Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097 Sudden Impulse

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“Ji Qingyun, just what kind of spirit medicines do you want to find? Carry on heading down, and everybody will fall into danger!” Guo Xu said solemnly.

Outside of the third level were all still some peak divine king desolate beasts. Heading further in and there would be some Void Mystic Realm desolate beasts.

With these disciples’ strengths, they were naturally unable to go deeper in.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said coolly, “Do you feel that ordinary spirit medicines can enter my arcane sights? Aren’t you all here for training? Didn’t make you follow me either. How about you bring your junior brothers and continue the training. I’ll go find my spirit medicines. If I get killed by desolate beasts, you should be happy instead.”

“You!” Guo Xu could not help being tongue-tied.

At this time, the Spirit Hound Divine King suddenly spoke up, “Guo Xu, you bring the junior brothers to train over here for a bit. I’ll follow Ji Qingyun to carry on advancing ahead.”

With this, Guo Xu became anxious, and hurriedly said, “How can this do?”

The Spirit Hound Divine King gave him a glance and said, “The spirit medicines that Ji Qingyun wants, barring no accidents, should be in the fourth level. Upon entering the fourth level, I won’t be able to care about you anymore! Furthermore, you also saw his strength. If we were to really come to blows, you can’t gain any advantages either.”

Guo Xu’s expression could not help turning stiff. Only now did he notice the fact that made people embarrassed.

The Spirit Hound Divine King’s meaning was already very clear: carry on following, and you would drag us down.

Even if Ye Yuan had any funny ideas, not only would Guo Xu not be of help following by the side, but might become Ye Yuan’s breakthrough point instead.

That … would be awkward.

“Then … Be careful, Spirit Hound Divine King!” Guo Xu said dejectedly.

The Spirit Hound Divine King patted his shoulders and said, “Relax. With me around, he can’t play any tricks.”

Guo Xu nodded his head. The Spirit Hound Divine King’s strength, he could naturally trust.

It was just that he never thought that he would actually become a burden one day.

Bidding the Purple-Gold Hall disciples farewell, Ye Yuan, one person, and one dog headed even deeper in.

Going further into the depths, Ye Yuan naturally could not be like before, using desolate beasts to practice.

Unless he used a divine artifact, otherwise, it was very hard to beat those Void Mystic Realm desolate beasts.

Hence, along the way, Ye Yuan and Zhao Lingdong, the two people were both very low-profile, avoiding those powerful auras as best as they could.

Being cautious along the way, a month’s time passed in a blink of an eye.

The distance of separating with Guo Xu and the rest was roughly a hundred million miles already.

In between this, there naturally could not dispense with encountering some powerful desolate beasts. It was basically all the Spirit Hound Divine King taking action to dispose of them.

But this, also let Ye Yuan witness the Spirit Hound Divine King’s might.

Ordinary Void Mystic desolate beasts were not a match for the Spirit Hound Divine King at all.

Along the way, as long as they encountered Void Mystic desolate beasts, the Spirit Hound Divine King would cut down the other party with an overwhelming stance.

However, from start to end, that Howling Sky Divine Hound never made a move before.

Prior to reincarnating, Ye Yuan did not have contact with the Spirit Hound Divine King before. But regarding his might, he had still heard of it somewhat.

But only today did Ye Yuan know that Zhao Lingdong was even more powerful than in the rumors.

On this day, the two people finally arrived at the entrance area leading to the fourth level.

Ahead was a small-scale transmission array.

A small cluster of light pillars gave off a bright light.

As they were walking, Ye Yuan suddenly stopped his footsteps.

Zhao Lingdong asked doubtfully, “Why aren’t you walking anymore?”

Ye Yuan said with a calm expression, “Let’s walk around in the third level some more. I need a 500 thousand year Jadeblood Azuresky. This place is the third level’s deepest area, it might have it. If we can find it, we can also reduce the amount of time that we stay at the fourth level. This way, the danger will naturally also be lesser.”

The Spirit Hound Divine King was able to rampage unrestrained in the third level. But reaching the fourth level, he would also have to tuck his tail between his legs and behave.

The fourth level’s desolate beasts were too strong. With the Spirit Hound Divine King’s strength, the fourth level was also the limit.

Concerning the fifth level, he absolutely would not enter the area.

The Spirit Hound Divine King frowned and said, “500 thousand year Jadesky Azuresky, the chances of finding in the fourth level should be far greater than the third level. Don’t you forget, we only have half a year’s time. If we waste too much time at the third level, we won’t have time to find the spirit medicines at the back.”

Ye Yuan thought about it again and said with a nod, “What you said is correct, let’s go.”

The Spirit Hound Divine King’s heart eased up and nodded his head, and was about to advance forward.

But Ye Yuan had just taken a step and actually stopped again.

“En? What is it again?” The Spirit Hound Divine King looked at Ye Yuan and said doubtfully.

Ye Yuan turned his head to look at the Spirit Hound Divine King and suddenly said with a smile, “Your heart … it moved!”

The Spirit Hound Divine King’s heart thumped. Could it be that Ye Yuan saw through something?


From start to end, he examined himself and was certain that he did not reveal any flaws.

Zhao Lingdong frown and said, “What do you mean?”

The corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth curled slightly, and he said with a faint smile, “My meaning is … you want to make me enter the fourth level very much?”

The premonition in Zhao Lingdong’s heart became increasingly foreboding. But he did not give up.

Another step forward and Ye Yuan would be caught in the trap of the Devil Ridge Three Freaks. As long as Ye Yuan was taken into the Mountain and River State Painting, there was absolutely no possibility of escaping with his life!

Even if the son of heaven’s mandate, being shielded from heaven’s secrets, only had one road that led to hell too!

Moreover, dealing with Ye Yuan would be five Void Mystic Realm experts.

But it was just missing one step!

His heart pounded, but Zhao Lingdong did not show even a hint on his face.

His person was incomparably level-headed to begin with. Even if dreadful waves that billowed to the skies were stirred up in his heart, he would not reveal the least bit either.

If he did not have this shrewdness, how could he dare to stay undercover under the leadership of the Holy City’s three titans for so many years?

It was also precisely because of this confidence that Zhao Lingdong knew that he definitely did not reveal a flaw along the way.

But how did Ye Yuan see through him?

Could it be because of that trace of spatial undulation?

That trace of spatial undulation, even he did not detect it. It could be said to be trivial to the extreme.

Moreover, even if Ye Yuan had his suspicions, why would it be right at this time?

Zhao Lingdong could not figure out after racking his brains!

“What are you implying? You were the one who wanted to find spirit medicines, not me! If you’re not willing to enter the fourth level, then just don’t go in.,” Zhao Lingdong said solemnly.

Ye Yuan looked at Zhao Lingdong and said coolly, “Still refusing to give up hope? Since I said such words, I naturally have some assurance.”

With this, Zhao Lingdong utterly gave up.

He knew that Ye Yuan really saw through something amiss.

But, there were no flaws in front of him at all. If not for knowing in-advance, Zhao Lingdong absolutely would not know that this place was a trap.

Then, how in the world did Ye Yuan perceive it?

Zhao Lingdong’s brows furrowed. Faint killing intent locked onto Ye Yuan, and he said in a deep voice, “I examined myself and am sure that I didn’t reveal any flaws at all. How did you see through?”

Ye Yuan did not answer his question. Taking a look at the transmission array in the distance, he said with a smile, “Like naturally formed, without any flaws in the slightest! If my surmises are right, this should be the legendary Mountain and River State Painting, right?”

Zhao Lingdong’s gaze turned sharp. He did not think that Ye Yuan could actually even make this out!

This brat was simply too freakish!

Ye Yuan turned to Zhao Lingdong again and said with a smile, “You indeed didn’t have flaws. But you should know what’s ‘Sudden Impulse,’ right?”