Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096 Fourth Level Dao Profound

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An azure light flashed past. A snake-form desolate beast was immediately killed by Ye Yuan.

This was the 65th desolate beast that Ye Yuan slew within 10 days!

These 65 desolate beasts, all of them were super strong peak Divine Kings.

Some desolate beasts even had some talent ability, making Ye Yuan suffer a huge loss too.

But with this bout of tempering, Ye Yuans improvement speed was also extremely evident.

The Holy Citys disciples watched Ye Yuan grow bit by bit with their own eyes. This sort of growth could virtually be visible to the naked eye!

However, just 10 days time had passed.

Even though they no longer dared to anyhow appraise in view of Eldest Senior Brothers face, their astonishment towards Ye Yuan was not ambiguous at all.

The breakthrough of Dao Profound Realm powerhouses, even just a tiny bit, was also calculated in years.

But for Ye Yuan, it was calculated using days.

These 10 days of tempering completely did not have elements of resorting to unorthodox means. It was bona fide battles after battles.

Although battles could help martial artists to increase strength rapidly, such an increase was also too apparent, right?

What made Ye Yuan surprised was that Guo xu actually did not come to find trouble with him anymore.

It seemed that after the giant apes, Guo Xu became wiser.

And the eyes Guo Xu looked at him with also seemed to be different from in the past.

But these had nothing to do with him. He had no spare time to care about this.

To the current Ye Yuan, the most pressing matter at hand was to increase strength.

That hint of undulation at the entrance area made Ye Yuan somewhat uneasy.

He believed that Heaven Man Unity Heart Realm would not lie to him!

Since that was the case, his strength being an iota stronger, it would naturally be an iota safer too.

In a twinkle, half a month passed. Ye Yuan charged all the way into the third level. But at this time, he finally sensed that he was about to break through to the Fourth Level Dao Profound.

Third Level Dao Profound and Fourth Level Dao Profound were similarly a threshold.

By crossing it, Ye Yuans essence energy and emperor qi would have a substantial increase.

The increase in essence energy would naturally also let his divine king domain be strengthened.

After entering the third level, the desolate beasts here were evidently much stronger. Although they had yet to encounter Void Mystic Realm desolate beasts, the strength of the desolate beasts presently were extraordinary.

Furthermore, quite a few desolate beasts showed up in packs and bands. The weakest also had first-rate Divine Kings strength.

However, Ye Yuan did not have the intention of stopping.

Once he recovered essence energy, he would immediately go over and kill desolate beasts.

At the moment, he was currently fighting with a group of wolf-form desolate beasts!

He was currently dealing with several hundred wolf-form desolate beasts by himself. The majority among them were first-rate Divine Kings, while peak Divine King Realm wolf kings also had no less than 20.

This sort of cooperation between desolate beasts was much more tacit than even those eight giant apes.

Ye Yuan was bold and unconstrained, being locked together in battle with the wolf pack.

When everyone saw this scene, they were all unbelievably shocked.

"This guy really went crazy! Such crazed cultivation, how the hell did he survive?" Guo Xu said with a frown.

Along the way, Ye Yuan never stopped before, spending it in the midst of slaughter all along.

This intensity of cultivation, Guo Xu questioned himself and was certain that he absolutely could not hang in there.

The Spirit Hound Divine King said, "To be able to obtain such startling accomplishments in 20 years, it was definitely not a fluke for Ji Qingyun! His talent need not be commented no more, but this tenacity is even harder to come by. Such high-intensity cultivation, even Void Mystic powerhouses will have their spirits crumble too."

Suddenly, Guo Xus expression changed, and he said, "This guy is really a mad man! He is actually going to break through in the midst of the wolf pack!"

In the sky, tribulation clouds rolled.

He had already fought for a day and night with this wolf pack and killed over a hundred wolves.

But just earlier, Ye Yuan finally detected that the turning point for breakthrough arrived.

If it were others, they absolutely would not dare to break through at this time.

Once he was pinned down by the wolf pack, Ye Yuan would definitely be smitten to death by the heavenly tribulation. One had to know that there were over 20 peak Divine King Realm wolf kings in the wolf pack.

But Ye Yuan was bold stemming from his superb skills and did not care at all. He directly opened up his essence energy sea and allowed himself to break through freely.

Heavenly tribulation was nigh. The movements of Ye Yuans hands were not the least bit slow, killing two wolves in a blink.


A coarse lightning bolt streaked down, rumbling over towards Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan gave a long cry and actually did not dodge nor evade!

These wolf kings intellects were exceedingly high and had long been waiting for this moment.

Just as the heavenly tribulation was about to land on Ye Yuan, five peak Divine King wolf kings arrived with a howl, baring their sharp teeth, and biting down towards Ye Yuans calf.

These few wolf kings teeth were no joke.

If bitten by them, Ye Yuans leg would be thoroughly crippled.

They eyed precisely this opportune moment to attack. Ye Yuan had to deal with the heavenly tribulation, it was totally impossible to deal with five wolf kings at the same time.

"Heh,arrogant fellow! This time, played yourself to death, right? I want to see how you avoid this certain-kill strike!" Guo Xu said with a cold smile.

Such an evenly matched battle and he actually still dared to be careless. He truly did not know how the word death was written.

But right at this time, a hint of a cold smile flashed across the corners of Ye Yuans mouth.

"Waited very long for you all! Limitless Life-Death Sword!"

Ye Yuan gave a loud cry, his divine king domain instantly erupting. Five azure lights flowed out from inside the divine king domain bizarrely, heading straight for those five Divine Kings.

As for that heavenly tribulation, Ye Yuan could not even be bothered to give it a glance at all.


Ye Yuan forcefully suffered this bolt of lightning tribulation, while those five wolf kings did not manage to bite him at all due to receiving Ye Yuans attack. Instead, they were implicated by the heavenly tribulation because they were too close to Ye Yuan.

This heavenly tribulation was virtually equivalent to the full power attack of a peak Divine King. The power could be imagined.

The five wolf kings were directly left in ruins by the heavenly tribulation!

While Ye Yuan stood up like he was completely fine. Patting the dust on his body, his figure suddenly vanished from where he was!

Seeing this scene, Guo Xus eyes became wide-saucers.

Could it be that this guy was a freak?

Forcefully withstanding such a horrifying bolt of heavenly tribulation, he was actually completely fine?

He did not know that for Ye Yuan, who transcended a Greater Five Elements Heavenly Tribulation, this kind of minor heavenly tribulation was completely no big deal anymore.

Ye Yuan just extended a golden right claw at the last second just now and forcefully withstood it.

Although this heavenly tribulation was equivalent to a peak divine kings all-out attack, the effect was greatly discounted to Ye Yuan.

Towards heavenly tribulation, Ye Yuan could virtually be said to be immune.

The next instant, Ye Yuan was just like a walking heavenly tribulation. Areas that he passed through, miserable cries echoed. The wolf pack let out a series of wretched cries from time to time.

When the minor heavenly tribulation passed, only wolf corpses that covered the land remained.

While Ye Yuan broke through to Fourth Level Dao Profound successfully.

"H-How can this be? How could someone transcend heavenly tribulation like this?" Guo Xu muttered to himself. He was struck dumb with amazement by this scene of Ye Yuan transcending tribulation.

Not just him, those Purple-Gold Hall disciples were similarly staring blankly with their mouths agape.

Those wolves wanted to ambush Ye Yuan but had a large group bombarded to death by Ye Yuan using heavenly tribulation.

This outcome was too miraculous.

The Spirit Hound Divine King looked at Ye Yuan with a heated gaze. The originally almost guaranteed ambush made him somewhat worried at this time.

Could it really kill Ye Yuan?