Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099 Moonlight Mirage

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“Hahaha, go to hell!”

Mo Santong wielded a short blade in his hand, bringing along a terrifying energy undulation, and chopping towards Ye Yuan.

Suffering two tremendous impacts in a row, Ye Yuan, this Fourth Level Dao Profound, already sustained severe injuries.

This blow was a certain kill attack!

Furthermore, in order to make provisions for contingencies, Zhao Lingdong also rushed over instantly!

Charging over together with him, was even the swift to the extreme Howling Sky Divine Hound!

Three great powerhouses’ all-out attacks, they completely did not give Ye Yuan the slightest opportunity to catch his breath.

This kind of successive attacks, even Void Mystic powerhouses were dead without a doubt too, let alone a puny little Fourth Level Dao Profound.

But right at this time, a hint of a faint smile flickered across the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth.

What astonished Mo Santong and Zhao Lingdong, was that the corners of Ye Yuan’s eyes, were actually bleeding.

Two lines of blood tears flowed down along the corners of Ye Yuan’s eyes as if crying.

But the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth was clearly smiling.

Smiling mockingly!

Zhao Lingdong’s heart thumped, instantly feeling that it was not good.

But the movements of his hands were not the slightest bit slow, smacking a palm viciously onto Ye Yuan’s chest.

At the same time, Mo Santong’s divine artifact short blade also chopped onto Ye Yuan’s body.


The fresh blood in Ye Yuan’s mouth sprayed out like a fountain, making it a horrifyingly ghastly sight.


Ye Yuan fell to the ground heavily and no longer had any movements.

Looking at the thoroughly dead Ye Yuan, the four people finally heave a sigh in relief.

“Heh heh, the son of heaven’s mandate died just like that. This time, the human race no longer has anything to count on!” Mo Datong said.

“I was wondering how powerful the son of heaven’s mandate was. It’s also merely like this! Without screening heaven’s secrets, didn’t he still kick the bucket?” Mo Datong said with a disdainful look.

“Before dying just now, he was still smiling at me. I thought that he had some way of escape, scared me to death. Luckily, he’s thoroughly dead!” Mo Santong said.

“Hahaha, number three, you’re too cowardly! Our three great divine artifact attacking, how could he have a chance to survive? Forget about a measly little Fourth Level Dao Profound, even Void Mystic Realm martial artists will be dead for sure too!” Mo Ertong said with a big laugh.

Mo Santong also nodded his head when he heard that and said, “But this boy was indeed heaven-defying. Just Fourth Level Dao Profound and he was actually able to comprehend a divine king domain. If we allow him to carry on developing unchecked, he’d really be my fiend race’s great enemy! No wonder Lord Divine Master did not stint to deploy three great divine artifacts, and also had to eradicate this boy.”

While the Devil Ridge Three Freaks were talking on this side, Zhao Lingdong had his brows knitted all along at one side and did not speak.

He looked at Ye Yuan’s corpse as if absorbed in thought.

Mo Datong noticed his anomaly and could not help asking, “Zhao Lingdong, what’s wrong?”

Zhao Lingdong did not answer him. He said to Howlsky, “Howlsky, go take a look at whether he’s thoroughly dead.”

Howlsky immediately arrived beside Ye Yuan’s corpse with a whoosh. Extending a dog paw, he started fiddling with Ye Yuan’s corpse.

The Devil Ridge Three Freaks looked at this scene curiously, uncertain about what Zhao Lingdong was playing at.

Fiddling for a bit, Howlsky returned to Zhao Lingdong’s side with a flash and barked a few times.

After that, Zhao Lingdong’s brows knitted together even more tightly.

“Zhao Lingdong, what in the world did you discover, speak!” Mo Ertong could not refrain from asking.

Zhao Lingdong shook his head and said, “I keep feeling that something is not quite right! But Howlsky went over and didn’t discover anything either. This Ji Qingyun is indeed completely dead!”

The three people were previously made all fidgety and jumpy by Zhao Lingdong. Upon hearing that at this time, they finally let out a sigh in relief.

“Sigh! I thought you discovered something! Zhao Lingdong, you wouldn’t be making a fool out of the three of us brothers, right?” Mo Datong said unhappily.

Although Zhao Lingdong’s strength was that little bit stronger compared to them, the three of them joining hands, Zhao Lingdong was absolutely not a match,

If not for Lord Divine Master’s order to listen to Zhao Lingdong’s arrangements on this trip, they would have long fallen out.

Zhao Lingdong beat around the bush for half the day. In the end, there wasn’t even anything. What was this if not making a fool out of them?

Zhao Lingdong gave Mo Datong a glance, but asked Mo Santong, “Santong, did you see Ye Yuan’s eyes bleeding just now?”

Mo Santong froze and said with a nod, “That’s right! I saw that his eyes seemed to be bleeding just now! Furthermore, he even gave me a strange smile, smiling until I had goosebumps break out all over.”

Zhao Lingdong’s brows knitted. Thinking about it, he opened his mouth and said, “I keep feeling that we killed Ye Yuan too easily! How can the son of heaven’s mandate possibly be killed so easily?”

Mo Datong frowned and said, “Easy? Can’t say it like that either, right? The Mountain and River State Painting that we set up was even seen through by him. Furthermore, to kill him, the few of us also exerted all of our strengths before barely managing to succeed.”

Zhao Lingdong shook his head and said, “It appears that the few of our strengths are indeed much stronger than him. But I keep feeling that Ji Qingyun’s trumps cards shouldn’t be just two divine artifacts! Furthermore, his eyes bled at the final juncture, plus his expression. This point is too suspicious.”

Zhao Lingdong’s entire body trembled, suddenly feeling that he had grasped something. But, he could not think of it for a moment either.

“Eyes! Eyes! What kind of tricks would he have that are related to the eyes?” The composed Zhao Lingdong suddenly became somewhat anxious and fretful.

At the fourth level, a white silhouette walked out from inside the transmission array.

On the white garment, it was already soaked by fresh blood, appearing incomparably wretched.

“Screw you, Ye Yuan! Moonlight Mirage 1 is a divine rank illusionary art. Although there is divine essence, if I don’t recuperate for a year or so, there’s absolutely no way to recover!” Inside the sea of consciousness, a voice suddenly shrieked.

This white silhouette was precisely Ye Yuan, who escaped into the fourth level from the third level!

In that instant, alarm bells sounded in his heart. Ye Yuan was already planning how to escape.

Inside his sea of consciousness, Ye Yuan viciously threatened the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil. Only then did it make him cast the divine rank illusionary art, Moonlight Mirage!

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil utilized Ye Yuan’s divine essence to cast a terrifying divine rank illusionary art.

Although it did not reach the power of a true divine rank illusionary art, it also made Zhao Lingdong and the rest fall into an illusionary realm.

Except, casting this illusionary art, to the current Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, the expenditure was incomparably enormous, virtually draining his primordial spirit.

His primordial spirit became much weaker all at once.

This was also why blood tears suddenly flowed out from Ye Yuan’s eyes at the final juncture.

This sort of situation was about the same as Ye Yuan using the Sacred Dragon Token.

Currently, Ye Yuan’s two eyes were tightly shut, incomparably agonizing, completely unable to see things anymore.

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil required a period of preparation time to cast Moonlight Mirage. Hence, Ye Yuan had been thinking of ways to deal with Zhao Lingdong all along.

It was just that Ye Yuan did not think that Zhao Lingdong was so vigilant. He did not give him sufficient time at all.

Two great Void Mystic powerhouses wielding divine artifacts in their hands, Ye Yuan still suffered serious injuries by forcefully clashing twice with them.

Luckily, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil finally finished casting at the last second. Only then did Ye Yuan take the chance to escape.

“Enough crap! If I die, you likewise can’t survive! If you were to land in the hands of the fiend race, heh heh …” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.