Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100 Repeating A Same Old Trick

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Ye Yuan’s divine sense spread out. Under Heaven Man Unity Heart Realm, the surrounding situation was taken in at one glance.

Briefly stopping for a moment, Ye Yuan unleashed his movement technique and sped in a direction rapidly.

He discovered a cave not far away.

Ye Yuan’s current condition was very dreadful, and he needed to find a safe place to rest and rehabilitate for a moment.

“Ye Yuan, you damn fellow! You’re a bloodsucker! When you used this lord, you force this lord. When you don’t use, you kick this lord to one side! Arhh! Urghh, how did I board your pirate ship!”

Inside Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil howled.

Toward this ancient-class primordial spirit, Ye Yuan’s guard was still very high.

Along the way, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil yelled out unceasingly inside his sea of consciousness, appearing very aggrieved.

“Shut your mouth for me!” entering the cave, Ye Yuan barked coldly.

Sensing Ye Yuan’s cold killing intent, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil realized that Ye Yuan was really enraged and immediately shut his mouth and did not speak.

“How long can your Moonlight Mirage be maintained?” Ye Yuan asked coldly.

If those few people did not have divine artifacts in their possession, they absolutely could not escape the Moonlight Mirage within a short time.

But the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror was the jinx of illusionary arts. Once they realized that they had fallen into an illusion, the Moonlight Mirage could not trap them for very long at all.

This was also the reason why Ye Yuan fled toward the fourth level and not escape toward the second level.

Escaping upward was definitely a one-way ticket to hell.

While the fifth level, these people absolutely did not dare to enter!

It was just that in Ye Yuan’s current state, he could not escape to the fifth level at all, and would surely be caught up by them.

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil said brimming with confidence, “This lord’s Moonlight Mirage is a divine rank illusionary art, silent and noiseless. Those amateurs got to at least be trapped inside for 10 days to half a month!”

Ye Yuan’s expression turned cold: “I have no time to listen to you talk nonsense here. Keep bragging, and I’ll immediately exterminate you!”

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil immediately switched to a smiling face and said, “H-Haha, Younger Brother, calm your anger, calm your anger. That … That, they have the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, I reckon that at most, it’s also just one day’s time.”

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath and said solemnly, “Now, shut your mouth up for me!”

Done talking, Ye Yuan took out three medicinal pills and started to treat his injuries.

Ever since obtaining the Sacred Dragon Token, Ye Yuan would basically have a running stock of blood essence replenishing medicinal pills.

Fortunately, he only lost 10% blood essence. Replenishing was not too troublesome.

What was truly troublesome was that he borrowed the power of the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil to cast Moonlight Mirage. This burden on his body was too great.

With only a day’s time, Ye Yuan must seize every second.

The Spirithorn Shattering Mirror was able to shuttle through space. Once they broke free, they would catch up very quickly.

With the medicinal pill entering his abdomen, Ye Yuan’s blood essence was replenished bit by bit, while his body was also gradually recovering.

“Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil! That brat must have acquired the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil! He must have obtained the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil when he entered the Vastsun Bright Moon Realm! Damn it, we fell into an illusion!”

Zhao Lingdong’s entire body suddenly trembled, finally grasping that trace of inspiration.

“What? We fell into an illusion? Are you joking, Zhao Lingdong? Ordinary illusions completely cannot conceal their traces in front of the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror!” Mo Ertong said disdainfully.

Zhao Lingdong said coldly, “Then what if it isn’t an ordinary illusionary realm? Don’t you guys forget! The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was once tethered to a Deity Realm powerhouse!”

Zhao Lingdong’s words made the Devil Ridge Three Freaks feel alarmed inwardly.

Their expressions also became solemn. If it was really a divine rank illusionary art, they might really be trapped inside an illusionary realm.

“What are you still in a daze for? Ertong, use the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror to break the illusionary art! Remember, use divine essence!” Zhao Lingdong reminded him.

Mo Ertong was startled and hurriedly injected divine essence inside the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror. The Spirithorn Shattering Mirror immediately gave off waves of light.

Waves of ripples spread out in the surrounding space with the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror as the center.

Sensing the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror’s change, Mo Ertong was startled inwardly.

They really got hit by an illusionary spell!

This illusionary art was extraordinary. They all, this large group of Void Mystic powerhouses, actually did not see through a tiny bit!

Clearly, Zhao Lingdong did not perceive it either. He guessed it through some fleeting clues.

Mo Ertong was endlessly shocked. If they did not bring the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror this time, it was really uncertain how long they would have to be trapped inside this illusionary realm.

Now, he finally knew how hard the son of heaven’s mandate was to tangle with.

The belittling towards Ye Yuan previously was completely swept away clean.

Not just him, the others were similarly incredibly shocked.

Ye Yuan was too scary to actually toy with them, five great Void Mystic powerhouses, in the palm of his hand!

No wonder Lord Divine Master regarded Ye Yuan so highly, making them bring three great divine artifacts over.

A day later, Mo Ertong finally broke apart the illusionary realm with help from the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror.

Looking on the ground again, where was there Ye Yuan’s corpse?

“Quickly give chase! Fortunately, Zhao Lingdong’s reaction was fast. The time we were trapped was also not very long. He shouldn’t have escaped to the second level yet!” Mo Datong said.

The other two people nodded their heads and voiced their assent. They were just about to move out to pursue him but was stopped by Zhao Lingdong.

“Wait a minute!”

“What is it?” The three people froze.

“I feel that he shouldn’t have escaped to the second level!” Zhao Lingdong said.

The three people were stunned again: “Not escaping to the second level, could it be that he escaped to the fourth level still? Being trapped by us inside, he’ll be dead for sure!”

Zhao Lingdong shook his head and said, “He knows that we have the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror. Escaping to the second level, he absolutely can’t escape! If I were Ji Qingyun, I’d definitely cut off all escape routes to rise up in the face of a desperate situation, and escape downwards! As long as he escapes to the fifth level, we definitely won’t dare to go down.”

If it were before, the Devil Ridge Three Freaks would definitely be very disdainful towards Zhao Lingdong’s words.

But now, they were utterly convinced by Zhao Lingdong.

It was not without reason that Lord Divine Master made him listen to Zhao Lingdong.

If not for Zhao Lingdong, who knew how much time they would have to be trapped by the illusionary art. At that time, the flowers would have really turned yellow.

“Fine, I’ll listen to you! Go, down to the fourth level!” Mo Datong said.

“Everybody be more careful. This boy is very bizarre and hasn’t pulled out god knows how many trump cards yet. Reaching the fourth level, we mustn’t drop our guard!” Zhao Lingdong exhorted.

A light flashed, Zhao Lingdong’s figure appeared at the fourth level.

But his brows knitted tightly together. Because the Devil Ridge Three Freaks disappeared!

They clearly entered through the transmission array together. Why was everyone gone the moment they came out?

Not just the Devil Ridge Three Freaks, even the Howling Sky Divine Hound that had been following him all along also vanished without a trace.

Zhao Lingdong instantly felt that things were not right!

“Could it be an illusionary art again?”

Mo Ertong had the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror in his hands, what was the use of repeating the same old trick?

Furthermore, this illusionary realm was clearly not as powerful as before.

But Zhao Lingdong knew that Ye Yuan definitely would not shoot at a non-existent target.

This sort of futile work, he definitely would not do it.

Then what on earth was Ye Yuan planning to do by playing this?

Suddenly, Zhao Lingdong’s expression changed, and he said, “Shit! The Spirithorn Shattering Mirror in Mo Ertong’s hands is the greatest threat to him! He definitely wants to deal with Mo Ertong! No way, I absolutely can’t let him prevail!”