Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Investigate Properly

One could tell that Wu Luochen was unwilling to provoke Su Yishan.

Not only was Su Yishan strong, but his background was also exceedingly deep.

Without mentioning how great the Su Family's power was, just based on Su Yubai's status within the Dan Wu Academy, not many dared to provoke him.

Ye Yuan looked at Wu Luochen apathetically. "Scared? If you're scared, then go back. I also didn't make you tag along."

This look agitated Wu Luochen greatly. He raised his head up and said, "W-who's scared? Isn't it just Su Yishan? Wait until I advance to the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm. I'll beat him until his teeth fall out!"

"Tch, what Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm. In the end, you're still scared!" Ye Yuan continued in disdain.

Wu Luochen nearly jumped up when he heard this. Even since he entered the Dan Wu Academy, his dictionary never had the word 'scared.'

He only had today's position by challenging throughout the entire way and beating people all the way.

There was naturally no lack of figures with special status among these people.

But didn't he just beat them up? Since when had he been scared?

The reason why he did not wish to find trouble with Su Yishan was that the time was not yet right.

Su Yishan was at the peak Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm and could break through to the second stage of the Spirit Condensation Realm at any time.

Each person in the top ten of the Martial Roll of Honor was more perverse than the other. Wu Luochen was indeed very strong, but at his level, who was not strong?

The further one headed, the harder it was to jump ranks and battle. Wu Luochen naturally did not wish to casually provoke a student in the top ten of the Martial Roll.

After Wu Luochen broke through to the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm, he would spar down the list one by one.

"I refuse to believe it today! Isn't it just Su Yishan? I'll accompany you! If he dares to attack you, I, Wu Luochen, will receive it!" The pitiful Wu Luochen fell for Ye Yuan's inciting just like that.

"Up to you. At that time, just don't run away with your tail between your legs." Ye Yuan then left without even turning his head back.

Wu Luochen chased after as he said, "Hey, say things clearly. Who's running away with their tails between their legs? Since when have I, Wu Luochen, been a deserter . . ."

. . . . . .

The residences of Heaven rank students were separated from students of other ranks; at the back of the mountain with the instructors.

Moreover, each of them had their own house and courtyard with a vast total area, and would not be disturbed by others.

Ye Yuan came to the front of Su Yishan's courtyard and bellowed loudly, "Scram out here, Liu Ruoshui!"

Ye Yuan incorporated ample essence energy into his shout, making it reverberate like rolling thunder.

If he did not shout, then it was still okay. But now that he did, it startled many people.

"What's happening? Did something happen again?"

"Quickly look! Isn't that Ye Yuan? Didn't he just clear the Nine Heavens Road? Why does it look like he's here to cause trouble again?"

"Haha! It's really lively these few days. Ye Yuan is too capable of causing a disturbance, stirring up the entire academy. It's truly one incident had yet to subside, but another wave rises!"

"Yii? Isn't that Wu Luochen? Why is he mixing around with Ye Yuan?"

"Who knows? That fellow is also a lunatic. Two maniacs have come together."

"Speaking of which, who is Liu Ruoshui? It sounds like a woman's name. How did she offend Ye Yuan?"

"Uh, I seem to have some impression. It seems like she's a great beauty!"

"F*ck! He doesn't even let a beauty off. Ye Yuan is really a madman!"

"Hey, best to stop speculating. It's true that Ye Yuan doesn't rest, but Lin Tiancheng and Zhang Heng only had themselves to blame. If it were you, would you kill them? We should still hear what Ye Yuan has to say. Who knows if this Liu Ruoshui was also one of the people who bullied Ye Yuan's maidservant? Don't you all find it odd that Ye Yuan is calling for Liu Ruoshui outside of Su Yishan's gate?"

Ye Yuan had never been fearful of blowing things up. If he, a dignified Alchemy Emperor, had to swallow his pride and endure in silence in a mortal country, it would cause his thoughts to not flow smoothly.

His precious life's encounter developed Ye Yuan's personality of avenging any enmity.

Who cares what Martial Roll's expert, or some Disciplinary Hall's elder. He just had to directly smash over!

It was fine if he could not beat them now. Even if he was unable to defeat them, he could still disgust them!

After yelling, Ye Yuan closed his eyes and stood there quietly with his hands behind his back, waiting for Su Yishan to come out.

Before long, Su Yishan's courtyard gate creaked open, and Su Yishan walked out with a livid face.

"What the hell are you doing, Ye Yuan? To actually dare to make a big fuss outside of my gate. Do you really think that nobody can take care of you?" Su Yishan said icily.

"Let Liu Ruoshui come out. This matter has nothing to do with you, go play by the side." Words that made everyone stare dumbfoundedly came out of Ye Yuan's mouth.

Oh damn! Ye Yuan told Su Yishan to go play by the side outside the entrance of his place!

Nobody had ever dared to speak that way to Su Yishan in the academy. Ye Yuan was truly teeming with overbearingness!

But after thinking about it, everyone felt at ease. Ye Yuan even dared to scold Elder Su. What is Su Yishan?

Since when had Su Yishan ever suffered such humiliation? When he heard that, he flew into a rage. "Insolence! Today, I will weigh just how incredible a genius who cleared the Nine Heavens Road is!"

Su Yishan fully released his aura and charged towards Ye Yuan with the momentum of Mount Tai bearing down upon Ye Yuan.

But just at that moment, Wu Luochen planted himself in front of Ye Yuan emotionlessly, which made Su Yishan's momentum came to a halt.

"What's the meaning of this, Wu Luochen?" Su Yishan asked furiously.

"No other meaning. As long as you don't touch Ye Yuan, that will do. I don't care about other things," said Wu Luochen as he remained impassive.

In reality, Wu Luochen was also very gloomy right now. He inexplicably incurred trouble with a major problem like Su Yishan.

It was true that Wu Luochen's thought process was simple. But he was absolutely no fool. How could a fool become an expert on the Martial Roll of Honor?

But Wu Luochen could no longer care that much in order to fight a match with Ye Yuan.

Of course, there were still many whom he could spar with within the academy. But Wu Luochen had the feeling that sparring with Ye Yuan would let him reap an unexpected harvest!

This was purely instinct. Ever since he witnessed that dazzling sword of Ye Yuan's, he had this sort of intuition.

Hence, he kept pestering Ye Yuan to make him spar with him.

"What a Wu Luochen. Do you know the repercussions of becoming enemies with me?"

Wu Luochen dreaded Su Yishan, but how could Su Yishan also not be wary of Wu Luochen?

Although he was a minor realm higher than Wu Luochen, Wu Luochen's combat talent was extremely astonishing. If they really fought, even if he could win, it would surely be a crushing victory.

"I've never wanted to be enemies with you. As long as you don't touch Ye Yuan, I don't care about other things," Wu Luochen repeated these words emotionlessly.

These words were in fact bullsh*t. Ye Yuan was here to find trouble, so he would definitely fight with Su Yishan. If Su Yishan did not touch him, did he had to wait to be beaten up instead?

Su Yishan could not communicate through with this lunatic and was so angry that his lungs were about to explode.

"Humph! You guys are looking for Liu Ruoshui. Why did you come to my place?"

Su Yishan was unable to deal with Wu Luochen, so he could only put up with the second best; questioning with logic.

"We've already inquired. Liu Ruoshui should be at your place currently. Go and call her out. I have some things I want to ask her," Ye Yuan said coolly as if he did not see Su Yishan and Wu Luochen's tit for tat.

"What a joke. You say she's here, and that means she's here?" Su Yishan laughed due to extreme rage.

Ye Yuan spread out his hands and said, "Since we can't reach a conclusion, then there's no other choice. I can only enter your place to investigate properly."

"You dare?!" Su Yishan was seething with rage.