experience is extremely abundant. From start to end, he never gave those giant apes even a gleam of chance! Looks like during these 20 years, he experienced a lot! Guo Xu, actually, having such an existence isn’t a bad thing to you. He can make you strive harder after knowing the humiliation and make you not dare to slack off in the slightest! Whether a success or a failure, it depends on your own mindset.”

When Guo Xu heard that, his entire body involuntarily trembled.

That turbid gaze gradually became resolved.

Yeah, such a monstrous existence like Ji Qingyun was still cultivating by risking his life. What energy did he still have to be jealous here?

As long as he cultivated continuously, there would come a day where he would be able to surpass him.

Because Lord Cloudsky said before, Ji Qingyun was someone certain to die!

Although Guo Xu did not understand why Ji Qingyun was dead for sure, he was certain that Lord Cloudsky absolutely would not lie to him.

He slowly stood up, his body radiating a fierce fighting intent!

“From today onwards, I, Guo Xu, will strive doubly hard! There will come a day where I’ll surpass Ji Qingyun!”