Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101 Counter Kill

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What Zhao Lingdong was thinking was right. Ye Yuan was planning precisely that!

Apart from Mo Ertong, the others had all fallen into an illusionary realm. There was completely no way of breaking free within a short time.

Only Mo Ertong was currently receiving Ye Yuan’s special treatment at this time.

When at the third level, Ye Yuan was a prey and had no time to respond at all.

Being able to unleash Moonlight Mirage was already his limit.

But now, Ye Yuan had adequate time to deal with it leisurely.

The Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation was the big meal that he prepared for Mo Ertong!

When Mo Ertong discovered that the others were all gone, he realized very quickly that he had fallen into an illusionary realm again.

Compared to Moonlight Mirage, the Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation was still much lousier in terms of illusionary realms.

However, the Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation was not just an illusionary realm. For Ye Yuan to dare to lay down this formation, he naturally had a killing move to deal with Mo Ertong.

Falling into the illusionary realm, Mo Ertong’s first reaction was to deploy the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror.

But right at this time, countless azure sword lights suddenly appeared from the void.

“Heh, do you really take your Grandpa Er to be easily bullied? Divine king domain, activate!”

Mo Ertong was a Void Mystic powerhouse at any rate. How could he be frightened by mere sword lights?

The moment his divine king domain opened up, it was impregnable!

Although the azure sword lights were incomparably fierce and sharp, who asked Mo Ertong’s cultivation realm to be too high? It could not break open his divine king domain at all.

Mo Ertong was extremely pleased with himself when he saw the situation and said with a loud laugh, “Haha! Brat, your concepts comprehension is indeed not bad, but dealing with your Second Grandpa Mo, it’s still too tender! Just you wait, Second Grandpa will break this illusionary realm right away. Then I’ll see where you will run to!”

Done talking, Mo Ertong completely ignored those sword lights, and immediately mustered up the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, planning on getting rid of the illusionary realm.

But right at this time, Mo Ertong felt an extreme sense of peril well up in his heart.

He raised his head and discovered that above the void, countless sword lights had already condensed since no idea when.

Sword lights hanging high in the air, this was not the most important. Most importantly, these sword lights were too terrifying. They were on a completely different level from those previously.

Ye Yuan hid inside the void, looking at Mo Ertong and smiling coldly incessantly.

“Do you really think that this young master will allow you all to knead me as you please? With the Evil Extermination Sword, the increase in the power of the Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation isn’t just a little bit! Even He Dajiang succumbed inside this array formation, let alone even you! Limitless Life-Death Sword, kill for me!”

Ye Yuan’s icy cold voice echoed out from inside the void, akin to a god overlooking all life, controlling the life and death of the mortal world.

Following his word of command, the countless sword lights above the ninth heaven charged towards Mo Ertong, bringing along the might of heaven and earth.

Seeing this scene, Mo Ertong’s expression turned deathly white like paper. How could he still care about breaking the formation?

He poured divine essence frenziedly into the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror without another word.

“Spirithorn Shattering Mirror! Break for me!”

Mo Ertong gave a loud cry. The Spirithorn Shattering Mirror emitted a brilliant light. Incomparably swift and fierce light emitted out of the surface of the mirror, and welcomed those sword lights!

It looked like the two terrifying attacks were about to collide together.

“Heh, your Second Grandpa Mo has a divine artifact in my hands. So what even if this array formation was any more powerful?”

He was very confident in the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror’s offensive power. The attack that he released absolutely did pale in comparison to those horrifying sword lights.

But very soon, his pupils constricted.

The two surges of terrifying energy actually vanished right in front of him just like this.

They vanished without any traces!

This bizarre scene made all the hairs on his body stand on its end.

Those disappeared sword lights actually passed right through the void and appeared before his eyes once again.

“Fierce Heaven Blade Domain, break for me!”

Mo Ertong’s reaction could not be said to not be quick. Countless blade lights emitted from his divine king domain and meshed together with the sword lights dispatched by the grand array, giving off a terrifying energy undulation.

Except, the Limitless Life-Death Sword that went through the Evil Extermination Sword and Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation’s dual-augmentation, the power was truly unbelievably terrifying.

Mo Ertong’s Fierce Heaven Blade Domain still could not block the impact of these sword lights. He was immediately beaten to severe injuries and vomited blood.

However … it was not over yet!

That vanished Spirithorn Shattering Mirror’s attack appeared behind him bizarrely at this time.


Mo Ertong let out a shrill and wretched cry.


The Spirithorn Shattering Mirror’s attack landed on Mo Ertong solidly.

Mo Ertong’s corpse drooped down weakly.


Spirithorn Shattering Mirror also fell to the ground following that.

Ye Yuan’s brows knitted, and he casually fired out a ray of sword light.

Not out of Ye Yuan’s expectations, the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror escaped through the void with a whoosh.

He knew that there was an extremely powerful restriction on the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror. But he could not let the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror fall into the hands of the rest.

As long as the owner of the mirror took it back, Ye Yuan’s goal was achieved.

Against these four people and one dog, what Ye Yuan was most apprehensive of was the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror.

This divine artifact was too powerful. Not only could it shuttle through the void, it even had the ability to shatter illusions. With it around, Ye Yuan was practically stark naked.

Hence, that was why he painstakingly set up this killing trap. It was in order to kill Mo Ertong and scare away the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror!

This attack just now already expended all of the grand array’s essence energy. The Nine-Nine Illusionary Spirit Heaven Slaughter Formation already could not maintain for much longer.

Killing Mo Ertong, Ye Yuan’s expenditure was immense too.

His figure swayed and directly merged into heaven and earth.

Around 15 minutes later, the grand array dissipated with a loud bang.

Mo Datong and the rest only felt a blur before their eyes, and they broke out from inside the illusionary realm.

But the scene before their eyes made their eyes turn bloodshot!

On Mo Ertong’s body, there was not a piece of unscathed area, his death state extremely tragic.

“Number two!”

“Second Brother!”

Mo Datong arrived beside Mo Ertong with a flash and picked up his corpse, his entire person falling into madness.


The three of them brothers were originally humans. Furthermore, they were born from the same mother. Right from birth, they were abducted away by the Divine Master, who planted a fiend seal on them, controlling them.

But their growing up was together.

In this 1000 years, they improved extremely quickly under the Divine Master’s sanguinary grooming, carving out a path of survival from within a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, and even became powerful Void Mystic powerhouses.

All along, the three of them brothers advanced and withdrew together, and they had never failed before.

They did not think that today, one was actually dead by Ye Yuan’s hands. How could they not be enraged?

“Ji Qingyun, I want you to die a horrible death!” Mo Santong gripped the divine artifact short blade in his hand even tighter. He sword to definitely kill Ji Qingyun personally.

Zhao Lingdong was livid with rage by the side. He never thought that Ye Yuan actually really dared to thrust a spear to the back!

Furthermore, he actually succeeded!

Mo Ertong who possessed the Spirithorn Shattering Mirror, even he was not a match either.

Ye Yuan actually killed him!

This brat was bold, meticulous, vicious, with numerous trump cards. He was truly incomparably troublesome.

He never would have thought that the originally 100% certain bait-kill trap actually played out to become like this currently!

“He still hasn’t gone far away. I’ll go and chase after right now. You guys keep up, absolutely can’t let him escape!”

Zhao Lingdong threw down this sentence and disappeared into the distance along with the Howling Sky Divine Hound.