Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098 Absolute Kill

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Hearing ‘Sudden Impulse’ these two words, Zhao Lingdong’s expression changed greatly.

“You … You actually comprehended Sudden Impulse!”

“When fighting with those eight giant apes, I already comprehended it,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

The breakthrough of heart realm could let martial artists give birth to some very mysterious skills.

Such as merging into heaven and earth, such as … Sudden Impulse.

Sudden Impulse was actually a kind of sense to chase after good fortune and avoid disaster.

This sort of sense, many powerful martial artists all had it. But that sense was just the very, very shallow kind.

Furthermore, it was effective and ineffective at times, unable to use it as a reference at all.

But Sudden Impulse could be said to be the superior type of this kind of sense. Before encountering danger, one would be able to sense it in advance, and pursue good fortune and avoid disaster from there.

Facing off against the eight giant apes the last time, Ye Yuan’s heart realm already quietly broke through once more. This Sudden Impulse technique was also born in response to the proper time and conditions.

“However, you indeed concealed very well. Only all the way until a moment ago, did a feeling well up in my heart. It seems like taking another step forward, there will be absolutely no chance of survival,” Ye Yuan said unhurriedly.

Sudden Impulse was not invincible. It was just a fleeting and ephemeral kind of sense. Except, this kind of sensation was more accurate and stronger compared to ordinary martial artists, that was all.

Zhao Lingdong’s scheming was extremely deep and did not reveal the slightest hint of a flaw at all, and also did not have even a trace of killing intent towards Ye Yuan before.

Hence, Ye Yuan did not sense the danger previously.

“Then why did you come to suspect me?” Zhao Lingdong said rather gloomily.

“I said before, your heart moved. Although it was just that tiny bit, under this sort of crisis, it’s exceptionally strong,” Ye Yuan said.

Zhao Lingdong was thoroughly defeated.

He concealed extremely well along the way. Only just now, when Ye Yuan was about to step into the enchantment set up by the Mountain and River State Painting, his breathing hastened, leaving a tiny trace.

But it was this tiny trace that betrayed him.

The formidable aspect of Sudden Impulse lay in here.

Of course, Sudden Impulse was not matchless.

Just like this time, although he comprehended Sudden Impulse, it was still incomparably dangerous.

Because the Devil Ridge Three Freaks showed themselves!

A layer of ripple oscillated in the space. Three black silhouettes emerged.

“Truly formidable. Didn’t think that the Mountain and River State Painting, this kind of divine artifact, actually had no way of drawing you in! But … you’re still hard pressed to escape death today!” said the Devil Ridge Three Freaks’s boss, Mo Datong.

Seeing the Devil Ridge Three Freaks, Ye Yuan’s heart sunk.

These three people were all Void Mystic Realm experts.

This was to say that there were actually five Void Mystic powerhouses who came to besiege him.

Furthermore, the things held in the Devil Ridge Three Freaks’ hands, were clearly all divine artifacts!

Five great Void Mystic powerhouse, three great divine artifacts, such a line-up could simply be rated as extravagant!

And such a line-up was actually just in order to deal with a measly little Fourth Level Dao Profound!

“You’re all members of the fiend race?” Ye Yuan said with a frown.

Such extravagance, probably only that power-hungry fiend race, always causing trouble from the shadows, could take out these divine artifacts.

It was just that Ye Yuan was very curious about what kind of method the fiend race used to make these people look virtually identical with humans. Even the slightest hint of fiendish energy was not revealed.

It looked like the fiend race really racked their brains empty for the sake of today’s set-up.

Mo Datong said, “That’s right! Lord Divine Master ordered the three of us to come over and take your life! Once the son of heaven’s mandate dies, the human race will be of no more threat!”

Hearing ‘son of heaven’s mandate,’ Ye Yuan was slightly surprised too. But he felt relieved very quickly.

He actually ruined the fiend race’s plans several times through sheer dumb luck.

Furthermore, Jia Lan knew that the Soul Suppressing Pearl and Vast Heaven Stele were in his hands. Then guessing that the son of heaven’s mandate was him would also be nothing strange.

What Ye Yuan did not know was that the fiend race already knew that he was the son of heaven’s mandate before he was born!

The Medicine King Hall’s accident was precisely because he was the son of heaven’s mandate!

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and opened his mouth and said with a look of despair, “Fine then. Five great Void Mystic powerhouses coming to besiege me, a measly little Fourth Level Dao Profound. It’s also truly thinking highly enough of me. Since I’m dead for sure, can you tell me just who in the world is controlling all this behind the scenes or not?

“Ji Qingyun, stop making futile efforts! Your trifling little tricks, better don’t show it off in front of this lord! Datong, Ertong, Santong 1 , don’t talk nonsense with him anymore. We’ve already lost the initiative. We definitely can’t give him any bit of chance. Don’t you all forget, if we can’t kill him, we’d all have to die! Attack together and kill him!” Zhao Lingdong said with a cold yell.

He became incomparably cold and fierce at this time, decisive in going for the kill, not giving Ye Yuan any chance at all.

The expressions of the Devil Ridge Three Freaks became fearful when they heard that. Ye Yuan’s words really made them have some thoughts about mocking Ye Yuan.

The three of them wielded divine artifacts. Furthermore, their cultivation realm was much higher than Ye Yuan’s. They did not put Ye Yuan in their sights at al.

Ye Yuan’s words earlier really made them give rise to feelings of belittlement.

Five Void Mystics against a Fourth Level Dao Profound, it was absolutely a certain kill scenario.

But Zhao Lingdong’s words were akin to the evening drum and morning bell in a monastery, shocking them awake.

At this moment, the three of them had not made a move yet, but Zhao Lingdong’s Howling Sky Divine Hound moved first.

In that instant, Ye Yuan felt his neck turn cold. Howlsky’s incomparably sharp teeth already reached his neck!

All of this was just a matter of the time it took for a spark to fly off a piece of flint. Even Ye Yuan did not react to it.

This was still Ye Yuan’s first time seeing the Howling Sky Divine Hound taking action. His opening move was a lethal blow!

Howlsky’s speed was unimaginably fast. Even those Devil Ridge Three Freaks did not react to it either.

Ye Yuan’s pupils constricted, his figure instantly vanishing from where he was, fleeing into the void.

Yet, Howlsky was too near to him. Although Ye Yuan’s actions were fast, it was still unable to shake off Howlsky.


Sharp dog claws pierced right through the void, swiping toward Ye Yuan’s throat!

The Howling Sky Divine Hound was actually overwhelmingly powerful!

While at this time, the Devil Ridge Three Freaks and Zhao Lingdong moved as well.

Four people joined hands, directly sealing this stretch of space off, not giving Ye Yuan the slightest opportunity to escape at all.

In the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint, Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly fled out of the void, narrowly avoiding that lethal scratch.

Yet, one wave had yet to subside, but another wave rose. He had just fled the void when an incomparably vast and mighty spatial power wanted to envelop him inside in an instant!

The Mountain and River State Painting!

If taken in by the Mountain and River State Painting, there was absolutely no chance of survival!

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Yuan immediately took out the Sacred Dragon Token, instantly drawing 10% of his blood essence.


The space in front of Ye Yuan instantly exploded, sending his entire person flying out.

The Devil Ridge Three Freaks did not give him any opportunity to catch his breath. Right at the second he flew out, the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror’s killing move already arrived!

The Spirithorn Shattering Mirror’s power was more than several times fiercer in Mo Ertong’s hands.

Ye Yuan gave a loud cry, put away the Sacred Dragon Token, and took out the Evil Extermination Sword. His divine king domain instantly activated.


Another frontal clash. Ye Yuan immediately spewed out a mouthful of blood in the air.

Right then, the third divine artifact arrived too!

Under the two attacks, Ye Yuan already suffered severe injuries.

This attack, he was no longer able to resist it.